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A lame attempt at doing a colored-pencil effect digitally. Might turn out better next time. And yes... I actually FELT like drawing Miku, for once. And heck... I'm sure I'm not the first to ever think of this, but I had some fun doing it. XD

Also, keep in mind that if you laughed with this, you're going to hell for supporting animal cruelty. ^^
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who owns Hatsune Miku?
FontesMakua's avatar
Whoever owns the Vocaloid franchise, I assume.
DrChrisman's avatar
and who owns that
FontesMakua's avatar
I know Sega has the rights to put her in videogames, but other than that, beats me.
DrChrisman's avatar
ok thanks anyway:)
fuwafuwanwan's avatar
oh my gosh, so cute!
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"Far! Farfetch'd! Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Far Far....!"

(Translation: Bitch I will Cut you! Once I get my leek back....!)
Me-chan-desu's avatar
I can totally see this happening
timishu's avatar
Im already there ^_^
lol this is adorable!!!!
artsyfartsy11's avatar
XD awesome job XD Great job with the hair especially ^__^
yooci's avatar
Oh wow !
The drawing is so awesome.
I likes the idea , and the coloring.
Oh wow again.
Cosmic-Turtle's avatar
Damn it, I laughed! Oh well, awesome job anyway! :D
PsycoMasterKA's avatar
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LOL, adorable! I love the angry Farfetch'd! XD
Jens-kun's avatar
Sweet :D Really Good Idea and you Drawing stlye ist awesome~
GlowStickMoshPit's avatar
Ironically, I was just imagining this scene an hour before I found this. Lol! :D
Tllc's avatar
Ahahaha, amazing... Great Job!
lumisse's avatar
OMG. LOL. i knew that negi looked familiar! :D
Ty-Hatake1's avatar
Im accualy laughing at the OTHER meaning to that. XD
Raven: My creator seems to have a horrable dirty mind.
Jasmine5's avatar
Maybe thats how she got that leek. . .
Chibi-Prints's avatar
Beautiful. That is a kodak moment right there. Run Miku RUN!
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