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Desenrasca Mk.III.5 and Desenrasca Mini

Aww, look at that... it had a baby!

Jokes aside, further tweaks to my keypad (replaced the somewhat wonky analog stick with a precise d-pad made out of 4 B3F tactile switches), and made another smaller one to keep on my backpack and use with my tablet (keeping the big one on my desktop). Keys for the Mini are the same B3F switches as the ones used for the d-pads, rather than the Cherry MX mechanical keys on the big guy. Doesn't feel as nice, but they're MUCH cheaper!

Progress on this:
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It is multiplying itself!!!!!!!!
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What exactly is this?
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Very nice. What games do you play with these?
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I mostly use it for art software shortcuts (if the labels at the bottom didn't give that away), games being a secondary concern. Works nicely on most games with the typical WASD-styled controls... which would include most PC games, really.
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Hmm, I never thought of using it like that. Food for thought. Now if only I can make art with only my keyboard...
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