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Chrotojil sketch

Lil' sketchy thingy of Chrotojil, a KBT Medabot from Medarot 5, on the GBA. A pretty cool design, in my own opinion.

... and why can't we get more Medabot games, in the west? HUH?! >.<

Watch this being made in here: [link]
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i really like this art, do you have shinzan too?
Zazu75's avatar
wooooow Medabots! Talk about a blast from the past!!!
ShineTheFairy's avatar
Oh man, I wish they had given us more of those GBA games over here... those were fun.

And of course the show was awesome. XD
MercenaryEnclave's avatar
I haven't thought about Medabots for ages... I remember enjoying the cartoon. XD
Stormsworder's avatar
I know, seriously! I want more Medabot games for us XO Love that show so much
MuglorGrimlock's avatar
Ah man this is amazing,would u plz take a long time meta it request?
FontesMakua's avatar
I'm sorry, but I do not take requests.

... commissions are fine, though. XD
MuglorGrimlock's avatar
Sigh still not cool lol but I understand ok how much for an inuyasha OC character be?
FontesMakua's avatar
I'd need some more info, like if it has a background or not, b&w or full-color, and all that.

AND, I'd rather have that handled through notes, if that's ok.
MuglorGrimlock's avatar
sure man send me a note I'll reply with the description.
IcntBelievItsNotALEX's avatar
because it doesn't 2profet" them in the West T.T oh and CHILDHOOD FTW!
Porecomesis's avatar
That looks like Metabee or whatever his name is.
FontesMakua's avatar
Yep. Part of the same KBT line of Medabots.
Porecomesis's avatar
I only watched the anime when I was a kid so I'm afraid I don't remember or know much about Medabots.
FontesMakua's avatar
not surprised... the thing's quite underrated, to me. Out of all the "kids competing with tools of apocalypse" series, that one has to be my personal favourite.
ttran2323's avatar
I remember watching that cartoon!!!
And I'm 15!!!
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