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Calisthenics Progress Chart by FontesMakua Calisthenics Progress Chart by FontesMakua
A lil' something I created to keep track of my workout progression. Google for "Progressive Calisthenics" and you'll get a better grasp. But basically, instead of weight training where you just keep adding weight to the bar and do the exact same movement over and over and over again, you use your own bodyweight, and manipulate leverage to make your exercise harder over time... or easier if it's too hard for you, yet.

It's not necessarily better per-se than weight training, like anything it has it's pros and cons. Not gonna go over that here, as there are plenty of guides online explaining those. But personally I like the creativity needed to get out of a tough progression transition (when one exercise is too easy but the next one is still too hard), more noticeable with heavier folk like myself (currently at 103KGs).

As for the progressions on that chart, some of that might change as I eventually get to later stages. I mean, I can't DO those later stages yet, so for all I know I'll need to tweak progressions depending on my own personal need (which usually means adding more in-between progressions). And yes, I'm a "Fuck cardio!" kinda person... I prefer to do endurance sets every now and then, gets you a similar effect.

Imma update this every now and then as I add more stars to that chart. This'll take a while.
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October 20, 2017
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