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DuneFlake Attack:


This design is a conceptual illustration. It is a vector image created in Adobe Illustrator CS6.


DuneFlake Attack illustrates a chaotic nuclear war scenario.  Set on the background of Le parc du Champ – de – Mars (Paris), The image shows:


- A mutated butterfly.

- A red telephone.

- A number 57.

- A red telephone handset marked with the number 33.

- Hexagram 27 of the I Ching (Chinese book of changes).

- And of course the DuneFlake itself.


What makes the composition more interesting, is finding out how these elements are not only connected to each other through this design, but also in more than one way in nature, in science and even in cultural history.


For example:


Japan has shown us mutated butterflies as a result of the Fukushima disaster occurred on March 11, 2011. Chaos theory also describes how a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state, using the example of how a butterfly flapping its wings in one hemisphere of the planet can cause a hurricane on the other.


 In communications we find that, The Moscow - Washington hotline (formally known in the Unites States as the Washington – Moscow Direct Communications Link), established in 1963, is known in popular culture as the "The Red Telephone"


The calling code for Colombia, is number 57. And in the book of changes, Hexagram number 57 (named "Ground", which other variations also include the "penetrating wind" and "calculations") teaches the insistent and incessant penetrating power of wind and its effects through time.

Therefore, since sand storms, such as those in The Middle East, where dust from contaminated regions affected by war activities, can travel vast distances, like dust from the Sahara can cross the Atlantic and reach the Amazon rain forest… Retreating from engaging in nuclear devastation is of the utmost importance.


In communications we can also find that he calling code for Paris, also known as the city of love, is number 33. In the I Ching the concept expressed on Hexagram 33 is "Retreat". Retreat in this nuclear war case scenario, is key to climates and mental health.

The book explains that retreating does not refer to defeat, but instead to acting upon what is right.

There are such cases where, as the one exposed in DuneFlake Attack: When vulgar actions are increasing (striking with nuclear devastation), retreating is the honorable conduct every time.


Finally this is why the DuneFlake is constructed by five arms, which are a combination of crosses, such as, the Cross of Salem, the Orthodox Cross and the Cross of the Catacombs. They grow from a five-point star with a crescent moon inside, serving as the nucleus of the flake. In between the arms, but within the main pentagonal structure, there are 5 hexagons and 5 shaped like stars of David, this last each formed by 6 individual rhombuses. Unlike a snowflake, the DuneFlake is a pentagon, and not one of a kind.


All together the image represents the inevitable outcome of engaging in nuclear war. DuneFlake Attack was inspired by Mars, and Mars is not only the Roman god of war, but most importantly… Mars is a gelid sand desert.