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My SHIELD Desktop part 2 of 3

By Fonpaolo
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...and now, something completely different!

That's what I've done, so far, in the last four months, only a few minutes, not every day.
Left aside my 3D works, too little time to try to do something, I rediscovered an old passion, here on DA: Rainmeter!

I used it a lot on my old computer with Windows XP and I enjoied to play with it, creating new "gadgets" as seen in Vista, but for my XP.
One year ago I had to build a new computer with Win 7, so I left Rainmeter, thinking that there were no possibility or reason to use it with the new OS.

Then I found the :iconrainmeter: group here on DA and There was a new Rainmeter program for Win 7 64 Bit! :w00t:

Thanks to the S.H.I.E.L.D skin, a creation by :icondaelnz:, found here, and a few images from internet of the movie "The Avengers", I made some... "slight" modification to that skin.

Now, a short description of my personalization, from top left to bottom:

- SHIELD TAG - option to add and edit text, User name and other info, changed/modified both images and upper bar.

- LARGE LAUNCHERS - added another launcher, now they are seven, for programs and/or folders, now with mouse over all the launchers under the selected will move down.

- WI-Fi - a simple meter to show signal intensity, upload, download, ID, band and protection status.

- CPU (processor) - eight bars showing each core's usage and a simple round meter for the total CPU usage visualization.

- SYSTEM RESOURCES - a simple meter to show RAM and SWAP memory used (in percentual and size) and a battery status, for Laptop and UPS, with the battery status when is used.

- SYSTEM MONITOR - reduced will show the temperatures of CPU, motherboard, chipset and GPU (video card), full will also show the temperature of Hard Disks, fan speed of CPU and GPU.
It's possible to set alarms for overheating or fan failure (only visual, the corresponding meter is highlighted with a red color).

- SMALL LAUNCHERS 2 - five launchers for programs and/or folders, as the large ones, the mouse over will move down all the launchers under the selected.

- SYSTEM TOOLS - the "geekiest" part :D six launchers to open Windows functions: System, Devices and Printers, Network, Card Reader and external Memories, Performance and information Tools.

- TELEMETRY - the first of the four launchers under System Tools, opens a window showing a graphic rapresentation of CPU (total and single cores), RAM and SWAP usage in the last six minutes.

- SURVEILLANCE - the second launcher opens a window showing a graphic rapresentation of Hard Disks read/write activity in the last six minutes.

- CONNECTIONS - the third launcher opens a window showing a graphic rapresentation of Wi-Fi's signal strenght and upload/download in the last six minutes.

- RECYCLER - the recycler bin, with mouse over shows number and size of deleted files, the little folder will visually show when it's empty or full.

- SYSTEM UPTIME - shows the time elapsed from the system's start.

- SHUTDOWN - added the option to change language.

- MUSIC PLAYER - only some graphic variations.

- VOLUME - untouched.

- WEATHER - this will show the weather forecast for the next three days, the actual and the today/tonight weather conditions, with temperature, humidity, UV Index, probability of rain and current wind speed.
For the moment, the weather icons are a creation by :iconvclouds:, here.

- CALENDAR - a little calendar with year indication, the days of the current month, the last days of the previous month and the first few days of the next month. It can be closed or opened.

- DATE - added the option to change language.

- SMALL LAUNCHERS - nine launchers for programs and/or folders, the mouse over will move down the selected launcher.

- OPTIONS - (that little launcher on the left) opens the option skin, where to edit all the settings, launchers, icons, Hard Disks, folders, web launchers, temperatures and alerts, weather location, the User/Other text in the TAG skin, the language...

- 24 HOUR CLOCK - added four Hard Disk indicators (visual and numerical) to the existing one, now they are five, clicking on the letter will open the corresponding disk folder. A few modifications to the web lauchers. The seconds bar is now clockwise (really easy to do) and the hour bar (the white one on the right) counts 24 hours.

As the original, middle mouse over a skin will change the color between orange, red and blue.

Weather, System Monitor, Telemetry, Surveillance and Connections are available only in orange.

Many things still to improve and to try... many more to understand and study.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, obviously only if positive... ;P :lol:

Other parts:
Part 1
Part 3

If you want to download it, it's here
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Sir can i have your permission to customize it?
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Once everything is working as I want and I find the time to put it in a distributable skin package, you can customize as you want, as I've already done with the original creation.
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This is f***ing awesome, this makes mine look well....yeah never mind lol this is insain, i seen it an was like i need that thing.... haha, are you going to be sharing this skin for download?
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Many thanks.
I have to finish, fix and clean up a little here and there, learn how to make a decent redistributable skin and test it.
I'm slow, as I said, it's all made in my spare time, very little, but if you're interested I'll try.

I must say that your skins are good and you also have the passion for 3D like me.
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yes haha, take your time, dont rush, perfection is a blessing haha, your skin so far looks amazing, and well my 3d work is still an on going thing, I love to learn new things with it :D
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Me too, never stop to learn! :D
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