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My S.H.I.E.L.D. Desktop Final (I hope...)

By Fonpaolo
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Last update to my S.H.I.E.L.D. desktop, you can find here Part 1 Part 2, Part 3 as a modification of the S.H.I.E.L.D skin created by :icondaelnz:, found here.


24 HOUR CLOCK - modified folder 1 and 7 (now they have a "+"), clicking on them will open a little window containing 8 links, added the possibility to display from 1 up to 5 Hard Disks.
Everything is customizable in Options skin. If you have enough folders, there's always the "normal" skin;

WI-FI - added a counter to display the total time elapsed using Wi-Fi connection. Is possible to disable it in Options skin;

OPTIONS - finally added the language option, Wi-Fi customization (with Max speed limit for Upload and Download) and the option to enable/disable the counter (that little On/Off button on the right), also added the option to disable and hide in 24 Hour Clock every single disk except the first.
Added the options in the Folder section to customize the 8 new links for Folder1 and 7.

SURVEILLANCE - added the skins to display 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 disks (not everyone has so many hard disks... :lol: ).

Some minor adjustments here and there.

Now, if someone is interested, has a suggestion (or more...) is welcome :D
Keep in mind that I have very limited time, so nothing too big or complex: don't ask me to rewrite all! :roll: ;P
For the language, English and Italian are already been done, if someone want to help me with other translations, ask me here.

If you want to download it, it's here
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I would like to update the time area? maybe incorporate speedfan and let the clock represent the actual PC? like in the movie it referents the Actual Hellicarrier and shows damage areas. maybe here show full hard drives and motherboard temps? if i knew how to get started i can try my photoshop is not that great but I can learn really fast to get the moduel test ready
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If you want to modify it, you can do it, the only restriction is not to claim it as your, but give credits to the creator, as I did with Daelnz.

I was thinking to add some variations, but nothing so extreme.
I'm still working on the last upgrade and it has all the priority.
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I'm busy learning the basic stuff hopefully i can get a handle on it to do the mods i want to make....
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Does the skin support multiple monitor arrays?  I am looking for a skin that has modularity with the beautiful art but all I have is a plain vanilla skin that is a transparent desktop but it is modularized so I can drag and drop each function to a different monitor instead of the laptop I use as the CPU.

Appreciate any advice you can provide.  Nice piece of work!
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All I can say is I haven't experienced it personally, I only have one monitor and I don't know anyone near me who has a similar build.
I must say that I don't know what I would do/give to try (or best to use...) the Maria Hill's display setup in "The Avengers" movie.

That said, there shouldn't be any problem, you just have to move the skins on the monitor you want, remember to enable drag and drop (right mouse click and then manage skin), disable it after you're satisfied with your configuration and save it as new layout to restore in case you want to try other configurations and maybe come back to the one you're using.
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Awesome! congratz dude ^^ 
Not possible to download it yet ?
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I'm working hard but the time is very limited, in the meantime I had to update all the skins to version 3.0 of RainMeter, I had to adapt some skins for the changes on feeds and the weather skin because some last changes on data were causing errors.

I have added some new functions and skins, at least to reward those who are still waiting... but I don't want to post nothing until it's done, since I don't want to upset anyone with only another image.

I hope soon, only if I can take a break from my job and real life.
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Thanks for the awesome Idea edreys !!

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Thanks, interesting customization. :D

...sorry if I reply only now. :blush: 
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Nicely done! I might have to try some of this out some day. I'm always looking for things to add to the avengers skins.
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Sorry for the late reply, I still don't have much free time, but I'm trying to find the time to finish it.

In the meantime (I know it's a teaser...) I have added/completed other functions and solved some problems. ;) 
(doing this for distribute a skin is very time consumpting, I made many skins, but never thought how much additional work is necessary... until now!) :O_o:
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Ну когда уже? =(
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Sorry for the late reply... :ashamed:
All I've planned has gone on the opposite, for my job I had to work twice to have half done and still some has to be completed... :doh:
No time at all to dedicate to my rainmeter project, everything is exactly as it was at the beginning of this month. :(

I can understand if you (if everyone...) don't want to wait any longer... :depressed:
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Don't worry man , We can't blame you for having a life

Good luck
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Ну надеюсь на то что на следующей неделе уже оценю Вашу тему =)
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I really hope so. :fingerscrossed: :D
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Точно не дождусь =(
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Sorry for the late reply...
I'm a little busy with my job (as always everything has to be done in a hurry) and real life (as always nothing goes as one at least hopes...)
I was planning to release the skin this week-end, but I have to delay it for at least three or four days, I haven't pratically started to write a readme for it and the weather icons are completed less than 50%. :(
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Если есть возможность... Выложите то то уже есть =) Лично Мне понравилось это: Настройки темы, погода, календарь, дополнительные диски И Меню возле них.
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I think now is even better, I added some other options for a better customization, I prefer to have many choices, I love flexibility and I think that in this way almost everyone can use it even with different resolutions or hardware configurations, since I don't have the time to set it up properly for every screen resolution or add other code to adapt it automatically without the possibility to test it previously.
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Да Мне уже все нравится =) Главное чтоб все работало =)
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Almost everything is working as I want, I still have some little problems, but, since it's an evolution of what I have already done, if I can't solve those little problems in a short time, I leave only the "base" skin that I think it's already good as is. :D
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Спасибо... Я надеюсь в скором времени оценить Ваши старания =)
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