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Finally, this is the update of AVENGERS S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.0, with many changes, updates and new functionality, most of them already anticipated in the preview image AVENGERS S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.1 Almost final.

This skin is optimized for HD monitors 1920x1080 and can be adapted for other dimensions.
Smaller or bigger screen dimensions can cause problems for the size of the skins displayed, being too large or small.

Since the differences between the previous and the updated version are many, if you are installing this as an update of the previous version, all the existing files will be backed up in "@ Backup" folder.
If you have modified something, you can find it in the backup folder, just don't modify the rmskin installation settings, your configuration file will be updated maintaining your settings and adding all the new.

If you are installing this skin for the first time, just let the installer do his job, then, using the Options skin, configure all the options for the skins.

For any doubt, or information, click on the "Guide" button to open eight pages pdf file with all the explanations and descriptions of every skin of this suite, I suggest you to read it first.

If you're experiencing problems with Options skin, when you're trying to modify a link or an icon and nothing happens, please follow these steps:

1- try to run Rainmeter with administrator privileges: right mouse click on “Rainmeter.exe” file → Properties → Compatibility (second label) → Run this program as administrator (last option at the bottom);

- if nothing has changed:

2- go to → Avengers\@ Resource\Addons, open the folders, right mouse click on each “.exe” file → Properties → Compatibility (second label) → Run this program as administrator (last option at the bottom).

If you want to use this skin suite, you need to install the latest Rainmeter beta 3.2.0 beta r2326 (September 17 2014) or above, because some of the skins are using plugins and functionality
only available starting from this version.    If you don't want to install the beta, you can always use the 2.0 version.

To Windows XP users:
- some of the new plugins and new functions (as Audiolevel and SysInfo plugins, and Mask Image function) aren't available for this System.
- for most of them there's a specific XP variant, or an alternative solution with similar functionality. has discontinued his xml weather data, to fix it:
- right mouse click on the weather skin to open the ini file, find and delete the Url line and then paste this new line:
Url="h ttp://wxdata.#OWN1#/wxdata/weather/local/#OLOC1#?cc=*&unit=#Unit#&dayf=4"
- IMPORTANT - please remove the space between "h" and "ttp".

Or, if you don't want to "fight" with the code,  you can download a fix from here:
Please, follow the instructions to update the files.

If you have modified the original file and you don't want to lose your changes, remember to save it with another name, before you copy and overwrite it with the updated files.

Rainmeter is available here:

Short description:
Shield Tag, configurable, you can choose to show "S.H.I.E.L.D. OS" or the actual date (as in the movie) and also display an icon or the text on the right;
Options skin is the core of this suite, with more options (ten pages in total) and a reduced size (to fit in any screen resolution), you can move the skin independently from his button launcher;
Launchers, one variant with the ability to monitor the programs launched, during setup, automatically changes the launcher type (Program or Document) and when you launch a program it will display "PRG RUN";
Date, visual changes and now it can open/close the Calendar skin;
Calendar, displays other informations and the small bar on the right displays the current day (orange) the current month (white) and the current season in four colors (winter, spring, summer and autumn);
Weather, visual changes on skin and weather icons, added updates to the code, added a new window to display other informations;
Time, visual changes and code improvements, the folders 1 and 7 with ten folder launchers and if you want, a CD/DVD icon will appear if an optical disk is inserted (please read the guide);
Utility, new skin with four folder launchers (if you hadn't enough...), a button to open the guide, a search bar, to search in your computer or in internet, using Google, Yahoo or Bing;
Volume, visual changes and code updates;
Music, the cover album is displayed as a round image using the new "Mask Image" and with the new "AudioLevel" plugin by dgrace it has a variant with spectrum analyzer (please read the guide);
Feeds, Notes, Connections, Surveillance and Telemetry skins, visually updated, added some code improvement and now they can be moved independently from their button launchers;
Uptime, the little bars on the right are real, displaying the time of the last six sessions plus the current, if you use the system for more than 24 hours a full bar is displayed for every day (please read the guide);
Shutdown, some visual changes, added functionality for Windows 8 users (please read the guide);
Recycle Bin, some code improvements;
System Monitor, some changes and some code improvements, now the alarm is visual and with sound, it also displays the minimum and maximum rpm of the fans in the tooltip and is more adaptable.
  If you want to use the System Monitor, you need SpeedFan here, but before, please verify if your motherboard is supported;
CPU, visual changes, code improvements, now if you don't want the total cpu graphic, you can disable it and the bars will move up to fill the empty space, available for three, four, six and eight cores;
Resources Monitor, visual changes, code improvements, now it has peak levels;
WiFi, visual changes and code improvements;
Borders, some visual changes and added a 1400x900 and a 1680x1050 skin.

Wallpaper image here by SGA-Maddin.

For any question, problem, suggestion, ask me here or send me a note, many thanks for comments and :+fav: .
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PLease please tell me wheres the Guide

I LOVE THIS SKIN! definitely the most beatiful and useful skin out there ! Nice job!

May I ask if anyone has sorted out the weather situation? Cause I cannot made it work

Is it me or does the weather app for this no longer work?
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The weather service that so many people had used for Rainmeter Weather skins now says : This service is deprecated as of 01/15/2020

Will have to wait a few weeks for people to update to new weather feed provider as whole skin has to be made due to each provider gives feed in different format according to what I gathered on the forums.
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Hi.  Love the skin, it's the reason I installed Rainmeter. I just had a quick question about the folders - Currently only the top left and top right pop up a list of sub folders (set in the second folder screen in Options) - is there a way to set the other folder buttons to do the same? Outside of manually creating all the correct sections in the assorted .inc and .ini files?
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Thank you its the best rainmeter i have never seen, thank you a lot
The UI is awesome. All you need is a kernel and we ll have complete OS just like in the movies. Thanks for such a great UI. 
ShadowQuest's avatar
I am trying to install this on a windows 10 OS.  I keep running into a smart screen situation which blocks is there a work around?  
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i cant find weather folder. got bug?
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Weather skin is located in "AV Weather" folder.

I don't think there may be a bug, but if you can't find it, try to download it another time.
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LoL my bad.. im using another person skin. btw, u have doing a good job. keep it up bro!
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how do I actually 'install' this skin, because I'm not seeing any .rmskin files?
000abczyx's avatar
solved; inprivate mode was the problem
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Using the skin rn, absolutely love it. But open and close feed and note don't work for me. Can you help me out on this?
Thanks again for the skin :)
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I don't understand how clicking on the corresponding button, it doesn't shows or hides the Notes and Feeds skins...

- Have you edited in any way the skins?
- Do these skins appear when you start your computer?
(by default they're always visible when you start your computer)
Ethan15399's avatar
Oh.. Didn't saw the whole reply LOL. No i didn't modify the skin and yes it shows when I start the computer
Ethan15399's avatar
Oh... Guess it can't be helped :)
I love your Rainmeter, I have a question to ask you. The skins are too big for my laptop with a resolution of 1366x768. How I can make to reduce the size of skins so that it fits well in my laptop.
Thx you
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Well... I'm sorry, but I have to tell you that there's no easy way to resize the skins, at least as they're structured now.

You have to edit all the images, the text height, the various lines, bars, histograms and all their positions, in short, everything.
Depending what skin(s) you want to resize, if they don't use buttons or bars, you can, at least, modify the size of the images adding W or H and finding the correct width or height.
Remember to add AntiAlias=1 to every image you modify, to prevent blur or distortions (this could use more system resources), but the rest, as I said, has to be modified by hand.
hi, i want change the color on green but i don't find the folder to change the color...
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To change the color, you have to edit some images, but also add (or edit) the colors used for some texts, bars, lines and so on.

The folder containing the images is in C:\Users\*your user name*\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Avengers\@Resouces\Images.
There are many sub folders, called as the skins they refer to.
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How many different things that the eyes are confused ... Horror.
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