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According to Wikipedia, Gaia theory states "that the entire Earth is a single unified organism; in this view the Earth's biosphere is consciously manipulating the climate in order to make conditions more conducive to life."

As many of you have noticed, I got the idea from Final Fantasy: the Spirit Within (which IMO was really good movie).

Interestingly (and again), I was almost done and was about to reduce the size to save it as JPEG, I pressed some weird button and photoshop exited without even asking me to save it and I lost almost 1/3rd of the file! Funny how same thing happened while I was working on "Eclipse". So I basically had to redo the entire starfield and not surprisingly I could not get the same effect as before! (Maybe the computer was consciously shuting down PS for some reason like the theory ^^)

This took me 2 Fridays and 3 Saturdays to finish because I couldn't work on it during the weekdays...

Time: 20++ hours over 5 days
Layers: 78
File size: 700mb (I have no idea why the file is so huge!)

Anyway, enjoy!
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Hello friend, so beautiful, Gaia is our mother!!!!. 
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Sel-DioraStudent Traditional Artist
wow wow wow super cool
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brentpetersStudent General Artist
Love it!
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is there a way to buy this as a poster? please message me and let me know. Thanks
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AJHegeProfessional Photographer
I submitted your beautiful representation of our World to EarthGaia: [link]
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In that case, Pluto and the asteroid field are miscarriages, Venus is Earth's little sister by a few minutes, Mercury is an infant, Mars is a toddler, Jupiter and Saturn are the big twin sisters, and Neptune and Uranus are big brothers.
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ChibiNinja72Professional Digital Artist
Wow... O.O

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AnriCZekHobbyist Traditional Artist
:typerhappy: AMAZING !
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AurorleFaeHobbyist Artisan Crafter
I'm constantly amazed by what people can do on this site.
This is beautiful and you've done very, /very/ well. Desktop background? Oh I think so : )
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amazing!! <3
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jecleStudent General Artist
amazing pic i remeber my mom telling me of mother gaia really interesting
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elyghtningHobbyist General Artist
That is insanely and epically awesome! To have the patience is just wow, it is a beautiful piece!
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thats how long longcat is.
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it is very beutiful i love it :')
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AdriLucienoStudent General Artist
Reminds me of when they fired the Z.E.U.S cannon. xD
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ZeikJTHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing... :faint:
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Hi there :)
This piece of your work has been featured in my journal. I really love it.
Take a look: [link]
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Gamer-GrlStudent Digital Artist
this is breathtaking. Absolutely beautiful.
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Morya-hHobbyist Photographer
Simplemente maravilloso!
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HeavensMorbidAngelHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Wonderfully done... Awesomeness...
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