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my idm, downtempo, glitch, dubstep, techno, old music

my techno music
Hey guys! I moved to my new DA Profile!!
Worked correctly, but now it doesn't work since i installed the new version of litestep, it's the version 0.4.5. Anyone can help me please??
anybody know whats this green font??…
anybody know how i can change de visualstyle .msstyles on xp? i was format my pc and the pc doesnt read it
someone knows how to convert a rainmeter skin to .rmskin format?… no flash…
Today I begin to create the vs of pure, I need your recommendations of fonts that look good in pure.
Does anyone know the name of the plugin for firefox that displays the web page load in the address bar? I accidentally uninstalled and can not remember the name.

Thanks in advance
I had decided submit the visual styles modified for me, (see some of my screenshots of my desktop). But I thought better, I never modified the toolbar and the panelhome, I having never used them, and I don't like modify it them to present it. So, you want a visual styles modified for me and you use a shell, is litestep, bblean or another, you ask me and I sending you.

Sorry for my ortography
Hi deviats.

I found a tool to hide the icon in the titlebar and toolbar of Windows XP, Vista and 7.
It's an executable, hide all icons of all executables, weighs only 4.500k.

Click here

PS: in Vista and 7 doesn't hide the icon on the toolbar.

In recent days there have been problems with the weather of Rainmeter. Here I give you the temporary solution.

What has happened is that have replaced the "xoap" to "xml". To solve the configuration of Rainmeter must be changed "xoap" to "xml" in the link. For example:

h t t p://*&unit=m&dayf=6


h t t p://*&unit=m&dayf=6

Remove spaces of "h t t p".

For more instruction of weather in my gallery.