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Search engines google, deviantart and youtube. And with jQuery effects.

To display the menu, cursor over the arrow. To hide, press the arrow.

Not tested in Internet Explorer, if you see a bug, using Firefox or another browser :)
© 2010 - 2021 Folter-x
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Is there a way this could work on chrome?
maxxdogg's avatar
How to add background image? Can U tell me please?
looking great!

I do not manage to change the search engine to and…. Can u assist me?
izulalqarny's avatar
open mozila --> file --> openfile --> index.html (startpage)
and use homepage
arktika13's avatar
very nice work!
flyfly2's avatar
wow this is old but I still love it gonna use this for sure if it's ayt with you?
mazurkie's avatar
Using this right now..I love it.
MrGilles's avatar
Really nice, the greatest homepage, I use it on all of my computers (work, home, wife)
I made some tweak : change Deviantart into wikipedia !

Your work is really great !
gstrazz's avatar
nice work ! very elegant
thanks for sharing
BlackTronix's avatar
how i can change the links in the underbar ?
danishprakash's avatar
Can anyone tell me how to ?
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telp's avatar
Hey there!
I just wanted so let you know i used your work here » [link]

Hope you don't mind! :la:
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This is absolutely beautiful! I'm gonna try this out!
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KlauS92's avatar
is it possible to add it to google chrome?
Folter-x's avatar
yes! thanks for fav ^^
KlauS92's avatar
i can't get it to be my default start page
Folter-x's avatar
go to options > basic tab > in home click on add and wait "file:///C:/start/sp_3/index.html" in URL
KlauS92's avatar
draveneros's avatar
i'm not too familiar with this but i do hope someone would be kind enough to teach me how to edit HTML.
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