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Strat page with a secondary page with other direct links.
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How do I install this?
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Download the file and set the HTML file as your homepage
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so is this the startpage search engine? and you can customize that?
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You can customize anything if you know CSS, javascript and HTML. if you don't know how to code, just use a free application called Kompozer
For some reason when I use this in Firefox UX (latest update), it won't use the font supplied in the font folder, instead, it uses the Firefox default font. I've got the font installed and everything. Does anyone have an idea how to fix this?
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What theme / TT are you using in this? Thanks
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is it possible to use this on chrome?
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Pretty much any browser
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Im using it right now, but is there a way to get more then 4 links (on the first startpage) ?
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Oh wow...But I really like this one...Definitely going to try this one on now
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Very nice work!
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just perfect!!
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Your work has been featured here!
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You're welcome! :D
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Hi, Great design! How can I add links?
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Great work man!! :)
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So minimalist. So great!
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omg this is so great,
perfect minimalistic

love the idea with the two pages
going to use it :D
this will make my world better :P
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Looks great! :clap:
Are you using any theme/add-on or else for Firefox?
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no, its only firefox ^^
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