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concept based on the wallpaper Pure of Ilario57.
If anyone has any idea or if you see something that does not look good, it would be nice to notify me :)
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Is it no longer possible to get this theme?
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good very interressing for windows 7 visual style ^^ . good concept .
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could u share the window top frame ???
Hi! This is a very nice piece of art! I'm currently working on it to make something approaching on my laptop. Could you tell me what font you used to display hour and date in the right bottom? Thanks!
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Very Beautiful.
It's just a concept, isn't it?
It's the most Beautiful mockup i've been ever see.

Please notify me, if you released it~
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Never release this?, man :(
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i dont think.. sorry!!
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now you make me very envious :(
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aaaa, plz make it become real asa :P
Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! I realy want this! It will have nice look not like ms windows theme only, but like linux openbox theme too.
Great work!!

P.S. I'm sorry for bad english. =)
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You know how badly I need this, right? XD This is fantastic- reminds me of why I liked Gnome and WMs so much in the first place.
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the taskbar doesn't do it for me, maybe a bit too feminine or something.
i like that it's unique, but i think it's too colorful and i don't like the leaf (though it is well done).
i guess it's just not for me.

the titlebars are a bit too tall for my taste, especially with this look.
the color scheme is gorgeous but as they say, "everything in moderation".
less is more, understated is where it's at.

everything else is gorgeous!
good stuff.
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big thanks!! im agree with you about the title bar ;)
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I think its PERFECT!!! I need this now!!! XDDD
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this is really good *___*
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Awesome work! I how you'll concrete the concept!!

I add you to :+fav: for wait the skin :D
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i commented on this on pf, but i have to reiterate the utter sexitude of this concept. i am secretly hoping you are submitting some realization of this concept for ssc10...?
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