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Day July 9, 2009. Weather is the problem solved. What has happened is that have replaced the "xoap" to "xml". To solve the configuration of Rainmeter must be changed "xoap" to "xml" in the link. For example:

h t t p://*&unit=m&dayf=6


h t t p://*&unit=m&dayf=6

Remove spaces of "h t t p"


Transbar is a bar to the desktop, it shows weather, clock, date, drive, memory, swap, cpu, music played in Winamp and three shortcuts (Firefox, Miranda IM and Winamp).

It's totally free, you can edit the file .ini and .psd.

Contains four bars for up and bottom, whit different sizes of 1280px and 1680px.

View the configuration in the screenshot desktop: [link] .


Configuration Weather

There have been people who have asked me about configuring Weather, though the file contains instructions. Here I will explain it further.

Go to this page [link] , in the top table, that says "Enter ZIP or US / world city", write your city and press "Search". In the new page, copy the code of your location that contains the link, has 8 figures, for example SPXX0050.

Screenshot: [link]

Then paste your code at this link

h t t p://*&unit=m&dayf=6

where it says "your_code" (this is the link that I use for my location, it works correctly). Copy the entire link (with your code introduced and remove spaces of "h t t p") and paste it in the .INI file.

In theory it has to work. Check the time it shows in the computer with time on the street for a few days. If not comment here.


Others questions here.


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how to get winamp working ?
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uhm, do you have this theme for 1366px desktop too? if i may^^
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hi dude, got a nwebie question: how to adapt it to fit my screen? (1366 x 768) thnx! cool stuff!!
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here's the master Folter!

i have been searching for you.
i found your post on from 2009 and thought you stopped developing it.

i updated it here: [link]

hope you don't mind.
If you do, i'll remove it.

i gave full credit to you on my page and in the .ini.

Great work, i love the minimalistic approach.
i used to use Windows Sidebar because i hate installing software.
But after seeing this, i made the switch.
Actually, Rainmeter is faster, lighter, and more customizable.

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yes, you have my permission! and big thanks!!
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simply cool ;o
Thank for this config.
Can I change the Winamp Plugin (what show the music what I playing) to an Itunes or WMP plugin?
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CPU/GPU temperature would be great! Like in i2 bar! Please?
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i dont know, sorry
thanks.. my weather works just fine..
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I manage it! Thank a lot for this bar it's awesome!
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u are welcome ;)
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Hello! Please help me with the weather. Here is a shapshoot of mine, can you tell me what's wrong, because it didn't work.
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u need just change the URL!!
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can u make it for 1440* ??
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sorry, i've stopped working with rainmeter and sorry for delayed reply
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could you make a top one for 1440 resolution :)?
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sorry, i dont use rainmeter..
This looks great! Just one question -- if I wanted to add applications to the bar, how would i do that?

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thanks.. but i dont can help to you in it. You search in the internet as play to rainmeter ^^
This looks great! One question,
Can I add any applications/how would I do that?

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