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[PCH] Voice Actor Meme: Steven Jay Blum (Samael)

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Typically, I have a pretty easy time picking out voices for different characters I've created. This time, however, it was more difficult than I'd thought. For anyone curious, it came down to Micah Solusad, the voice of Soul Eater Evans from the Soul Eater anime, D.C. Douglas, the voice of Jazz from Eternal Sonata and Dylas from Rune Factory 4, and Steven Jay Blum himself. I have to admit, now I really want to do a Cosplay Meme for my babu as Vincent Valentine. Hmm... begins scribbling furiously to finish the glorious idea just birthed in my mind

Samael Dias' art was taken from his application.
Steven Jay Blum's headshot was taken from his website and belong to him.
Vincent Valentines' renders were taken from Final Fantasy: Advent Children/Dirge of Cerberus and belong to Square Enix.
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