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[PCH] Application: Samael Dias

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{ General Information }

Name: Samael Dias
Nickname: Sam
Pronunciation: Sam-eye-el Dee-ahs
Name Meaning: “Poison of God" / "Chaos"

Age: 24
Date of Birth: February 6th
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Gender: Male
Species: Pokemon
Occupation: Freelance Writer
Alignment: True Neutral
Religion: Unaffiliated
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Bicurious)

{ Pokemon Information }

Pokemon: Seviper
Nature: Lonely
Ability: Shed Skin
Move Set:

  • Glare (Normal)
    • Transfixes the enemy with terrifying sharp eyes, frightening it into paralysis.
  • Payback (Dark)
    • The user stores power, then attacks. If the user can use this attack after the foe, its power is doubled.
  • Night Slash (Dark)
    • Slash the target while its attention is diverted. It has a high critical-hit ratio.
  • Poison Fang (Poison)
    • The user bites the target with toxic fangs. This may also leave the target badly poisoned.

{ Character Information }


:bulletpurple: Independent - Samael has gotten used to doing life on his own. In fact, he quite likes to do so and intends to keep it that way for some time to come. He's skilled at solitude and has learned various skills by doing things by himself. While he excels in independent projects and individual assignments, he suffers in group and corporate settings. He appreciates his space - he would appreciate it more if other people appreciated his space as much as he did.

:bulletpurple: Brooding - On the outside, Samael appears to be the typical moody loner - and you'd be correct in assuming so. He truly has little idea of how to interact socially. He's not rude, nor is he mean-spirited, when interacting with others. However, his natural lack of social graces causes conversations to be rather rough or crudely conducted. He would prefer speaking through text or through writing than through speech. His melancholy demeanor isn't winning him any awards, either.

:bulletpurple: Unflirty - Samael has little interest in flirting, and it has nothing to do with his rather rocky relationship in the past. He simply believes such a thing to be entirely unnecessary. If a relationship is real and the love is mutual, then flirting is useless. Love is formed from a bond beyond the physical one formed through over-active hormones and sexual intercourse.

:bulletpurple: Ambitious - Samael is serious about his line of work. As hard as his father worked to support his family, he may be trumped by his son's ambition to achieve success in the literary world. He will drop everything to meet a deadline for whatever publishing company he is currently involved with, and would choose to prioritize his career over his relationships in a heartbeat.

:bulletpurple: Artistic - Although he has no particular knack for it himself, Samael is interested in all of the arts, be it painting or sculpting or music. His art is mainly expressed through writing, but he appreciates that which others can do to express the emotions they pour out through their artwork. It is refreshing for him to view the work of others, and it inspires him to push himself further and farther in his endeavors.

:bulletpurple: Night Owl - Do not even bother attempting to interact with Samael in the early morning. He refuses to wake up earlier than 10 A.M., unless there is an absolute emergency. And even then he's groggy. At night, however, he comes to life. His creativity goes into maximum overdrive between 12 - 4 A.M., meaning a majority of his work must be done in the wee hours of the night and morning. He has watched many an unintentional sunrise because of this. Believe it or not, he's not entirely against taking a night off to party - if only to people watch for additional story fodder.

:bulletpurple: Unforgiving - Perhaps Samael's greatest flaw is his inability to forgive. He has little tolerance for betrayal, and his romantic endeavor has only proved his point in why forgiveness does him no good. Grudges are quick to come and linger as they leave, forcing others to suffer for longer than is truly necessary. 

:bulletpurple: Green Thumb - Secretly, Samael enjoys gardening and actually has a variety of plant life that takes up every nook and cranny of his apartment. He does not entirely understand his affinity for house plants, especially because flora and fauna in general hold no more significance to him than they do to any other person, but he cannot deny that he has a soft spot for ferns and potted plants.

:bulletpurple:Sleeping In
:bulletpurple:Reading Novels
:bulletpurple:Meeting Deadlines
:bulletpurple:Visiting Art Galleries

:bulletpurple:Sour and Spicy Foods
:bulletpurple:Used Bookstores
:bulletpurple:Finding a Good Book
:bulletpurple:Those Who Appreciate Silence
:bulletpurple:Quiet Coffee Shops and Cafes
:bulletpurple:Coming Home to an Empty Apartment
:bulletpurple:Wearing Multiple Layers of Clothing

:bulletpurple:Young Children
:bulletpurple:Spacious Houses
:bulletpurple:Uncomfortable or Awkward Conversation
:bulletpurple:Being Overwhelmed in Crowds

{ Historical Information }

Samael’s family situation was never one to brag about. His mother constantly struggled with bouts of depression that caused her to search for hope at the bottom of bottles of alcohol. After countless therapy sessions and rounds of rehab, it was discovered that a chemical imbalance in her body was responsible for creating an overabundance of hormones that negatively impacted her emotional stability. Unfortunately, his wife’s medical problems kept Samael’s father working multiple jobs, incapable of caring for his son.

Samael adjusted quickly, finding solace in escapism. Some escaped through drugs, others in drinks, but he used a vice of an entirely different form - fantasy. Through books, he made a world all of his own, one without the struggles and strife of everyday life. At first, he merely read. Eventually, however, he started telling tales all of his own, weaving wonders with his words.

Throughout high school, he kept his talent a secret. Despite his secrecy, he planned to secure his future in literature by paying his own way through college. To do so, he juggled school with part-time jobs while writing novels every spare second he could find. By the time he graduated, he had a sizable savings account, a scholarship to college and slim pickings when it came to friends. 

College changed everything, improving the quality of his life as soon as he escaped from the confines of his dark and dreary abode (following a tearful, on her part, departure from his mother). Unlike his high school days, his grades improved drastically and he drew the attention of people in high places. Not only that, but his life took an unexpected turn upon meeting a particular Espeon with whom he grew close with. Starting their Sophomore Year, the two began dating, and by the summer of Senior Year the two were engaged. Unfortunately, the relationship fell apart upon the discovery that his girlfriend had cheated on him with a Zangoose that she'd met at a party. The relationship grew irreparable and Samael left with a deep wound on his heart while his former fiancee left with a new boyfriend and a new enemy.

Upon graduating and receiving his Bachelor’s in Creative Writing, he received a gift of an entirely different kind - an offer from a publishing company. He had a college life to leave behind and a career to start. His payment-per-chapter plan with the publishing company provided him with only meager compensation, leaving him with little to choose from in terms of housing. Finding a tiny apartment in the town of Dos Velos, he packed his belongings and set out for a new life.

Personal Goal: To establish himself in the new community as an established, published writer and a family man.

{ Miscellaneous Information }

:bulletpurple:Idea Journal
:bulletpurple:Spare Pens and Pencils
:bulletpurple:Former Engagement Ring

Other Information:
:bulletpurple:Writes under the pen name "Inkubus"
:bulletpurple:Despite feeling consistently cold, he enjoys cold weather, if only because he is able to dress in additional layer.
:bulletpurple:Believes strongly in the concepts of revenge, vengeance and avenging oneself
:bulletpurple:His green thumb comes from his mother, who found gardening to be one of the few therapeutic activities she actually enjoyed
:bulletpurple:While in college, he became involved in his first serious relationship with a female Espeon. After he had proposed in their junior year, she cheated on him. Thus, he has a slight prejudice against Pokemon of her kind and has little interest in entering another relationship until he has healed. He still wears the engagement ring he gave her round his finger.
:bulletpurple:Prefers villains and anti-heroes to knights in shining armor. If he spots a Mary/Gary Sue, he gets inexplicably angry.
:bulletpurple:His favorite literary genres are Horror, Gothic, Mystery, Fantasy and Science Fiction. He does mind romance within books, but he finds a majority of Romance novels to have predictable plot lines with one-dimensional characters. Non-Fiction, however, puts him to sleep.

Completed Memes:
:bulletpurple:Voice Actor Meme (Steven Jay Blum)

Click here for Samael's relationship tracker!

RP Method:
:bulletpurple:Skype (Fast Responses)
:bulletpurple:Notes (Moderate Responses)</strike>

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AWWW yeah, Folly >v< 
Can't wait to see more of you and Samuel around!! 
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Heehee -u-
Can't wait to start truly RPing with you all on here!
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He's awesome!
Maybe we can do a RP between Samael abdDStuart?
Here is Stuart's app:…
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so cute!
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Gah thank you so much! >//u//<
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np uvu
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I finally got a chance to check out your characters for PCH. Sorry that took so long, I had a few things to finish up before I really got active in the group. If you'd like, I'd love to RP with Tovi sometime! Trying to get Samael here some friends/enemies/pretty much any relationship lol
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rp would be great! poor Tovi doesn't have
many friends anyway- uvu
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Perfect! Well then, let's get our boys some buddies, shall we?
Do you prefer Notes or Skype? ...or something else that I don't use but can figure out how to use lol
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Welcome to the group, I hope you enjoy your time with us! ^^
Great character, by the by! :)
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Thank you soooo much (for the welcome AND for the compliment)! I'm so excited to be a part of this group.
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No worries! UvU
I'm sure you'll fit right in! c:
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OMG YES, Samael looks amazing~ good job. We should roleplay sometime Tristan or Sofia I don't mind which.
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Well thanks for the offer, but I promised this really cool guy called Looker I'd RP with him instead ;)
Just kidding. I would LOVE to RP with you! Send me a note or Skype message whenever you can. I can't wait to get into roleplaying with all of you in this group. It's gonna be so freaking fun.
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LOL Nice. Mmmmhm~ Im excited toooOO~
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