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[PCH] Application: Jax

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{ General Information }

Name: Jackson Palmer
Nickname: Jax
Pronunciation: Jack-sun Paw-mur
Name Meaning: "God has been gracious; God has shown favor"
Syndicate Title: "The Handyman"

Age: 21
Date of Birth: May 30
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Gender: Male
Species: Pokemon
Occupation: Repairman
Workplace: The Grease Monkey
Affiliation: The Syndicate 
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Religion: "Who needs it?"
Sexuality: Homosexual
Marital Status: Taken (Bishop Tegan)

{ Pokemon Information }

Pokemon: Aipom 
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Pickup
Move Set:

  • Thief (Dark)
    • The user attacks and steals the target's held item simultaneously. The user can't steal anything if it already holds an item.
  • Tickle (Normal)
    • The user tickles the target into laughing, reducing its Attack and Defense stats.
  • Astonish (Ghost)
    • The user attacks the target while shouting in a startling fashion. It may also make the target flinch.
  • Nasty Plot (Dark)
    • The user stimulates its brain by thinking bad thoughts. This sharply raises the user's Special Attack.

{ Character Information }

Personality ]

Purple Square Bullet  Excitable - Nearly anything is enough to reduce Jax to a fit of giggles and glee. Bliss comes so naturally to him that it exudes out of him at every possible moment. He is enthralled with the ordinary, fascinated with the mundane, and a lover of all things sanguine. It doesn't hurt that the little guy is extremely easily impressed. A simple card trick would leave him in awe for several days. It's kinda cute, but kinda pathetic, too.

Purple Square Bullet  Humorous - No prankster is complete without a good, old-fashioned sense of humor. What Jax lacks in verbal humor he more than makes up for in playful antics and (mostly) harmless pranks. To make anyone and everyone laugh is one of his primary goals in life, and his cheerful, carefree demeanor and endless bliss help to bring a smile to anyone's face. That, or if all else fails, people can laugh at him instead of with him.

Purple Square Bullet Carefree - Or should I say careless? Jax isn't one to worry about the bigger issues in life. Short on cash? No problem, he'll just snatch some moolah from some unsuspecting passerby. Health problems? He's sure they've got a doctor or medicine or something for that, you'll be fine. Deep psychological problems? Oh sure, he's got plenty, but he smiles through all of them, so you should too, right? Don't expect him to deal with the hard things until a deep bond has been formed over time. But on the bright side, you'll have the time of your life when you're with him.

Purple Square Bullet  Handy - Having an extra hand attached to one's tail typically helps in the handiness department. Luckily, Jax is no exception to this rule. He can fix most mechanical problems with ease, and actually enjoys doing so. Give him a wrench and set him to work. He'll be a happy camper. Don't mind the grease stains on his shirt - it comes with the territory.

Purple Square Bullet  Impish - Jax has been known to have a rather mischievous streak, so to speak. He's never malicious or ill-intentioned, of course. It's all innocent, truly. But he can't help but drop a water balloon on the old woman shuffling around under his bedroom window or spank a particularly attractive passerby when the urge hits him. It's all fun and games, really. Well, for him, anyways. 

Purple Square Bullet  Kleptomaniac - Jax has this habit. It's not entirely intentional, but sometimes the hand on his tail...wanders. Normally, this means the occasional groping of one's rear end, but every so often it's focus falls much more on a shiny object. The problem is that said "shiny object" often finds its way into Jax's bag and winds up back at his house. This may have gotten him in trouble with the popo more than he'd care to admit. But officer, he couldn't help himself!

Purple Square Bullet  Childish - No matter what, Jax retains the heart and soul of a child at all times. He giggles like he's five, enjoys playgrounds like a preschooler and has never quite mentally matured into the young adult that he physically is. This comes with good and bad. Sure, he is a bottle of eternal sunshine, ready to play and joke and smile at any given time of the day. But, on the other hand, he is prone to being quite the crybaby and can even throw a temper tantrum every now and again.

Purple Square Bullet  Lazy - Motivation is not Jax's middle name. He just wants to play, he doesn't want to do all this dumb adult stuff. Work's such a drag, unless it's repairing a car or a motorcycle. Most of the time, all this Aipom wants to do is play games and pull pranks and do, well, whatever he feels like. Responsibility sucks.

Hobbies ]
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Climbing Trees
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Pranking People
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Dancing at Clubs
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Automobile Repair
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Playing Video Games
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Tinkering with Machines
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Working Out at the Gym
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Pickpocketing Unsuspecting Victims
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  Groping, Spanking and Tickling Passersby

Likes ]
✔ Shiny Objects
✔ Punching Bags
✔ Water Balloons 
✔ Cars and Motorcycles
✔ Fruit (especially Apples)
✔ Anything Free (or Stolen)
✔ Pranks and Practical Jokes
✔ Baggy Hoodies and Boxers

Dislikes ]
✘ Boredom
✘ Girly Guys
✘ Bad Sports
✘ Failed Pranks
✘ Responsibility
✘ Goody Two-Shoes

{ Historical Information }

Biography ]
For as long as anyone could remember, Jax had always been the "problem child". No matter his current age or emotional state, Jax constantly found himself at the center of mischief-induced conflict that, more often than not, resulted in being sent to either his room or to the principal's office. On the outside, it seemed as though this spunky Aipom was simply obsessed with his own selfish bliss. But if one delved deeper, they could find reasons as to justify such random and ridiculous mannerisms.

Long before Jax had ever been born, his uncle begged Jax's mother to move to the safe haven that was Dos Velos. Unfortunately, the night life called out to the youthful, hot-blooded Aipom and she denied her brother's request. It was the night after this sibling confrontation that she encountered Vox, an inexplicably alluring Arbok who caught her eye. Through continual encounters, the two grew to have an intimate relationship, eventually choosing to move into an apartment together. Unfortunately, Jax's mother, Hana, had failed to truly find the truth surrounding her newfound lover's shady past. Upon the discovery of her first pregnancy, the deal was sealed on their union with one another. It was too late for escape.

Hana learned too late of her husband's gang involvement. Vox, whose real name was Virgil, was a prominent figure in the Syndicate. He too often returned home, clothes soaked with blood and brains, after assassinating opposing gang members or returning from an "assignment", as he called them. Hana hoped that it would lessen as their children were born and grew, but it only spun rapidly out of control.

By the time Jax - their third child - was old enough to walk and talk and crawl, both of his parents had changed radically from the carefree characters that had inhabited the club in their days of youth and freedom. His father had become abusive towards his wife and, rarely, his children as well. His days were consumed with smoking and shooting the Syndicate's enemies. Hana, on the other hand, had hardened to an irreparable state, completely forsaking her internal beauty for external strength.

As Jax grew, his friends and family found him to resemble his mother's personality from earlier in life while maintaining the mannerisms and hobbies of his good-for-nothing father. His grades were poor, and his skills few. The only true talent he had was in mechanics, a skill inherited by his mother who eventually trained him to have it as a fallback career should his life continue on the path she assumed it would. Conversely, his friends were numerous, but none of them truly knew anything about him beyond the fact that they were guaranteed a good time whenever he was around. No one knew the depths of him, and that was just as he wanted it.

When he had graduated from high school, he found college to be far too demanding and not nearly satisfying enough for him. He slept his way through his first month - be it alone or with others - before dropping out and returning to Las Vicio to open his own small business repairing cars, mopeds, motorcycles and other electronic devices and vehicles. Although his contact with his parents had ceased soon after college began, he soon discovered something shocking - his father's life had finally ended, and suddenly at that. His curiosity piqued as to how his father was murdered, by whom and when and why, he enlisted in the Syndicate. And with that, his mother's worst fears were realized.

Personal Goal: Jax is not entirely goal-driven as a person, be it short-term or long-term, but he does have a lingering desire to discover the truth surrounding his father's death.

{ Miscellaneous Information }

Bullet; Purple Tool Kit
Bullet; Purple Gang Bandana
Bullet; Purple "sUck" Snapback 

Other Information ]
Bullet; Purple "Hakuna matata" may as well be his life motto, with how much he lives it out.
Bullet; Purple If it wasn't overtly obvious, his "sUck" snapback is supposed to be a play on words. The "U" is capitalized because it's supposed to be "(yo)U suck". Get it? >u>
Bullet; Purple Believe it or not, Jax is actually Samael's cousin, thus their similar hair colors. They, however, do no get along whatsoever, as Samael's father disowned his sister upon discovering her relationship with Vox.

Completed Memes ]
Bullet; PurpleTBD

Relationships ]
Click here for Jax's relationship tracker!

RP Method ]
Bullet; PurpleSkype (Fast Responses)
Bullet; PurpleNotes (Moderate Responses)
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He looks awesome and cool! I really like his Style and personality :)