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[FoH] Voice Actor Meme (Lazarus)

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So, this was an extremely close call.
I had quite a few wonderful suggestions for voice actors - shoutout to Kitty, Brekks and Andi - which included characters from Dark Souls, and even Alan Rickman (a.k.a. Severus Snape)! I was this close to choosing Snape, but as I wished for someone slightly less monotonous, I decided to go with someone significantly less renown.

Alex Fernandez is a voice actor known mostly for his work in Final Fantasy X as the primary antagonit (and temporary party member) for a vast majority of the story, Maester Seymour Guado. If you would like an example of his voice work, watch this video from 0:00 - 3:00. Ironically, Lazarus and Seymour are very much alike as characters, although Seymour sways more towards insanity while Lazarus is perfectly sane but just as evil. If you haven't ever played Final Fantasy X, do yourself a favor and play it through entirely. You will cry multiple times, be floored by the beautiful music and more than likely be impacted by the characters, soundtrack and major themes. It's a masterpiece.

Also, this is actually my first time sketching Lazarus -u-;; as I was not the one who drew his application artwork, and the portion of him that I planned to use for his Quest 11 Art did not turn out well, this actually is the first time you see him in my style! Granted, it is a very rough sketch, although one I plan to clean up eventually in order to form the base of a Fire Emblem: Fates portrait. I apologize for the quality - I only have so much time between side quest art and finals.

All EXP and Rupees to Lazarus, please!
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Ohhhh nice pick! And, it's nice to see you draw Lazarus! 8D Rough or not it looks good!