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[FoH] Theme Song Meme (Lazarus)

For anyone wondering, Lazarus' playlist will inevitably be filled to the brim with creepy, eerie renditions about secrecy, beautifully conducted harp solos, and melancholy melodies about the past. Such a playlist can be found here, while a condensed list of songs will be included below for general use. This list will be updated periodically over time, especially as his relationships expand.

Main Theme: Secret (The Pieces)
Secondary Theme: No Strings on Me (Avengers: Age of Ultron opb. Pinocchio)
Battle: Seymour's Ambition (Final Fantasy X)
Boss Battle: Do Evil (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)

Lyre: Come Little Children (Nightcore opb. Hocus Pocus)
Song of Storms: Song of Storms (Caitlin Thom)

General: They (Jem)
Golyat: Oh Father (Sia)
Myrrha (#1): Hello (Evanescence)
Myrrha (#2): Your Star (Evanescence)
Jerial: Hellfire (Anna opb. Hunchback of Notre Dame)

All EXP and Rupees to Lazarus, please!
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//SCREAMING// I LOVE ANNA'S RENDITION OF HELLFIREEEEEE. Have you heard SweetPoffin's? She brings a certain desperate creepiness than Anna lacks (Anna's feels more angry to me, she still has a super amazing voice none the less e u e )
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I'm not even surprised that we like the same music anymore lol we've got very similar tastes.
No, I actually haven't! I'll have to listen to it soon. I like the angriness of Anna's, because it fits how much she belts, but an eerier version of the song would be nice to hear, actually. 
AnatomicAndi's avatar
XD I'm not really surprised either, I just wasn't expecting that song on here lol. But yes, I can agree angry is fitting for Anna. Creepy desperation in not really her thing lol. But SweetPoffin has some pretty amazing covers you should check out besides hellfire, like Be Prepared!
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Haha well, it definitely isn't supposed to be romantic in the sense that this song is (...well, not romantic, but you know what I mean), but it definitely relates to the struggle between them. Plus, Lazarus is a LOT like Frollo and Jerial is a gypsy so hey, it worked lol I only included that version because I'm not a huge fan of the original, as much as I adore Hunchback.
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Lol yeah I kind of figured it was more of a "play into my hand or you are useless to me" than a "be my sex toy or die" sort of thing xD Lazarus didn't seem the type to be interested in Jerial for that reason. Frollo is truly an evil villain, like one of the really dark characters of Disney imo, so I can totally see where he would be comparable to Lazarus, vs much less frightening Disney villains.
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Yes, yes, and YES! Here's the thing: Frollo is one of the most, if not the most, successful Disney villains out there. Why? For decades upon decades before the movie even begins, he's already accomplished his goal - killing the gypsies. The only time he fails is at the very end of the movie. That's it. And he doesn't even need physical strength or magic to do anything - he relies solely on mental/emotional manipulation. He actually served as partial inspiration for Lazarus ;)

Also, sorry, I am a HUGE fan of Hunchback, so I rant about it whenever possible ^u^;;
AnatomicAndi's avatar
Exaaaactly. Lol. Frollo is pretty terrifying when you consider all that he has done and the lengths he will go to to carry on. Definitely good inspiration for evil characters imo.

Also, it's totally fine. Hunchback is a great movie. It's up there on my list as well as Atlantis, which also has a pretty messed up villain. (Go figure)
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