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[FoH] Theme Song Meme (Jerial)

All these whippersnappers with their uPhones and their Smartpads - they don't know the golden age of commercials when we had people in silhouettes carrying around brick-sized musical devices.

That being said, I really do miss these commercials because I think of what songs describe what character all the time. Jerial, however, is a character I've had trouble nailing down. The more I RP with him, the more I learn about him. But I had enough to start this (and I will try to update it as I RP more and more).

Overall: Say All I Need (OneRepublic)
Overall (Post-Quest 9): Numb (H320 opb. Numb)
Peaceful: Dearly Beloved (Kingdom Hearts)
Flirtatious: Tonight I'm Loving You (Enrique Iglesias)
Sex: To Be Alone (Hozier)
Heartbroken: Please Don't Leave Me (P!nk)
Lullaby: Wanderer's Lullaby (Adriana Figueroa)
Home: Misguided Ghosts (Paramore)
Party: We Can't Stop (Bastille opb. Miley Cyrus)
Duel: Vamo' Alla Flamenco (Final Fantasy IX)
Battle: Bitter Dance (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)
Adventuring: Scarlet Wind (Radiata Stories)

Dancing: Azura/Aqua's Nohr Dance (Fire Emblem Fates)
Rain Dance: Lover's Mask (Theophany)
Heaven's Praise: Hymn of the Fayth / Song of Prayer - Spira (Final Fantasy X)

Winter Gear MemeSweater Weather (Slaves)
Faction Swap (Power): Hymn - Yunalesca (Final Fantasy X)
Normal AU Meme: Chandelier (The Script opb. Sia)
Genderswap Meme: Girls Just Want to Have Fun - "Major to Minor" Cover (Chase Holfelder opb. Cindy Lauper)

Jung (First Meeting): Dust to Dust (The Civil Wars)
Jung (Flirtation): Animal (Neon Trees) - "Major to Minor" Cover
Jung (In Love): Devil's Backbone (The Civil Wars)
Jung (Rejection): I Can't Make You Love Me (Adele)
Jung (Post-Quest 9): You Don't See Me (SafetySuit)
Vanda (Friendship): Umbrella (All Time Low opb. Rihanna)
Vanda (Humor): Milkshake (Kelis)
Karan: Daily Life (Dark Cloud)
Kiia: Hero/Heroine (Boys Like Girls)
Kahili: Surely Someday (Professor Layton)
Daichi: Song for a Friend (Jason Mraz)
Nexxis: Do You Like Waffles i had to

p.s. I really hope the whole "iCandy = eye candy" joke was obvious...because, well, you know....Jerial's a biiiiit...skimpy
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This look great :D and i love all the songs >w<
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Thank you so much! Meow :3 
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