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  • Believe it or not, Lazarus was never meant to be. When I decided long ago on creating an antagonistic character, there were many other ideas that came to mind. However, the more I fleshed them out, I felt that either I could not get a good enough grasp on them to make them a viable character at this point in the storyline, or that they did not quite fit in the Zeldaverse. For anyone curious, here are two of the major villainous characters I was planning on making:
    • Fallen Angel Absolom
      • Gender: Male
      • Race: Hybrid (Sheikah / Demon)
      • Class: Knight
      • Weapon: Lance
      • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
      • Personality: Internally Innocent, Childish, Erratic, Unlucky, Fearful
      • Short Biography: Born into a tribe of Sheikah that practiced forbidden magic, one ritual went awry and implanted a demon inside of young Absalom. The once pure and peaceful little boy was transformed into a monster, unable to control his actions as the spirit continued to gnaw away at his sanity and occasionally take physical control over his body.
    • Alice, the Robin Hood Rogue
      • Gender: Female
      • Race: Kokiri
      • Class: Thief
      • Weapon: Dagger (+Short Sword)
      • Alignment: Neutral Evil
      • Personality: Sharp-Tongued, Generally Brusque, "Just", Good with Children, Generous with the Poor and Orphaned, Defiant towards Authority, Loathes Corrupt Corporations but Supports Small Business and Honest Merchants, Brave, Outspoken
      • Short Biography: (Was never developed fully; may be revealed one day)
  • How then did Lazarus come to be? Well, I was discussing one day the different types of villains. For example, you have villains who seek world domination, villains who are not necessarily evil but who are simply on the opposing side of a protagonist, a recurring rival, a villain who is all brawn and no brain, etc. This led me to realize that my favorite villain archetype is the mastermind from the shadows, the one that controls the outcome of the entire story but isn't necessarily the one who is seen most prominently or one who a reader or watcher would think is the true villain. Thus, I decided to change my approach to creating a villain and settled on creating a puppetmaster, one who orchestrated the flow of different events of character's lives without them recognizing his influence.
  • That being said, Lazarus' role as a puppetmaster from the shadows is slightly influenced by the character "A" from Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I watch that show. No, I am not ashamed of that fact. Yes, I give you complete permission to judge me.
  • Lazarus went through a number of different changes prior to being accepted (shoutout to the moderators for helping me to get him to the place he's at now, which is different than I had planned, but honestly is so much better):
    • Originally, Lazarus' occupation was that of an Information Broker. Lazarus would be hired to use his connections to gather information on intended targets for mercenaries, the location of missing persons, etc. These connections were formed through his spy network called the Gossipmongers, a group specially trained in the art of espionage and information gathering through torture, seduction, etc. However, the moderators and I felt that this was too similar to a Scout's line of work, and since I did not feel that the class coincided with how I wished Lazarus to conduct himself in battle, a change in background was in order.
    • I was, unfortunately, unaware of how to fix this until my Old Testament Survey class taught on the nature and importance of scribes in ancient times. These scribes had a long-standing repetoire with the king, had influence over entire regions of people, were the keepers of the Law, and had access to any and all information and money they wished to due to their royal connections. This, in turn, ended up changing the way I viewed Lazarus, but allowed me to take him in an entirely different direction, one that fits better with the current storyline and lore.
    • Lazarus originally wielded a Tuning Fork alongside of his lyre. He had the potential to thwack away enemies with it, or even parry blows. However, I was the one who decided this made little realistic sense - unless it was a magical artifact - and scrapped the idea. Lazarus does, however, retain a generic tuning fork and instead fights with knives he keeps hidden inside of his sleeves.
  • Lazarus actually appeared earlier in the storyline that I had intended. Originally, I had planned for him to be submitted as a character and make his entrance in Hyrule on October 31st - Halloween. However, at the beginning of October, a notice was sent out explaining that both the Sheikah race and the Bard class had only one slot left before being locked, thus forcing me to rush the application process. Luckily, I had already written out the entirety of his application, and had only the application artwork to complete. Unfortunately, I had no time to complete the artwork in time, and thus, I enlisted Andi to aid me in that department.
  • Lazarus' application was the first piece of artwork I ever finished on the first (and only) tablet I've ever purchased! That being said, I wasn't the one who created his application artwork, and thus, I really only wrote the words that appear in the text boxes, making it a relatively boring piece to start off my tablet adventures with.
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