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[FoH] The More You Know Meme (Jerial)

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Concept Information ]
  • The name "Jerial" is actually entirely fictional. It was inspired by a handful of sources:
    • Jeriel - "Fear; Vision of God"
      • It is a biblical name, from 1 Chronicles 7:2. As a pastor-in-training, I added religious undertones in all of my characters, including their names. This relates to his birth, which instilled fear in his people, but also could be interpreted as a vision of the Gerudo's god(dess), as male Gerudo are supposed to be the king of their people.
    • Jezrielle (Original Character)
      • Jezrielle is the name of my favorite original character ever created, from a book I wish to write and to publish someday. I named his genderbent form Jezrielle in honor of her, as they both incorporate dancing into their fighting styles, are dark-skinned, and have certain deeper similarities that would take far too long to go into.
    • Belial - "Lawless; worthless"
      • This is a biblical name of Satan, but one that does, in fact, refer to Jerial. Unlike the meaning of his actual name, it represents what Jerial believes about himself - that he is worthless, and thus, why he attempts to find his worth through the acceptance and affection of others.
  • I was legitimately horrified at the thought of submitting a Male Gerudo for my first character. So why did I do it? Well, I tend to enjoy playing characters that are one-offs, misfits, or have something that disctinctly marks them as different from the rest of the cast. I was intentional on making sure that Jeri did not come off as a Gary Sue. I didn't want him to be Ganondorf's long-lost son, or something to that effect. I wanted his gender to play into the idea of an outcast with an identity crisis. After some discussion with Guardian-Samurai, I decided to go ahead with the idea.
  • Speaking of Guardian-Samurai, I need to give her a HUGE shout-out here, because she was the original creator of Jerial's application art! At the time, I had no way of drawing anything but a general outline for him on a crappy, free iPad app that only allowed you to have one layer. Still, she somehow made due with what I gave her. In fact, she designed Jerial's poncho! Those symbols and markings? Her idea, not mine. I have her to thank for somehow salvaging that monstrosity.
Fun Facts and Miscellaneous Information ]
  • Despite his identity and gender crisis, he has never once wanted to be a girl. To trick people? Sure. He'll abuse his privilege. But he quite enjoys being a man - and enjoys other men.
  • The Seven Deadly Sin that best represents him is Lust. On the other hand, the Seven Heavenly Virtue that best represents him is Kindness.
  • Jerial has a knack for collecting jewelry. He doesn't necessarily intend to, but he just so happens to spend a pretty penny every so often on the off-chance that he happens to pass a jeweler or two in the marketplace.
  • Jerial has an unpolished and raw singing voice, but not one that is altogether poor in quality. He is a Tenor 2, in regards to voice parts.
  • According to the Briggs-Meyer Personality Type Testing, Jerial would fall under the category of an ISFJ/ESFJ - "The Defender"/"The Consul"
  • His enneagram type is "The Challenger"
  • Has a strange, inexplicable fascination with magical arts, even venturing as far as to what some may consider the "occult". As he has had past experience with necromancy, though not through his own doing, he has become slightly desenstized to its nature as dark or forbidden magic. Thus, he is intrigued by incense, tarot cards, fortune tellers, black magic, etc.

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Sora-Kingdom3Student Digital Artist
Nice informations we have here ^^. It's always nice to know more about the character! I'm really glad that in the end you were able to create him, even though you weren't sure it would work. And we'll thanks Guard for helping indeed lol.
I guess I could try to make one but I can't say I put half of the though you had on him (that name researches lol), so I'm not I could write a lot, and I don't know if the Littles trivial I have would interest anybody.
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Lunar-HourglassHobbyist Digital Artist
So cool~ -hugs- d'aw all i did was color for you you did the more of the work =u= 

This is super cool folly! It was so much fun to read i was smiling the whole time <3
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Ohhhhh some of this is really interesting! 8D I need to do this for Llyr and Ru xD
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
YES please do! I love, love, love this meme because I am obsessed with behind-the-scenes info