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[ Other Information ]

  • Jerial flirts. A lot. This does NOT, however, mean that he is genuinely interested in a canonic relationship. The boy's heart is a mess, please don't take it personally if he comes onto your character and wants nothng long-lasting.
  • One to five word responses do not make it possible to respond. Please give thoughtful, well-developed responses so as to ensure the quality of the roleplay as a whole.
  • Please know that rarely, if ever, am I upset or offended by notes or by character actions. Feel free to play your character to the fullness of their personality - I promise that I will not take it personally if your character hates mine. All I ask is that you do not take it personally if Jerial does not particularly care for your character. It's not personal, I promise.
[ RP Tracker ]
  • Llyr - Ongoing
  • Etsuko - Ongoing
  • Velaris - On Hold
  • The City of Eldinsgate (Jung, Kahili, Marci, Vanda, Karan, Rao, Fiyero, Alekia, Somniaya, Ceri) - Ongoing

[ Relationships ]
Bullet; BlackDislikesBullet; Black Bullet; PurpleFearsBullet; Purple Bullet; YellowAwkwardBullet; Yellow Bullet; WhiteNeutral/doesn't know that wellBullet; White Bullet; BlueWants to get to know betterBullet; Blue Bullet; GreenFriendBullet; Green Bullet; OrangeClose FriendBullet; Orange Bullet; PinkCrush/LustBullet; Pink Bullet; RedLoveBullet; Red

Love Interests

  • Jung - Jerial's employer, close friend and object of ultimate, unconditional affection. In all of Hyrule, Jung was the first person whom Jerial met and formed a bond with. He grew intrigued by something lurking beneath the other's red irises, deciding to search for him after their time together had come to a close. Upon reuniting, the Keaton offered him a deal - to stay by his side, searching for a cure for his people, in return for his services and loyalty. How could he refuse? It was then that Jerial learned of Jung's darker side. However, though it caused him to question his sanity, it only fueled his desire to save Jung even further. When Jung departed following the events of the Forest Temple, it forced the Gerudo to come face-to-face with a difficult question - was Jung ever really going to return the feelings the dancer possessed for him? Though he attempted to move on, he still sought after the Keaton. Their reunion brought with it a present - a Communication Stone - and a vow, for Jerial to keep Jung from the brink of insanity until the end of time. (Bullet; OrangeBullet; PinkBullet; Red)
  • Llyr - Jerial's trusted friend and potential romantic partner. Before anything romantic arose between the two, their friendship was birthed at the riverside. In one another, each found what he had desired. The Gerudo discovered a male that saw through every thinly-veiled lie and seductive smile, and the Zora found himself desiring that which he had never considered prior. It was not until their reunion following the Masquerade Ball that the two realized there was more than fickle flirtation between the two of them. Their time together, however, ended in tension, as Jerial confessed his feelings for Jung. Jerial hates himself for hurting Llyr so, but he knows that the two need time to think about what - and who - they want. (Bullet; YellowBullet; OrangeBullet; Pink)
  • Kiia - Jerial's former friend and traveling companion. She is quite the enigma to the dancer. Her simplicity and manner of speech, which create agitation in others, he finds to be adorable aspects of her personality. One day, he promised to return with her to the desert, so that she has the chance to discover more of her Nanna's homeland. Having been distanced from her for quite a long time has caused his interest in her to be put to the wayside, especially in light of recent events. However, he still longs to reunite with his long-lost friend again. (Bullet; GreenBullet; Pink)
  • Alei - Jerial's former ally and potential friend. While in the employ of Jung, Alei had earned the pity of Jerial, causing him to treat them as an equal and attempt to ease them into their group as much as was possible. Even when Marci became involved, he made sure to tend to both of their wounds, be they physical or emotional. He feels the need to look after Alei, if only for Marci's sake, though there is a genuine desire to become true and honest friends with the Sheikah someday. (Bullet; YellowBullet; BlueBullet; Green)
  • Marci - Jerial's friend turned frenemy. Although the two began their relationship on a pleasant note, having drank together at a tavern, tension has strained their relationship to its limits. Jerial's employment and involvement with Jung has caused him to be branded a traitor by the redhead. Despite her treatment of him, he attempted to tend to her during her days spent bedridden in the Healer's Arms Inn, aiding their relationship's recovery to an extent. At the least, it seems the two have resumed their usual teasing of one another, even if it means the dancer must endure her constant jests about his attraction to a certain Keaton. (Bullet; YellowBullet; BlueBullet; Green)
  • Kahili - Jerial's princess, the apple of his eye. Jerial has quite the soft spot for his baby bird, often referring to her as "little one" and "my princess". Throughout their frequent encounters, he has developed a protectiveness of her, going as far as to oppose Phoenix and even the Resistance if it meant keeping her safe. The news of her disappearance left him heartbroken, unable to believe that his princess could be kidnapped and dying without him being able to help her. Thus, he set off on a search for her, alongside of Vanda and their allies. The moment that the two were reunited, he could exhale again and be at peace, even if only for a moment. (Bullet; Orange)
  • Karan - Jerial's partner-in-crime. The two have had a hectic history with one another, often finding themselves in the midst of rather random or awkward life situations, or even ending up employed alongside of one another. Though he enjoys his endless teasing of her - especially in regards to romance - he truly does care for her, viewing her as his own sister. (Bullet; Green)
  • Fiyero - Jerial's ally and eventual friend. Their relationship has been extremely rocky - no pun intended. Although the two were allied with one another, bound by a promise to find his kinsman Alekia, Fiyero severed their ties upon discovering his association with Jung. Despite this rough patch, the two have since made amends and now work together as friends and allies. Not to mention, he is happy to see Vanda becoming more and more involved with him, as he is able to trust her to the Goron's capable hands. (Bullet; Green)
  • Daichi - Jerial's former traveling companion and trusted friend. Before Daichi, Jerial knew few males who would open up to him, or even go as far as to do something for him without ulterior motive. Upon their meeting, the Keaton gifted him with his own bracelet that the Gerudo had been eyeing without expectation of recompense or repayment. Though the two traveled together for a time, such adventures came to a close upon his employment with Jung. Despite his departure, he truly wishes to reunite with Daichi one day and catch up on all that they have missed in one another's lives. (Bullet; BlueBullet; Orange)
  • Vanda - Jerial's closest friend and confidante. From the moment they met, he felt an instant connection with her that went far beyond the bonds of kinship. Over time, Jerial has come to depend on her as a maternal figure, someone he can eternally depend on to care for him and trust with all his heart. She is one of the few people he would earnestly die for, if it meant protecting her. (Bullet; Orange)
  • Lazarus - Jerial's newest ally and potential friend. Jerial isn't entirely sure what to make of this man, but he can't say he isn't intrigued. A beautiful man, clearly of some substantial status, wishing to know more about him - what wasn't there to be interested in? Still, something does not sit entirely right with him. Perhaps Lazarus should not look to him for future royalty. After all, he is no prince, or at least, not one who would ever rule righteously, as only a king can. (Bullet; BlueBullet; Green)
  • RaoJerial was shocked to learn that Daichi had a special someone in his life, and even moreso once he had met this mystery woman. After formally being introduced to one another in the woods, he is officially perplexed that someone like her would be with someone like Daichi. Still, he doesn't necessarily dislike the hybrid, he merely finds her intimidating, if not equally as intriguing. (Bullet; PurpleBullet; Blue)
  • NellJerial has a soft spot for the hybrid. Though their encounters were only brief, he finds her quite cute, and often will sit by her simply to pet her and look out for her should she be in their group. (Bullet; WhiteBullet; Blue)
  • CeriJerial knows very little of the Minish girl, although he did spend a considerable amount of time with her at the festival and has since bumped into her on a number of occasions. He was glad to see Kahili have a close friend, however. He finds her quaint, but has little other opinions about her. (Bullet; White)
  • KidaAfter a chaotic encounter where his party had originally mistaken Kida for one of Ganon's followers, Jerial now realizes she means no harm. However, he knows little, if anything, about her. (Bullet; White)
  • Riku - A Moblin whom Jerial is intrigued by. The two had promised to dance together one day, and he intends on keeping his word. The two fought alongside of one another during the Attack on Kakariko, where he noticed her interest in a certain fellow redhead. He is not entirely sure whether or not to be suspicious of her, or to be curious about her in her entirety. (Bullet; WhiteBullet; Blue)
  • Ame - Who is she? Jerial certainly isn't sure he knows the answer to that. After a horrific encounter following his accidental entry into her abandoned town, he has trouble understanding this spectral female. Still, he doesn't necessarily hate her for what she did - she was, after all, only having fun - and she did offer him her own roof for shelter afterwards, but she certainly is not the most pleasant of people. (Bullet; PurpleBullet; WhiteBullet; Blue)
  • Cyril - One of his favorites targets for teasing, Cyril consistently finds himself rushing back and forth delivering letters to and fro, simply for Jerial. Why, he has no idea, but it continues to occur. Jerial, of course, takes full advantage of this, using the other's idiosyncrasies to torture him. In jest, of course. Cyril's habit of addressing others formally has allowed the Gerudo to be called "Master Jerial", if only for the underlying implications that the Rito would surely never understand. Despite his teasings, he genuinely appreciates the bird's efforts and his dedication towards excellence in delivery times and speed. (Bullet; White)
  • FenirHis affection for Wolfos' extends to Fenir as well. He protected the pup once from a feral Wolfos and the two bonded for a short bit before he escorted the pup to safety. (Bullet; White)
  • NamoHe has barely any relationship with the Skull Kid, but he thinks she has a problem with him...or his people. She was particularly upset with him during Musical Chairs at the Masquerade Ball. (Bullet; BlackBullet; White)
  • WieldaA strange Bokoblin woman he met briefly with Jung. Their encounter was cut short, however, as the Keaton left suddenly and Jerial gave chase. (Bullet; White)
  • NexxisAn incredibly sweet and surprisingly generous young girl encountered on a trip to the marketplace. She has taught him to cook, which he appreciates, and is surprised to see someone so pure in the midst of the war. (Bullet; White)
  • VelarisAn intriguing Sheikah woman who has piqued Jerial's interest. He was pleased seeing someone else with an appreciation for bandages much like his own. His nickname for her is "Ruby Red". (Bullet; WhiteBullet; Blue)
  • Nereus - The two worked together during the Attack on Kakariko, though their interactions were short. He's not entirely sure why the small fry signed up to participate in the war, as he doesn't seem like much of a fighter, but he doesn't dislike him. At least he's trying. (Bullet; White)
  • RobynnThe two shared an enjoyable time gambling together in a game shop with friends before being chased out by security. He finds her a bit odd, but trusts her enough to be around Kahili. (Bullet; White)
  • Marquis - A surprisingly powerful and kurt Deku Scrub who Jerial continually mislabels as a child because of his height. Encountered while in the woods, the Deku escorted him to Kakariko and even invited him to adventure alongside of him to Clock Town. He even introduced Jerial to one of his favorite songs, the Song of Healing, to which he choreographed a dance for a special someone. (Bullet; White)
  • Somniaya - Jerial's "dark beauty", as he has dubbed her. The two are friendly, though they have spent little to no alone time with one another, thus inhibiting the official formation of their friendship. He finds her alluring, but he believes that she is as secretive as Jung, or at least has the potential to be. She is a much more capable woman than he can comprehend, and it intimidates him, but not enough that it makes him dislike her. (Bullet; GreenBullet; Blue)
  • Inari - Jerial's romantic rival and enemy of the Resistance. Hearing her name is enough to set the Gerudo's blood to boil. Knowing all that she has done to damage someone so beloved to him, he refuses to forgive her or to show her mercy. Only Jung's words will keep him from hurting her, should the two ever encounter one another. Though the two have never personally encountered one another privately, should there ever be a meeting as such, there will be blood spilt and penance paid. (Bullet; Black)
  • Noah - Jerial's primary enemy during the Attack on Kakariko. Admittedly, the Gerudo knows and understands little about this demonic man, but what he does know, he does not like. He has killed so many innocent people, disguised himself as the King of Evil himself - just who is he and what business does he have in this land? They've had their fill of demons and death. (Bullet; BlackBullet; Purple)
  • Alekia - Jerial's kinsman and enemy. Though he could not initially explain or understand why, there is no love lost for the dancer's fellow Gerudo. Their initial encounter was laced with tension, which was only made worse upon discovering that she was the perpetrator in Kahili's kidnapping. Her continual abuse of Fiyero and manipulation of their mutual friends leaves little room for reconciliation with her in his heart. Kinsman or not, she is no friend of his. (</span>Bullet; Black)
  • Etsuko - Jerial's enemy-turned-acquaintance. She is an enigma to the Gerudo. Though the two met one another in the heat of battle - pitted against one another, no less - the dancer has come to find that the two have more in common than they initially thought. Perhaps there is more to her than meets the eye. (Bullet; WhiteBullet; Blue)
  • Sugala - Jerial's kinsman and sworn enemy. Upon his initial encounter with Llyr, he had been told enough to be off-put by this behemoth of a woman, but his ballistic introduction with her at the Masquerade Ball has soured his opinion of her even more. The next time that he sees this woman, he will have a few choice words for her, that much is certain. (Bullet; BlackBullet; Purple)
  • Kravok - Jerial's mutual enemy, shared will all the land of Hyrule. There are few who hold anything but enmity for their newfound king, and the Gerudo is no exception. Despite this, he has no personal interaction with the king. He did, however, prevent the dancer from encountering the former king, his own kinsman, and thus the Gerudo holds a grudge against him. (Bullet; BlackBullet; Purple)
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I absoltley love how Jerial views Namo XDD
  It's so adorable! 
 (I know I should be commenting this on Jerial's application but whoop, I'm here so...^^; )
   I really live Jerial's pose! Very... Dancer-ish? XD Anyways, I absolutely love it and I really love his background. Very unique for a male Gerudo not to become king.

  Psst! If ya wanna RP... I'm here~ :iconimsotiredplz:
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D'AWWWWW thank you for all the lovely comments! Love 
I'm glad you enjoyed the pose and the background! Yeeeeaaah pretty boy here is not exactly fit to be king.

I'd love to! Especially after their ballistic introduction at the Masquerade ;P I'm trying to finish all of the RPs I am swamped with before starting classes next week, so do you mind if I send you a note (on here or on Skype, whichever you'd like) once I finish one or two of them? I just don't wanna get super overwhelmed lol
also you get major brownie points for using an emoji from Daisyhiime's Persona 4 parody
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Haha! No problem~
 Don't worry about it! Just send me a note whenever you're ready, no rush present~ 

 Brownie points accepted~ :iconimsotiredplz: :iconimsotiredplz: