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Now that his clothes were burnt beyond repair in the Fire Temple, I figured it was about time I altered his application.
Say hello to the new and improved Cyril Kai Haluka   </small>

[ Other Information</small> ]
:bulletgreen:Believe it or not, I don't plan on shipping him. If a character comes along that naturally progresses in his relationship and desires a romantic relationship with him, I will consider it. However, for the time being, I'm not interested in shipping him and he's not interested in becoming involved with another character romantically.

[ Relationships</small> ]
  • Nereus (Best Friend)
    •  There is no doubt that Nereus is the nearest and dearest person to Cyril in the whole wide world. These two should serve as one another's opposites, but somehow, they instead compliment one another perfectly, forming an unshakeable friendship between them. Nereus has come to act as not only his best friend, but also his bodyguard, while Cyril wishes to become stronger to protect Nereus and help him achieve his dreams. Even after their adventures with the Resistance end, Cyril prays that the two can stay together somehow. 
  • Phoenix (Former Hero)
    • The time Cyril spent with Phoenix was, unfortunately, far too short for his own taste. After all of the horrible things his siblings - especially the males - had done to him, he found Phoenix accepted him. Cyril's synesthesia was triggered as soon as they started talking, making Cyril see more in him than Phoenix saw in himself. Once he had heard that Phoenix had passed away, Cyril mourned privately as his mother taught him to and used the special seeds she'd left him to grow a plant in his honor which he named after him.
  • Kahili (Princess)
    • Although their encounters together have been brief, Cyril truly cherishes Kahili. Cyril was always raised to respect royalty, but Kahili reminds him of his oldest stepsister, the only one of his step-siblings who loved him. He believes he must devote himself to ensuring her safety, especially after Phoenix's death, as thanks for her kindness and her royal status. When she went missing, his heart was shaken and he immediately left work behind to find her.
  • Llyr (Friend)
    • Nereus' older brother who helped him following the quest in the Fire Temple. Cyril respects Sir Llyr perhaps moreso than anyone else in the army. He believes he owes him after the kindness he was shown.
  • Karan (Acquaintance)
    • One of Cyril's companions on Kahili's rescue mission. He truly respects Madame Karan, especially with her healing prowess, and appreciates that he found someone as clumsy as he is who is also so accomplished.
  • Kida (Acquaintance)
    • One of Cyril's companions on Kahili's rescue mission. Unfortunately, the language barrier between the two kept them from interacting too much, but he finds her dedicated and kind, from what he has seen.
  • Jung (Acquaintance)
    • A stranger Cyril only met in passing once during Kahili's rescue mission. He appears rather intimidating to Cyril, and unnerves him whenever he is around. However, he's heard Master Jerial is dating him, so he can't be all that bad...right?
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