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Name: Jerial
Nickname: Jeri
Pronunciation: Jer-eye-ill
Name Meaning: “Fear”; “Vision of God”

Age: 19
Date of Birth: October 11
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 130 lbs.
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Persian
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation (Full-Time): College Student
Occupation (Part-Time): Dance Instructor
Occupation (Part-Time): Bartender (Unlicensed)
College Major: Dance
Religion: Agnostic
Zodiac: Libra

Elementary School: N/A
Middle School: N/A
High School: Hyrule High
College: Gerudo University for the Arts

Biography ]
Jerial's early childhood was a rather troubled one. He was born to a single mother, Esmera, who worked as a storekeeper during the day and as a bartender at night to keep she and her son alive. Though he inquired about it, the identity of his father was never revealed to him by his mother or by any other close family friend. No relatives ever came to visit them, and thus, he had no ties as to this mystery man. The loss of something that he'd always wanted but never had left deep scars within his heart, though he never verbalized them.

His mother had little money to fund his schooling, and thus, Jerial was tutored by a family friend for the first eight years of his education. Thankfully, he was bright, but he lacked in passion, and thus, his work ethic suffered. His tutor found, however, that he excelled in performance arts. There was a fire in his eyes whenever he danced. Thus, she used a connection of hers to allow him to audition for a local dance studio that was interested in taking him in as a student. He passed with flying colors.

What his mother lacked in money, the more she lacked in nurturing. The loss of her husband, in whatever form it may have been, grieved her deeply, leaving her as a shell of a woman. Oftentimes, Jerial would be the one taking care of her, even from an early age. She found solace in partying, even at her own bar, and would come home reeking of alcohol and sobbing into Jerial's chest until dawn broke. Her lack of influence and his lack of a father led Jerial to mature quickly and mask his emotions from the rest of the world. His dancing allowed him an outlet for his pain, a fact which his instructors recognized and took advantage of so as to push him to his limits.

His homeschool came to a close as high school approached. His tutor urged him to enroll at Hyrule High, a school that, although a fair bit away from their own home, would aid him in furthering himself in his studies and allow for future opportunities when it came to college and beyond. Reluctantly, he accepted. At first, he remained an outcast, the others confused as to his gender or sexuality or simply who he was or why he was there. Over time, however, he went them over with his words and - for some - with his body. By the time he'd become a sophomore, he'd acquire quite the reputation for his flirtatiousness and frivoloty, earning him the nickname "Man Eater". In his junior year, he became captain of the school's dance team and led them to win a national championship. He quickly became considered by quite a few colleges to be admitted to their school, in the hopes that he would do the same for their school's performing arts program. He also earned the attention of the Student Council President, Dezeer, with whom he formed a long-lasting relationship with until it came to a close in the summer before his senior year. He never once spoke about the boy ever again.

As his senior year came to a close, life favored him. He was accepted with a scholarship - so long as he participated in the school's performing arts program - to Gerudo University for the Arts. In addition, the owner of the tavern that his mother worked at passed away and willed the establishment to Esmera. His mother renamed the bar The Healer's Arms and allowed her son to work there on weekends so as to earn a living while in college. It was in his freshman year of college that he met a man by the name of Jung and his friends - Vanda, Karan, Somniaya, Fiyero and Alei. He became instantly intrigued by the man, and struck up a friendship with he and the others. Over time, he developed a deep bond with each of them, coming to recognize them as his first true friends. He now finds himself amidst his second year of college, spending the weekdays in class and teaching the younger students in the studio the technicalities and techniques of advanced dancing and the weekends partying with his newfound friends and tending to the bar with his recovering mother. After he graduates, he hopes to travel the world and choreograph dances for famous musical artists and performers.

Likes ]
✔ Heat
✔ Sand
✔ Selfies
✔ Jewelry
✔ Fashion
✔ Dancing
✔ Clubbing
✔ Traveling
✔ Accessories
✔ Loose-fitting clothing
✔ Walking barefoot (or in sandals)
✔ Warm colors (Red, Orange, Golden)
✔ Music (EDM, R&B, Pop-Punk, Dance, Latin, etc.)

Dislikes ]
✘ Math
✘ Maps
✘ Football
✘ Mud and snow
✘ Closed-toed shoes
✘ Intimacy with men
✘ Not getting his way
✘ Being alone with men
✘ Extreme winter climates
✘ Those without a sense of humor
✘ Heavy objects (Bags, Packages, etc.)

Favorite Color: Ruby Red
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Favorite Band: Beyonce
Favorite Song: Wanderer's Lullaby (Adriana Figueroa)
Favorite Musical Genre: EDM / R&B
Favorite Literary Genre: Adventure (<sr>erotic</sr>)
Favorite TV Show: Fame 
Favorite Pasttime: Dancing
Favorite Place: Desert/Beach
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Subject: World Languages
Favorite Art Form: Dance
Favorite Dance Style: Tango

Twitter Handle: @ bootyboy
Instagram Name: wanderlusting

:bulletorange:Ruby Necklace
:bulletorange:Golden Feather Earring

Other Information ]
:bulletorange:Occasionally mistaken as a girl, especially when hair is untied from its braid. Also occasionally disguises himself as a girl on purpose. When mistaken for or disguised as a girl, he goes by the alias "Jezrielle".
:bulletorange:Dislikes when strangers touch his hair. He views letting his hair loose from the rattail or braid that binds it as an extremely intimate act.
:bulletorange:Has a bad habit of getting himself lost, despite having self-proclaimed wanderlust.
:bulletorange:Has a tattoo on his lower back of a feather that disintegrates into a flock of ravens. He refuses to discuss what it signifies, or why or when he got it.
:bulletorange:Beyond dancing, he has a secret talent - painting. He does not, however, have much time to do so and has never shown his artwork to anyone else.
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FTLOOKHobbyist General Artist
OMW you put so much detail in this. Its awesome as always your writing and your stories~ I love his dream, to choregraph (sp?) dances across the world AHHHH!! I love all this info I wish I went into detail with Vanda's XD ahahaha. But I still like hers anyways XD it be interesting to do a normal meme rp in this world. XD lol
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
D'aww shanks, Looker >u<
We are 100% doing an AU RP of this all together, Kitty and I already agreed on it. Now we just need to see what all of yours look like in this new world! I totally need to take a look at Vanda's. I've probably seen it at some point, but it was a long time ago if I had.
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FTLOOKHobbyist General Artist
No problem, and YUS so up for that. Vanda's isn't that special, and it WAS REALLLY LONG AGO. XD
I may just redo it. XD
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Mochizuki-RinHobbyist General Artist
omg this is amazing
makes me feel guilty for not explaining my memes in detail (except as a child one pft) like you guys do

and that bootyboy and wanderlusting names are just...brilliant XD
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
GAH Moonie! That was such a sweet comment QuQ
Oh please, you don't need to do that! I told Kitty that I didn't expect to do so at all and then, well, it just kinda happened.

Teehee thanks >u< bootyboy was actually Kitty's idea, but wanderlusting was all mine. Brekks suggested sandbae XD
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
oh my goodness! so much thought put into here... really makes me wanna RP an AU with this version of Jeri!
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Heehee thanks, Kitkat! >u< I'm glad you liked it! I totally didn't expect to put that much thought into it but, well, it happened. I would love to, especially after typing all this up! You know I'm always willing to.
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
muahaha its a deal! >w<
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