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[FoH] Masquerade Meme (Cyril)

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This was such a nightmare to try and finish. I wasn't even planning on doing Cyril's Masquerade Meme, buuuuut I decided the little cutie deserved to look fancy for a night. Moreso than Jerial, anyways. So I sketched up a little something-something and, well...well, I don't know what went wrong but whatever it was, it went horribly wrong. After being completely disappointed in myself, I got up the courage to try again and devoted the day to redoing his meme.

As for his outfit, I took inspiration from Native American culture and attire. The headdress is obviously similar to Native American chieftain headdresses, and the mask is a bird mask (which I figured was appropriate for a Rito) is one belonging to an unnamed Native American tribe. The crack in the left eye is for the scar that is apparent on Cyril's face when unmasked. I chose Native American culture because, to me, Rito clothing seems at least partially inspired by them. Not to mention, even if they're not inspired by Native Americans, Cyril was from a tribe that was similar to them.

Special thanks to FTLOOK for supporting me, encouraging me to keep making this and for the critiques (I hope the cracks on the left eye were cleaned up to your liking!). You're the best.

also please don't kill me for the color scheme I wasn't sure what I was doing and I was tired I'm so sorry
EXP and Rupees to Cyril, please!
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Omg this turned out amazing~ And I love the crack it turned out to be less cluttered good job! ~