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[FoH] Kiss Meme (Jerial)

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Hehehe >u> who wants to kiss the pretty boy, hmm?
This has been a looooong time coming~

I have to admit, I have redrawn this meme...mmm, eight times? I'm not even kidding. I legitimately have serious issues drawing kissing faces. It's bad. Guess I know what to work on for all that shipping art I plan on doing - I MEAN, in case any of that is necessary in the near future >.>;; a-anyways, I need to give a HUGE shoutout to AnatomicalAndrogyny for helping me fix this hot mess of a meme. As always, you're unbelievably helpful and a great friend.

UPDATE: I redrew the lineart now that I actually have the smoothing option operational on my tablet because I couldn't stand looking at it anymore and I was hoping for booty boy to get some more smootches

That being said, ladies and gentlemen, Jerial is open for smooching ;)

-crickets chirping-

...don't all jump up at once

EXP and Rupees to Jerial, please!
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//takes this meme and skitters off to go fill in the other half
no regrets.
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Yesssss. I have been waiting for this. |D I will be stealing this at some point After I FINALLY finish quest art |D;

Also, it was no problem, I am glad I could offer help ^^