[FoH] Journal Entry #3 - Frightened Eyes (Jerial)

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Journal Entry #3 - Frightened Eyes
Author: Jerial
Time: Midnight
Location: Inn - Bedroom

Sleep had evaded him yet again. It was a strange sensation, really, to be so fixated on one aspect of another that you find yourself lost within your own thoughts for hours on end. Honestly, how could anyone expect him to shake this? How could anyone have shaken such an image?

Those eyes.

It was the red that first surprised him. From their initial encounter on the city street to the time spent inside the tavern, the color of his eyes continually captivated him. Rubies set in glass. Lava drowning in light. A ring of blood in a field of snow. He had never seen such a color.

No...no, perhaps it wasn’t the color. That was close, but not quite it. Surely, the color left quite an impression on anyone lucky enough to catch his eye, but it was the emotion, the pain, hidden beneath the surface of his irises that kept this lithe little dancer boy up at night. Never had he ever witnessed such pure pain so plainly written across someone’s face. Could no one else see it? Or did they simply not care to?

He wasn’t such a bad guy. He couldn’t be, no matter how hard he tried to act. Jerial could see right through that. It was all an act, a performance, a wall to keep anything and anyone out. If anyone knew that, it was him. Gerudo were practically born with the inherent ability to charm, to encapsulate an audience. It was deception at its finest, and they could no doubt detect it in another. This was not a bad man - this was a broken man.

“You have frightened eyes. Only the kind have frightened eyes - the wicked are fool enough to believe they have nothing to fear. If all those in Hyrule truly are sheep, as you say, then you are no different, no matter how hard you try to deny it. You are simply a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Be careful who you bare your fangs at - one day, someone will see the wool poking through.”

Jerial rolled over, now looking directly at the rafters above him. If he ever met him again - and he most certainly would - that’s what he must tell him. He had to see the humanity reflected only dimly in those piercing eyes. He must remind him that the winter may be long, but the spring is coming soon. How poetic, he could nearly hear the man’s mocking tone. Or perhaps, he was being too overly sentimental for his own good. Goddess, he needed sleep.

Adjusting his position once more before allowing sweet sleep to take hold of him, one final phrase escaped his lips. “Don’t lose yourself...Jung.”
While roleplaying with KittyKyomi, there was a moment when Jerial and Jung interacted that I knew my little Gerudo would have to write about. This was written in the middle of our RP (which is currently still in progress), but the inspiration for this practically haunted me so I churned this out regardless of whether or not all of this could become non-canonical in the near future.

I haven't written an angsty piece in quite a while, but good Lord do I miss it. Without a doubt, writing angst/romance oneshots and drabbles are my favorite things to write. And who better to do that with than our awkward, sexually-confused little Gerudo boy? That being said, I really do hope you all enjoy this and that it gives you a glimpse of what a newcomer identifies in a very broken Jung...and that you ship my character's one-sided attraction as much as I already do :heart:

Title Inspired By: Frightened Eyes (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)
© 2015 - 2020 follyoftheforbidden
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
;w; this is so beautifuuuuuulll -huggles and loves forever!!-

Jerial is very introspective! Especially with Jung just being a big butthead the entire time xDD

Gah I love this so muuuuuch I must draw for youuuuu
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Ahhhh thank you sooooo much! :blush:

He's definitely realizing he is lol how can you not be when you grew up with loud, in your face Gerudo women your whole life? Someone's gotta think XD aww but he's a lovable butthead!