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[FoH] Have a Baby Meme (Jerial)

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I've had this saved in my WIPs for a looooong time now, so I figured, since booty boy is 1.5 levels away from Pro Class, that I should finish up some little tidbits here and there while I'm sick and incapacitated for the time being.

This lil' chico is Jerusabah Mihai. Yes, he is aware that his name is overly exotic and difficult to pronounce. Blame Jerial. He's a Fire Mage who conducts the flames through the usage of his staff, although he has a penchant for using motions similar to dancing in order to keep the rhythm of his attacks in order. Who's child is he? Well....

For anyone wondering, no, I have no idea how to draw small children. So instead, I pulled a Fire Emblem: Awakening and made him sliiiightly older - between 13 - 15 - and chose a base design that could be altered depending on the person Jerial was paired with. The design furthest to the left is the base design, otherwise known as Jerial's miracle child birthed from the blessing of a Great Fairy (or some other mystical being with a strange sense of humor). The top-left is JeriJung (Jerial/Jung), bottom-left is Llyrial (Jerial/Llyr), center is Karial (Jerial/Karan), top-right is Jeriia (Jerial/Kiia), and bottom left is Jeranda (Jerial/Vanda). Click the links to see the full-sized versions of their designs, complete with what is original to each version! Originally, I had planned to only include the three potential love interests for Jeri throughout the story, but I did these five based on some of his closest friends...and because I really wanted to include them. When I do Child Memes in the future, they'll be specific combinations, but I was so indecisive on this one, that it spawned into...well, this >u>;; and yes I'm aware two males cannot have a baby together but this is a fictional universe, so work with me here

For anyone interested, I may or may not have written up an entire application for him, complete with detailed information about him and his relationships with plenty of the other characters, here!

All EXP and Rupees to Jerial, please!
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FTLOOKHobbyist General Artist
OMW THIS IS SO CUTE!~ I love them all. AHhhh~ you did a good job.
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Mochizuki-RinHobbyist General Artist
all the babies oqo
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KDCMArtsProfessional Digital Artist
First off:
AAHH!! I love how you based off this off FE:A Support style. 
Second, the detail you put in for Micah is...just everything about it is brilliant and so in depth. I love his biography and the dynamics in his relationships.
All and all, great job with illustrating and fleshing Micah out!

I might steal this as a template for Somni's Kiddo//shot
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
This is such a sweet comment and compliment! Thank you soooo much for saying so! :heart:

Pssh feel free to go right ahead! I'd love to see more of Somni's babes!
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AHHHHH This is so cool!
I really like reading up on all the info too! (Still reading through the last bits actually Lol)
The relationships are all so different depending on the parents and I like that a lot! Nice job!
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
I'm soooo glad you like it! >u<
I'm really glad people are reading all of his info! I seriously thought no one would lol but hey, I put a lot of work into it (and it's still a work-in-progress), so I'm excited to see people taking advantage of it!
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I can really tell you put a ton of effort into this! It's really amazing! I'm excited to read more as it is completed!
Would you mind if I drew my take on Mihai as the Llyrial child? His design would be mostly the same, I just had a couple ideas that might make him slightly more Zoran looking ; u ;
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
D'aww thanks, Andi! >u< you're too kind.
Not at all, go for it! I'm still not the best at drawing Zora babes, so I was just trying to do minor things here and there (and, in all honesty, I just didn't feel like redrawing the base ). Go right ahead, my friend!
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