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[FoH] Happy Birthday! (Riku)

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Happy Birthday to my favorite Moblin Mage :heart:
Was so thankful that I had the chance to finish this just before my hiatus set in, as I was wishing to encourage and inspire Smiles as she searches to discover and develop more of Riku as a character. Hopefully, this makes you smile. Hope you don't mind that I borrowed the hairstyle you used in those sketches you uploaded recently - I couldn't resist dat braid :lovely:  I personally love the concept of combining dancing with spellcasting, so the class change came at the perfect time to figure out what to draw for bae's birthday. I pictured Riku dancing to control the flow of her electricity, and this was birthed! Smiles, I don't know if you're a fan of this series at all, but this was slightly influenced by Nel Zelpher's Lightning Chain ability from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. If you have no idea what that means - look at the shiny magic! XD 

Sorry if her tail looks all funky i honestly forgot to include it until I was going to upload this so I tried to add it in last minute

All EXP and Rupees to Riku, please!
Birthday Bonus Points to Lazarus, please!
Riku belongs to x-Smiley-x 
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Hooooooly cheese and crackers Folly! This is fantastic!!!! Aaaah! The bab looks perfect! Thank you so, so much!!! I need to look into that serious you mentioned. :) and I'm in love with that hairstyle! Hehe it'll be her new one one i get her app revamped. xD thanks again for drawing my moblin. Love ya!
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Ahhh I'm sooooo happy that you like it! >u<
Oh! The series is called "Star Ocean" and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time for the Playstation 2 is my favorite game of all time, not gonna lie. It wasn't very well-known, though, so I'm not surprised you hadn't heard of it. Whomp. But YES, please look into it - I'd love to have someone else to fangirl over it with XD 

Can't wait to see her revamped application and more from her (and you) in general. Love you too, Smiles!