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[FoH] Happy Birthday! (Kohaku)

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Happy birthday to my foxy baby~ :heart:
I haven't had a whole lot of time to devote to her quite yet, but the spent roleplaying with her already has been such a blast she's such a brat i love it. I promise to uncover more about her, her life prior to her introduction and her future developments as the year goes on, but for now, enjoy the kimono-clad Keaton.

On another note, I apologize that this isn't quite up to snuff with my typical quality of pictures. Even on Spring Break, I don't have a vast amount of time to complete this. Don't even ask why I thought that made sense for a kimono pattern, or why my version of a cobblestone path was me painting a bunch of silver colors together on the ground. Just...just gimme some grace >u>;; I promise I'll be able to deliver higher-quality artwork, but for now, I'm unfortunately regulated by time constraints, not to mention a lack of inspiration due to stress. But there was no way in heck that I was missing out on the opportunity to celebrate my baby's birthday! Thank you in advance to anyone and everyone else who submits a little something-something to help me celebrate, and I can't wait to share more of her with you all!

EDIT: Of course I forgot her tails. Dagnabit. I'll be out for a handful of hours, but when I get home I'll try and throw them in. For now, uh, pretend they're...under her dress? >.>;;
EDIT...again: Tails are all up and added! I had a whopping two minutes to do them before midnight so I'm sorry they're hastily done. Perhaps I'll polish them up some other day. But hey, they're there!

All EXP and Rupees to Kohaku, please!
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
Lookit the bae! And thankfully I saw this only after the tails were up so I was none the wiser till I read the description xDD

Hope she has a good birthday!
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Ahhhhh this is so pretty! even if you did forget her tails lol.
Also, shush your worried face. I doubt anyone noticed or cared about the pattern and cobblestone. It's a fantasy realm. Not everything needs to make sense. //pats//
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Mehhhhh Andiiii >n< stop being right and telling me not to worry about dumb stuff when I still want to. Thank goodness for fantasy, because Lord knows I just need to stop trying sometimes and let it be whatever the heck it is XD
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NEVAR!!! You will have to dwal with it FOREVER! 8D
Lolol I usually start off worrying about being historically correct, then halfway through throw my hands in the air, scream Yolo and do whatever I want when it comes to art. XD
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Franken-FishStudent Traditional Artist
yaya happy B-day Haku :D
i feel bad i was not able to get a drawing done ;3; im sorry, im quite busy atm, maybe another time ;3; 
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Oh peeshaw, hush your face, Franken! There is absolutely no need to try and draw anything. We are both insanely busy, and besides, I never expect anyone to draw my babes. I always appreciate it, but it's not like it's demanded or anything. We'll get plenty of time to bond our babes soon, anyways.
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Franken-FishStudent Traditional Artist
awww but i wanted to draw Kohaku ;3; her design seems a lot of fun! 
sheesh there was a lot of birthdays this month i wanted to get but had no time to .-. oh well too bad i guess...
i guess i will still have a chance to draw her, i mean if we get our RP going (which im working on, will do my best to send the starter by tomorrow ;)) i bet there will be some chances to :D
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Lunar-HourglassHobbyist Digital Artist
So lovely~ <3 Happy birthday kohaku! 
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WheelzzzHobbyist Writer
Alfeera: --offers a cupcake with a candle-- Happy Birthday. <3
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