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[FoH] Application (The Dark Sage of Twilight, Naz)

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{ Foreword }

    Hello all! This is my submission for the Dark Quest #2, where each of us were tasked with creating a potential Dark Sage. I have created his design both before and after leaving the Twilight Realm (the light scarring - akin to Midna's injuries in Twilight Princess - is explained in his Biography), the design of his weapon - the Wand of the Evil Eye, Mordor - and provided a complete application, as if he were being submitted as a character like any other. The moderators of FallOfHyrule have complete freedom to change any detail they so choose to should they accept him as the next Dark Sage. In addition, should they wish for me to provide a picture of his Twili Form, this can also be created and provided for them. Should there be any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

All EXP and Rupees to Lazarus, please!
All rights belong to follyoftheforbidden unless accepted by the moderators of FallOfHyrule 

{ General Information }

Name: Nere Nazar Yigit
Nickname: Naz
Pronunciationneh-ray nuh-czar yih-geet 
Name Meaning: "heretic"; "evil eye stone"; "young buck; courageous; stouthearted"

: 25
Date of Birth: June 18th
Zodiac: Gemini (The Twins)
Height (Imp): 2' 4" (71 cm.)
Height (Twili): 5' 5" (163 cm.)
Weight (Imp): 25 lbs. (11 kg)
Weight (Twili): 144 lbs. (65 kg)
Gender: Male
Race: Twili 
Class: Necromancer
Pro Class: Summoner
Occupation: Dark Sage of Twilight
Weapon (Primary): Wand
Weapon (Secondary): Whistle
Alliance: Chaotic Neutral
Religion: Agnostic

{ Battle Information }

Class Skills ]
Bullet; Green War Drum (Lvl. 5): The user calls forth three large, undead canines to exact revenge on those who have harmed their master. Each canine can only take one hit. (Limit: 1 Use/RP)
Bullet; Orange Raise Hell (Lvl. 9): This skill allows the owner to summon an army of five Stalfos from the ground to do their bidding. (Limit: One Use/RP; Each Stalfos can take two hits)
Bullet; Green Curse (Lvl. 10): The owner of this skill is able to curse an item or weapon of another character and control that character for four turns (Limit: One Use/RP; Super effective against (un)dead units, allowing for six turns of control)

Race Skills ]
Bullet; Orange Summon (Lvl. 3): This secondary weapon allows the user to summon a Shadow Kargarok. The user may ride this trumpet faced beast into battle, dealing +3 attack while riding the mount. The user also receives a whistle to summon this not-so-feathered fowl during battle. (Limit: 1 Shadow Kargarok/RP)
Bullet; Green Fused Shadow (Lvl. 5): The Twili have had an item hidden from this world for many decades. However the user can call upon its powers, turning themselves into a giant Twili Beast for 3 turns. This skill grants the user +5 Attack, +5 Defense while in Twili Beast form. (Limit: 1 Use/RP)

Battle Description:
Bullet; Orange Naz is designed to keep his opponents preoccupied with swarms of summoned masters so as to safely assault his enemies with magic and aerial attacks from his accompanying Kargaroc. Physically, he suffers in hand-to-hand combat because of the lack of one eye, as well as a viable melee weapon. Should he be caught in close quarters, Naz would defer to riding his Kargaroc out of harm's way and divebomb the baddies instead. His companion Kargaroc, accompanied by the five Stalfos and canine trio he can call upon, are a fearsome force to make up for his personal lack of physical prowess. Magically, Naz possesses an array of summoning spells learned from his days studying the Interlopers, along with the power granted to him as the Dark Sage. Should the battle be turning against him, he is not against turning the tables by cursing one of his enemies, creating a puppet of his own to play with his opponents. Plus, it's extra effectiveness against the undead should prove awfully useful should the Resistance just so happen to have an undead ally leading the charge against him. But there's no chance of that happening, is there?

{ Character Information }

Personality ]

Bullet; Green Manic : The most prominent personality trait of Naz is his undeniable mania. One moment, he can act as though he were on top of the world, triumphing over every peer and problem. In the next, he could be cowering under the covers of his mother and then proceeding to scream at her in madness the next. His temper fluctuates from second to second, leaving him unable to be predicted. In this sense, his outward appearance reflects the inconsistency of his soul, a curse on both his body and his heart.

Bullet; Orange Impish : Even grown-ups can have a little fun from time to time, and Naz is no exception. An adult he may be, but childish he seems more often than not. Pulling pranks could be considered his favorite past time, and mischief making is but an hourly occurrence. That is not to say this is necessarily a negative trait. In fact, to spend time with Naz is to live life to the fullest. Good-humored and full of adventure, the Twili will drag his current companion on wild quests through caves and cities and spooky castles alike. His mischievous side is rivaled only by his playfulness.

Bullet; Green Curious : Don't you dare try and keep a secret from this Twili. Trust me, he will discover whatever it is you wish to hide. He can't help it, honest. He needs to know anything and everything from ancient knowledge to rumors of romance amongst the middle-aged men and mothers of the town. Why? Well, because he does. It's fun, isn't it? Isn't that all you need in life?

Bullet; Orange Patriotic : Earlier in life, Naz sought to escape the Twilight Realm in order to reach the Sacred Realm he'd read so much about through educational and sacred studies. He didn't mind his home. Quite the contrary, in fact - he rather liked that dismal sense of oblivion that lingered in the air, and the twilight was really so pretty compared to utter darkness. However, he desired to discover what the land looked like while bathed in light. Lamentably, his initial impression of this supposedly-perfect place soured his taste towards other worlds rather swiftly. As such, Naz has developed a deep love for his home, along with a particular prejudice against those who dwell in the light.

Bullet; Green Courageous : Naz leaps before he looks, acts before he plans and speaks before he thinks. It's in his blood - he can't deny his DNA! Some would call him a hero. He did, after all, save one of the elderly ladies from choking once. Well, he performed his version of the heimlich on her - what did it matter if he broke a rib or two in the process? At least she spit her sandwich out, and besides, no one else was saving her anyways. Others would call his stunts the desperate cries for attention of a daredevil. Headstrong and rash, the Twili is indeed guilty of getting himself into one too many situations he should not due to a moment of impulsive action. Regardless, Naz is never afraid to leap into the fray, even when the circumstances seem all too dire or dangerous for an ordinary human to handle.

Bullet; Orange Hot-Headed : Don't tempt his temper. Naz needs no incitement to defend himself against mockery, especially against those he already holds a grudge towards. The Twili are a docile race, true, but this particular Twili must have missed something in the gene pool because he pulls no punches. He'd really rather not hurt you if he doesn't have to, honest, but don't blame him if he starts seeing red and someone's face just so happens to have a hand mark on it.

Bullet; Green Charismastic : Contrary to popular belief, Naz has a knack for communicating with others...when he can control himself, of course. Humor lends him a helping hand, letting those around him laugh whenever they find themselves within his company. Not to mention, he tends to win others over more often than not in order to get them to go on treasure hunts or archaeological explorations with him. When tamed, the Twili truly makes an amicable companion, so long as you can put up with his manic tendencies.

Likes ]
✔ Drums
✔ Parties
✔ Puppets
✔ The Undead
✔ Archaeology
✔ Wild Animals
✔ The Interlopers
✔ Mischief Making
✔ Forbidden Magic

Dislikes ]
✘ School
✘ Light Dwellers
✘ Melancholy Music
✘ Goody Two Shoes
✘ Religious Institutions
✘ Places of Concentrated Sunlight

{ Historical Information }

Biography ]
Naz was born a troublemaker child into a family of low social clout, placing them into a position of poor repute amongst the community. He never tried to get into trouble, of course not, but he just couldn't help but satisfy his insatiable curiosity when it came to toeing the lines of following rules and suggestions and the occasional law or two. What? He never did anything too criminal. He did, however, opt out of paying any attention whatsoever in school. That is, except for subjects surrounding the Sacred Realm.

For a creature encaged in eternal night, the concept of a land flooded in light intrigued him, occupying every corner of his mind until this initial fixation transformed into an all-consuming obsession. In his studies, he stumbled across texts speaking of a sect of Twili - the Interlopers - that speciali
zed in sorcery pertaining to procuring the power of the Sacred Realm. Consumed by this discovery, Naz secured documents containing their spells and studied using their special brand of sorcery for himself. 

In one of his experiments, Naz managed to open one particular portal. Wishing that this would lead him to the promised land, to the Sacred Realm, he jumped headfirst into the land beyond. Upon transportation to the other side, the Twili came into contact with direct sunlight. Exposed to sunshine for the first time, his body began to boil in the light until Naz managed to obscure a portion of his flesh from the poisonous sun.

Crippled by pain, Naz crumpled to the earth beneath him. Half of his body had been marred beyond recognition, and the entirety of his mind had been warped, his preconceived notions of a perfect otherworldly realm destroyed as swiftly as they were realized. This world was no utopia - it was paradise lost. There he lay, broken in body and in soul, until a mysterious stranger came across his incapacitated corpse. This stranger took an inexplicable interest in the broken boy, offering to end his suffering and provide him the power he so sought for one simple price - unquestionable loyalty to he, his cause, and his kingdom. Agreeing to the contract, the deal was done. Unbeknownst to Naz, he had just signed his soul away to Satan incarnate.

Progress Report ]
The newly-crowned Dark Sage of Twilight took up residence in his respective temple, safeguarding the temple of the place he came to call home from interlopers of the otherworldly realm he once believed to be heavenly.

Personal Goal: Possess the power of the potential utopia, the Sacred Realm.

{ Miscellaneous Information }

[ Items ]
Bullet; Orange Wand ("Mordor")
Bullet; Green Summoner's Whistle

Other Information ]
Bullet; Orange The name "Nere" is actually the Turkish name "Eren" (no, not from Shingeki no Kyojin) spelled backwards. Its original meaning is "saint", playing on his initial innocence, now corrupted into its reversed meaning, "heretic". Thus, he is the "heretic of the evil eye stone".
Bullet; Green His birthday, June 18th, is International Autistic Pride Day. Although Naz is not autistic, I wanted his birthday to honor a mental disease, as he is alleged to suffer from Bipolar Disorder, another mental illness, so to speak.
Bullet; Orange His zodiac sign, Gemini (The Twins), refers to the two halves of his persona, both in physical form and in his personality.
Bullet; Green The name used for his mount, "Sahin", means "falcon" in Turkish, a reference to the beast's avian form.
Bullet; Orange His wand's name, "Mordor", is indeed a reference to the all-seeing eye of Sauron in Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. It was also meant to bear a resemblance to the Lens of Truth, the Sheikah artifact, as a reference to the numerous eye-related designs on Twili and the Level 3 Necromancer Skill, Eye of Truth.
Bullet; Green Naz prefers to stay in his Imp Form, despite possessing the freedom to shift between forms at will. This is because he is secretly insecure of the scars and marks shown more discreetly in his Twili Form, and thus, he opts to stay an Imp whilst in public.

Relationships ]
Click here for Naz's relationship tracker!

RP Method ]
Bullet; Orange Skype (Fast Responses)
Bullet; Green Notes (Moderate Responses)

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