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General Information

"If it's a witch they want, well, then who am I to deny them?"

Name: Salim Adaarsin
Pronunciation: Say-limb Uh-dar-sin
Name Meaning: "peaceful; complete; safe, undamaged" / "prince of sin"

: 26
Date of Birth: November 2
Zodiac: Scorpio (The Scorpion)
Arcana: Magician
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm.)
Weight: 150 lbs. (68 kg.)
Gender: Male
Race: Twili
Class: Acolyte
Weapon: Broomstick
Sub-Weapon: Grimoire
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single

Battle Information

"This is my mother's magic, resonating in my veins - and mother always won."

Class: Acolyte
Proficient Weaponry: Broomsticks, Tomes
Signature Weaponry: Baba Yaga (Broomstick)

Race Skills ]
Witch N/A

Class Skills ]
Witch N/A

Character Information

"Call me crazy all you like - I take it as the highest compliment."

Personality ]
Witch Driven
Witch Once Salim sets his mind on something, there is no stopping him. If he wants to stay up until the wake of dawn reading that
         book, you best believe he will. If he believes burning down a house to take down an enemy even though innocent children
         are inside will benefit him the most, so be it. Regardless of whether his opinions are popular or sacrilegious, he has strong
         convictions that he eternally stays true to.
Witch Artistic
Witch Believe it or not, Salim has a surprising artistic streak. When not poring over the pages of a research document, he can
         oftentimes be found splattering paint seemingly haphazardly all over the nearest easel. No one is ever entirely sure of what
         it is that he's depicting in his paintings, but you can be certain that he knows exactly how he wants each and every one to
         look and smell and feel like.
Witch Chaotic
Witch He may seem stable on the outside, but Salim has a habit of temporarily losing control over his own actions. At times, the
         sanity he holds so dear seems to slip out from under him, transforming him into a magical terror. His malice knows no end
         whilst in this trance. He may never show it to anyone else, but this change within him has shaken him. To find him after one
         of his "episodes" is to find a shattered man. 
Witch Merciless
Witch If you think you can find mercy in the eyes of Salim, my friend, you are sorely mistaken. Salim sees no point in pitying those
         stupid enough to place themselves at a disadvantage, nor does he subscribe to the concept of forgiveness. If others felt not
         the need to spare his family, why ought he spare others their well-earned dread? Fear his wrath 
and avoid inciting a grudge
         at all costs, lest ye suffer without ceasing.

Witch Inquisitive
Witch Above all, Salim seeks knowledge. His entire life revolves around the pursuit of arcane understanding. If he ever hopes to
         ascend to the level of power that the Interlopers possessed, then he must first understand himself and the world around
Do not be surprised should you see him investigating something mundane, asking an enemy for answers, or reading
an indecipherable document for days on end because he has to understand its secrets. Should you accompany him
         on an 
adventure, be prepared to answer some perhaps personally-invasive questions. And no, he will not care about your
for not answering, he just wants an answer and he wants it now.
Witch Intellectual
Witch Ever since he was a wee one, Salim has found solace in reading. He sees no need for escapism, nor does he saturate himself
         in the naive fairytales of youth. Instead, he delves head-on into tragical literature, classical novels, personal poetry,
         horrific accounts of supernatural occurrences and even the occasional romance, should he find one that piques his interest.
         This obsession with books has allowed him a greater level of intellect than most, helping him to solve issues with relative
         ease and think on a level higher than the common man. On the other hand, it also helps him be a smart aleck to those he
         considers to be idiotic or acting moronically.
Witch Possessive
Witch Of both people and possessions, Salim seems extremely protective of the things he considers "his". As so much has been
         stolen out from under him, he feels an innate need to ensure that anything he considers his own stays that way -- whether it
         wants to or not. Should he see someone mocked unjustly, even if it is a stranger, he assumes responsibility for the victim
         and may rush in to protect it as his own, especially if the victim is a woman.
Witch Mischievous
    Witch Let it be known that, in his younger days, Salim had what one might call a mischievous streak. Now, he rarely got into
         trouble, but that's only because he rarely ever got caught. How did that wine wind up filled with swamp water? Must have
         been the bartender that sold it to ya! Who sent that poor old man through a Twilight portal and into a spider's nest? Couldn't
         have been Salim! He not only manages to pull of pretty elaborate pranks at the expense of others, but typically talking his
         way out of it, as well. Don't believe that sly smile - he's up to something more often than not.
Witch Non-Religious
Witch Salim has never subscribed to a specific religion. The Twili may worship their princess or Sol itself, but he never has had any
         reason to believe that the gods are as benevolent as most believe them to be. On the other hand, he has nothing particularly
         against them, either. Regardless, he appreciates reading the religious literature published by people of all faiths, and often
         carries around a grimoire known as the "Gospel of Aradia" -- a classic favorite of his deceased mother, who he assumes
         follows the teachings of this supposedly-legendary witch.
Witch Good-Humored
Witch Even amidst the darkest circumstances, Salim can oftentimes be found smiling. Now, it's not particularly because he thinks
         everything is hunky-dory. Quite the opposite, in fact. However, he finds solace in making light of most situations. As such,
         one should expect off-color and ill-timed jokes more often than not. Even still, Salim appreciates people that can make him,
         and others, laugh, and those who can appreciate the irony even in troublesome times.
Witch Sharp-Tongued
Witch If ever a forked tongue there be, then it would belong to he. Whilst seemingly jovial, Salim's words can cut deeper than 
         any sword. He knows how to hit someone where it hurts them, and doesn't care if it does. In fact, he'd rather it hurt them!
         The supposed levity of his intonation does little to disguise the fact that Salim's language is laced with acid.

Hobbies ]
green heart bullet Reading
green heart bullet Pulling Pranks
green heart bullet Art Appreciation
green heart bullet Painting Abstract Art
green heart bullet Researching the Arcane

Likes ]
:check: Poetry
:check: Gift Giving
:check: Thunderstorms
:check: Abstract Artwork
:check: Maintaining Control
:check: Tattoos and Piercings
:check: Bats, Spiders and Frogs
:check: Shade (Yes, Both Types of Shade)
:check: "Forbidden" Magic (Alchemy, Witchcraft, etc.)
:check: Drama, Mystery, Romance, Horror and/or Religious Literature

Dislikes ]
x Fire
x Being Mocked
x Physical Touch
x Strong Sunlight
x Being Interrupted
x His Former Master, Uras
x Doing His Own Dirty Work
x "Childish" Literature (Picture Books, Fantasy Novels, Self-Help, etc.)

Fears ]
Broken heart emoticon Heliophobia (Fear of Sunlight)
Broken heart emoticon Monophobia (Fear of Being Alone)

Historical Information

"And so, history repeats itself. Sins of the father, and all that."

Biography ]
Although all the legends insinuated that the mythical Interlopers evolved into the beings now known as the Twili, not all Twili appreciated their ancestry. There were those who shunned it, sealed away their strength behind walls of shaken confidence. Oh, how they had fled from their lineage. As family after family continued to reject the magic residing inside of them, they soon lost the ability to conjure up so much as a single wisp of fire or dim a candle in darkness. Sorcery deserted them.

However, over time, one discovered the truth of their heritage. Salim's father, Alhazred, sympathized with these sorcerers, hoping to pursue the revival of the arts long lost to their world. Upon discovering this, the Twili ridiculed him. "He's a loon," they hollered, "an absolute madman! To think he could resurrect the Interlopers - ha! How batty he must be." Even still, as impossible as it might seem, there were those who opposed such experimentation in the dark arts. As such, the government of the Twili took captive Alhazred's wife, Hecate, and made a public spectacle of her. They deemed her a witch, and her family a coven, despite their lack of evidence against her. Her sentence had been delivered - execution came too soon. With her baby boy, Salim, standing before her, the Twili burned her at the stake for her crimes against them. Without anywhere to turn, Alhazred took hold of his son and fled far from his kinsmen to continue his work in isolation. Still, the memory of his mother haunts Salim to this day. Something inside a once-innocent child shattered that day, a string of sanity snapping beneath a plastered facade.

With the loss of is wife, Alhazred lost himself in the insanity of his forbidden arts. The novels that once littered Salim's childhood home were now replaced with darker texts. Documents depicting dangerous rituals riddled the rooms, scrolls containing ancient secrets sat scattered across the countertops, each and every piece of parchment pored over night and day by a man maddened by magical pursuits. Salim no longer knew what his father intended to accomplish through his research, but he knew better than to interfere. Instead, he drowned himself in the old literature his father had discarded, and in the arts not so dark as his dearest daddy now dedicated his life to. But perhaps all the more importantly, he sought out a power of his own. He recalled that traumatic twilight, when the flames encircles his mother's corpse on every side. The whispers pierced his heart, screaming inside of his skull until he could not silence their siren songs any longer. "Release us," they begged, "let us ease your suffering." Responding to their invitation, Salim stretched out his hand. From his fingertips sprung radiant light. Magic had murdered his mother, and that same power thrummed through his veins now. Oh, how sweet this irony tasted.

As his father's sanity slipped further and further from his once-almighty grasp, Salim sought other means to hone his newfound talents. Within the Twilight Realm, there lived one who knew not (and, truth be told, cared not) about the sins of his family. A rigid and seemingly self-interested man, Uras took Salim in as his apprentice - on one condition: Uras could request a favor of his apprentice at any time or place. No questions asked, no excuses given. The job would be done, no matter the cost. Salim accepted.

Although their initial success satisfied Salim's longing for more, more, more, the same desires that led Alhazred astray incited Salim, too. "Discover the secrets of thine ancestors," the whispers pleased, "do that which thine father never could, what thine mother never had the chance to." In the silence of the night, Salim snuck restricted texts out from Uras' archives, devouring every word within night after night. When at least Uras discovered Salim's scheming, he warned his apprentice against pursuing such power, for it could only corrupt. Still, the sorcery already left its imprint on Salim, tainting whatever remnant of purity persisted in this now-rebellious adult. With open defiance and sharpness of tongue, Salim refused to put his studies to rest, accusing Uras of stifling his potential. When Salim chose to listen to the temptation and not to his master, Uras utilized the terms of his apprenticeship. His favor? Go far, far away from here, to the land of Hyrule -- and don't return until he sees that those Interlopers are nothing to be trifled with.

Progress Report ]
The tale is yet to be told...

Personal Goal: To amplify his Aura-imbued abilities through the studying of the Interlopers, and the land they once inhabited.

Miscellaneous Information

"No, please, continue to invade my privacy. How foolish of me, to think I deserved secrecy."

Witch Black Parasol
Witch Empty Bottles (x2)
Witch Broomstick ("Baba Yaga")
Witch Grimoire ("Gospel of Aradia")

Important Quotes ]
Witch N/A

Conceptual Information ]
Witch His name "Salim" comes from the Salem Witch Trials, an obvious reference to his occupation as an Acolyte. Likewise, his mother, Hecate, comes from the Greek God of magic, witchcraft, herbalism, etc. and his father's name, Alhazred, is a reference to the author of the Necronomicon in H.P. Lovecraft's lore.
Witch Salim's birthday, November 2nd, falls on All Soul's Day, a Roman Catholic holiday in remembrance of the deceased. It also falls on the first day of celebration for the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Last but not least, it is also my actual birthday, although this was not chosen due to that reason - I simply have a birthday that coincided with what I wanted for Salim's character.
Witch The names of Salim's weapons - Baba Yaga and the Gospel of Aradia - both come from legendary witches in the real world.
Witch The original design for this character came from an adoptable I purchased from AnatomicAndi!

Miscellaneous Information ]
Witch Salim's aura color is "Deep Orange", representing Pride.
Witch When out in broad daylight, Salim can always be seen carrying a black parasol, as he hates sunlight, and direct exposure to it.
Witch Despite being able to manifest his Aura at will, he does not particularly appreciate doing so, or at least, not looking directly at it. The color of his Aura always reminds him of his murdered mother.
Witch While in the Twilight Realm, he rarely used a broomstick or anything of the sort. He only truly started training in how to ride one once he came to Hyrule, reason being that he simply adopted the traits of what a majority of the Hylian people ascribed to stereotypical witches, warlocks, wizards, etc. As such, he has a hard time maintaining control of it still while in flight.
Witch Do not even attempt to decipher his chicken scratch. His parents couldn't, his master couldn't, and neither could you. He hardly knows what he himself writes half the time. He just knows that, at that moment in time, writing that particular note was more important than forgetting to do so, even if you never know what it said later.
Witch Likewise, attempting to comprehend any of Salim's artwork would only result in a headache. He prefers to paint completely abstract, leaving plenty open to interpretation and nothing up to understanding. If you are a fellow lover of the abstract, then you have found a friend in Salim. If not, better not to bring up the topic at all.
Witch Salim has some strange misconception of what the word "cute" entails. Does it have six legs, two heads, and could scare a grown man out of his trousers? This deserves to be pictographed and hung on a wall for all of time. Is it small, furry, and would send a schoolgirl into a rabid frenzy of unnecessary "ooh"s and "aww"s? Disgusting. Atrocious. Get it away from him.

Completed Memes ]
Witch N/A

Relationships ]
Click here for Salim's relationship tracker!

RP Method ]
Witch Skype (Friends Only!)
Witch Discord (Fastest Responses)
Witch Chatroom (Only When Available)
Witch DeviantArt Notes (Moderate Responses)

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CreepyRPsStudent Traditional Artist
You're amazing. I'm still rather new to roleplay based on LoZ but I'd love to maybe do an RP with him. Please let me know if you're interested. My characters profile is in my journals. If not I would be honored if you can give me some tips ^^
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Artsy wants him to meet her witchy someday- 
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Folly would absolutely love for him to! Do you mean Samuel? I figure "Witch" and "Witch Doctor" are close enough Wink Razz 
Artistic-Twist's avatar
Well that would definitely be interesting (though I imagine they probably be terrible to each other!), but no! I'll eventually be bringing in a twili beast acolyte and I'd die of happiness if she could meet him!<3 Here's a little doodle chibi of her~ ;w; Bellatrix by Artistic-Twist
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Oh ho! I see, I see! I would definitely be interested in seeing how these two interact, then. The Twili Witch and the Twili Beast Witch. What are the odds we were both making these at the same time without the other knowing? Lol sounds like a match made in heaven. Let me know as soon as she gets into the group and we'll start RPing together, alright? I can't wait!
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aAA!!! He sounds absolutely fantastic???? :0
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Well, well, well - look who's commenting on my application! Nice to see you too, Seren :wink 
Thank you SO much for saying so! I'm really glad you like him. He's a very different character for me to play, but honestly, this is the most excited I've been in a loooooong time to introduce someone, so I hope everyone else enjoys him just as much as I do!
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I know it's been... TOO loNG I HAVE A REASON I PROMISE ;w;

It might be because Andi did the art (And omigosh does. DOES SHE DO GOOD ART) but I'm seriously getting some MAJOR 90's villain undertones from just his design :XD: In all seriousness though, I always adore darker aligned characters and I can't WAIT to see Salim in action ^^
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
it's alright, smol bean, calm down there were no accusations, only thankfulness

It's Andi. She's a friggin mastermind when it comes to artwork. Huh. You know, I never thought about it before, but I do see what you're talking about. I would've never picked that out myself. I'm with you on the preference for darker-aligned characters. Anything in the gray area is by far the best. Thank you, my friend! I can't wait to see you back in action!
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meu-pngStudent General Artist
Looks at hands 
he's amazing and beautiful
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Haha thank you! He is, isn't he? don't let his looks fool you he's a bit of a jerk I can't take any credit for his design this time around - that's all AnatomicAndi! But I am happy to have bought him :)

If you'd like to, I'm up to! Fair warning in advance: he's not exactly the nicest guy. Disclaimer: his thoughts and actions don't reflect my own i promise i'm not that mean. If you're fine with some mayhem and mischief-making, shoot me a note on here or a message on Discord! Whatever you prefer.
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Oh I see :0!! Well he is still very nice~~
and I don't mind rping with jerk characters. (They spice everything up and make life more interesting) I'll send you something on discord!! OnceIfigureoutwhichisyourdiscord :p
talk to you later~!
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He looks great! I'd love to RP with him if that's chill with ya
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! I'd be up to try! Fair warning: he's not exactly the nicest guy, so apologies if he hurts your babe's feelings. He probably doesn't mean it...that's a lie, he totally does, but I still feel bad. If you're alright with that, just send me a note on here or Discord, whatever you prefer!
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Thats fine  besides, i make my babs suffer anyway lol

I would probably reply at the same rate on both notes and discord, but feel free to hmu on discore (Hannah#0375)
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
oh good that makes two of us

Perfect! I sent you a friend request on Discord just now. Heads-up: I likely will barely be on the next three days as I cram all the prep I need to do pre-vacation into the next 72 hours, so I might not respond. But I wanted to make sure I made time to send the request out beforehand so we can actually get started once I'm vacationing lol
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DesnaTheDragoniarianHobbyist Artist
That's totally fine! I'll be out in exactly one week so idk how fast I'll respond
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he looks so cool XD
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CherriMelonHobbyist General Artist

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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Hahaha thank you very much! I'm happy to hear your computer started working for ya.
Not gonna lie, I can't totally take credit for this babe's design - it's actually the work of my wonderful friend, AnatomicAndi! I normally draw my own OCs for their apps, but I bought this one off of an adoptables batch she sold, so all the credit for her prettiness (and boy is he pretty) goes to her!
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CherriMelonHobbyist General Artist
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XxDragonGirl12xXHobbyist General Artist
What is this from?
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
I'm sorry, I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to.
If you mean the character design, then it was an adoptable sold by my dear friend, AnatomicAndi! If you mean the character sheet and all the details therein, that would be directly from me. If you mean what this is for, then it's for a Legend of Zelda Art/Literature RP Group here on DeviantArt called FallOfHyrule that I've been apart of for...oh gosh, two years now, maybe? A long time.
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YAY! I cant wait to see what you do with this guy!! ;v; I was so sad I couldn't get him but I trust him in your hands!!
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