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[FoH] Application (Kohaku)

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{ General Information }

Name: Kohaku "Amber" Hanamura
Nickname: Haku
Pronunciation: Koh-hah-koo Hah-nah-moo-rah
Name Meaning: "amber" ; "pure" ; "flower village"

: 22
Date of Birth: March 21st
Zodiac: Aries (The Ram)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Gender: Female
Race: Keaton
Class: Dealer
Occupation: Traveling Merchant
Weapon: Kodachi
Alliance: Neutral Evil
Religion: Agnostic
Marital Status: Single

{ Battle Information }

Class Skills ]
Yellow Rupee Icon N/A

Race Skills ]
Yellow Rupee Icon N/A

{ Character Information }

Personality ]

Yellow Rupee Icon Adventurous + Curious : Come across a treasure map pointed towards an old ruin bursting with treasures untold? Wonderful! Her wallet was feeling a little light, now that you mention it. Off to explore uncharted enemy territory? Terrific! Boredom began setting in just a bit ago, and she's been itching to sharpen her sword on the corpses of some unsightly enemy. No matter where her journeys take her, Kohaku remains eternally interested in the outside world and the mysteries therein. It's not wanderlust, per se. More of a morbid sense of curiosity that is undeniably insatiable and altogether unrelenting. You know what they say, though - curiosity killed the cat, or Keaton, in this case. Her meddling mind has landed her in more than a handful of tight spots and sticky situations. This applies to people too, of course. Should she find you mysterious or enigmatic, Kohaku will continually choose to pester you until she finds out just what it is about you that is so darn interesting.

Yellow Rupee Icon Cheerful + Spunky + Energetic : Nothing shakes a smiling heart, and smiling is absolutely a permanent part of this peddler's persona. Rarely is there a time in which she chooses to forgo a smile, no matter the circumstances. Amidst trials or tribulations, strife or sorrow, there is an eternal sunshine that radiates forth from her demeanor. Does she see her world through rose-colored contacts? Of course not. In fact, she's seen more evil in this world than most have in a lifetime, and she's no stranger to bouts of anger or rage, but that doesn't stop her from remaining upbeat when the world beats her down. Perhaps her perkiness comes more from carelessness than from optimism.

Yellow Rupee Icon Materialistic + Profligate : If there's one thing that Kohaku loves more than anything in this world, it's money - and mounds of it. Then again, she also enjoys the little things in life. Oh you know, nothing overly lavish. Just a diamond or two, a weapon formed from painstaking precision, fields of flowers solely for her enjoyment. That's not asking too much, is it? Okay, it's a weakness, and Kohaku knows this all too well. For as much money as she makes as a merchant, so too does she spend it just as swiftly on the newest weapon available in the bazaar, bowls upon bowls of udon in a local cafe, or that entire clothing line that she just had to have. What? A shopaholic? No, no, she's nothing so vain. She's simply...economically-challenged. That's all.

Yellow Rupee Icon Fickle + Frivolous : How can one be both stubborn and fickle all at once? Well, my curious inquirer, I'll tell you. Kohaku has this wonderful habit of founding her beliefs with absolutely no sound basis, forcing those beliefs on those surrounding her, and then changing them just as soon as she has determined them to be baseless, fruitless or stupid. While still maintaining the state of mind that she is undoubtedly correct in her convictions, she is unshakeable, even to the point of placing others' opinions on pedestals. Not for worship, of course, but rather for prosecution and criticism. Don't worry, her tirade won't last long - her temper is as short-lived as her dedication to an idea.

Yellow Rupee Icon Playful + Schmoozer : Kohaku is never above a bit of teasing and tantalization. It's all in good fun, really. Well, for her, anyways. There are times when customers come clamoring up to her storefront, fishing for compliments from this foxy vixen. Is she really so shrewd as to deny them their moment of flirtation? After all, it puts Rupees in the pocket, and saves her stories to tell her companions and partners at the end of a day of hard work. While not overtly interested in serious relationships or romance, Kohaku is not above using charisma and seduction as a means to sell her wares or enticement to others to curry their favor. On the other hand, she does possess a playfulness not unlike that of a physical fox. Perhaps she's playing with you, using her as her temporary plaything until she tires of her toy and replaces you with another. Or perhaps she simply was too tempted to transform instantaneously so as to use your head as a springboard and reach that treetop she'd be unable to topple on her own.

Yellow Rupee Icon Immature + Selfish : Despite bearing the appearance of an adult, and the physical age to match it, maturity remains a mystery to the Keaton. Kohaku cannot find it within herself to place another's priorities overtop of her own, nor can she learn how to be a "grown up" without appearing rather childish while doing so. She hesitates not to take what she believes to be hers, by right or desire, and feels entirely entitled to use another as a shield or as bait so as to protect herself.

Yellow Rupee Icon Fashionable + Artistic : Slob as she may be at times, Kohaku possesses a particular knack for fashion design. She is of the rare breed of creatures throughout the world who can look just as lovely in a sweatshirt and slacks, hair bunched up into a messy sphere, as she does strutting down the street in stilettos and a skimpy dress. The one material she wishes to ban? Fur. She's particularly fond of hers, and wishes for all fur to remain on the animal or monster formerly wearing it. Though she currently lacks the sewing skills necessary to construct her own line of clothing, it is an aspiration of hers to spread her designs worldwide. Now if she could just stop stabbing herself with the sewing needle whenever she attempted to mend a piece of fabric...

Likes ]
✔ Money
✔ Flowers
✔ Bargains
✔ Faux Fur
✔ Springtime
✔ Gemstones
✔ Butterscotch
✔ Moon's Tears
✔ Kitsune Udon
✔ Fancy clothing
✔ The color yellow
✔ New discoveries
✔ Athletic activities
Being a gold digger
✔ Useless knickknacks 

Dislikes ]
✘ Pastries
✘ Conmen
✘ Perverts
✘ Fur Coats
✘ Literature
✘ Swimming
✘ Her parents
Sugar daddies
✘ Messy buns and ponytails

{ Historical Information }

Biography ]
Kohaku's first memories consist of flowers at sunset as far as the eye can see, the color of crimson staining, nature's petals, the tears of the moon marring her mother's face. The images mesh together until all is unidentifiable. Her mother, Haruka, happily fills in the gaps that remained. Their family was a fearless one, fleeing to live within the confines of an unnamed and unknown spot within the land of Termina so as to escape the terror of poaching. Their little litter enjoyed a simple existence until the same issue they wished to avoid found them instead. A hunter with an eye for fur released his wrath onto his targets, her father fell to bolts of brass lodged into his beating heart and her mother lost her mind to the misery. As the chaos spiraled out of control, Haruka fled the field with the only daughter she could save clutched in her arms, never to return to her husband's tailless corpse ever again.

In the years of Haku's infancy, Haruka's sanity slowly slipped further and further from her, pain warping her persona into one of prejudice and spite. Of those she preyed upon, humanity (and their Hylian cousins) soon became her favorite toy. The Keaton enticed others with lies, promises of hope and pleasure, sweet nothings securing their mistaken trust. Just as swiftly as she seduced them, she swindled them out of money and slipped away into the dead of night. She had a daughter to feed, after all. 

Though trouble took its time reaching them, karma came knocking on their door years later, when one too many a cheated customer succumbed to their schemes. Nimrod, a merchant on the upper-echelon of the Black Market, took captive both mother and daughter and transported the pair to his own abode. He hid his discovery from the world until the time was right to execute them and claim the tails mesmerizing every man. Though torture tainted them, the merchant took a liking to Kohaku - though his intentions surely seemed impure - and planned to spare her for the time being. Instead, Nimrod manipulated her in order to conduct his business deals, luring men in with her innocent appearance before he took further measures to ensure that each and every transaction went according to plan, even should violence be required. Though she was but a helpless bystander in yet another corrupted person's schemed, at the least, she earned a decent amount of experience and exposure to the seedy underbelly of the bazaar.

Salvation came suddenly for the ladies-in-waiting, their captor's partner coming to their rescue as soon as he suspected the presence of corruption in Nimrod's dealings. While Nimrod had drifted into the dark and forbidden factions of sales, this supposed savior stayed clean as snow, pure in all his practices. Hayate, the Hanamura's rescuer, sentenced his former cohort to incarceration and, in the process, protected the prior captives from anyone else wishing them harm. Haruka chose to cling to her newfound defender, aiding him in his business endeavors using her years of experience to entice customers to their storefront - without her formerly-questionable methods. Over time, the two were wed, with Hayate happily adopting Kohaku as his own daughter-in-law. Should their lives have been a fairytale, this would have been their happy ending.

But fairytales and reality rare exist simultaneously. Despite their family's full efforts to construct an honest business, Kohaku lacked the control necessary to continue the path of righteousness. Having been eternally exposed to the smoke and mirrors of the seductive procurement of payment, the Keaton continued her dealings in the Black Market, working under the guise of her former master. Upon discovering this secret, Daddy Dearest delivered an ultimatum - cease and desist, lest ye be cast out from the family. Finding her stepfather's trust lost and her mother's sanity still slipping off the cliff it perched itself upon, Kohaku packed up her belongings and left home without looking back. Her dealings in the Black Market came to a close...for now.

Progress Report ]
It was through these travels throughout the nation, trading with each and every caravaner to secure the necessary finances, that she encountered a peculiar pair of peddlers not entirely unlike herself. Ru and Velaris. Through their time together, Kohaku came to the conclusion that there was an interesting venture right in front of her. These were the perfect companions to travel alonside of, providing a stable source of income, a sense of security, and a plethora of pleasurable company...despite Ru's perversion. As soon as she reestablished contact with the two of them, she presented her "favorite customers" with a pair of sashes she'd crafted herself (with a little help from a local seamstress and a lot of luck from the Goddesses on high) as incentive - or bait, as Velaris so snidely noted - to travel alongside of her. With a little additional coercion, the trio formed a merchant's caravan to spread the name of the infamous "Sunrise Striders" round the world.

Personal Goal: To secure a constant stream of money through the selling of her wares that supplies her with the ability to spend as she pleases, and to establish herself as a successful merchant with her own line of merchandise.

{ Miscellaneous Information }

Yellow Rupee Icon Kodachi
Yellow Rupee Icon Hairpins
Yellow Rupee Icon Sunrise Sash
Yellow Rupee Icon Faux Fur Jacket

Important Quotes ]
Yellow Rupee Icon TBD

Other Information ]
Yellow Rupee Icon Kohaku's application was submitted for approval on follyoftheforbidden's one year anniversary of being in FallOfHyrule.
Yellow Rupee Icon "Amber" is a self-made nickname, formed from the meaning of her actual name, and provided to those who find the pronunciation of her real name troublesome. This is in correlation to those immigrating to America from other countries, who oftentimes adopt Western names.
Yellow Rupee Icon Kohaku's birthday - March 21st - falls on Mother's Day in Middle Eastern countries, representing her relationship with her mother and its impact on her life and future.
Yellow Rupee Icon The field of daffodils Kohaku was born within is a reference to both the meaning of her surname and the flower representing her birthmonth, the daffodil.
Yellow Rupee Icon The concept of Kohaku and her mother, Haruka, tricking men into submission so as to steal their wallets is a reference to the role of kitsune in Japanese folklore. Kohaku's species - the Keatons - are supposedly based on these kitsune.
Yellow Rupee Icon Special shoutout to AnatomicalAndrogyny for designing an adoptable perfect for Kohaku without even knowing that she was in the works. As usual, you're a genius and a wonderful artist :heart:

Completed Memes ]
Yellow Rupee Icon TBD

100 Themes Challenge ]
Yellow Rupee Icon TBD

Relationships ]
Click here for Kohaku's relationship tracker!

RP Method ]
Yellow Rupee Icon Skype (Fast Responses)
Yellow Rupee Icon Notes (Moderate Responses)

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Kohaku looks pretty cute. Wonder why shoes isn't in her dislikes when she doesn't wear any shoes?
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pineapplepippy General Artist
This is great! Sorry I just saw it, I haven't been on in a while Ritsuko Akizuki Emote - Embarassed . She and Nex shall have to rp sometime! xP
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✘ Sugar daddies

Love this as much as I love her XD
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Eyyyy.... Interesting character--- Do u wannaRp... Maybe..
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Oh hey! I haven't seen you around in the group lately. Sure thing! Fair warning: I am in my last semester of college with multiple jobs, so apologies in advance if replies are slow. Do you use notes or Skype messages?
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I've been working here and there and haven't have enough time to get around to this group But i'm free now. I use both actually
My skype is samsungasino if u prefer skype, other than that u can just hit me up with a note whenever ya can
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I feel you - work and school have been quite crazy for far too many of us around here as of late. Perfecto! I'll probably shoot you a message on Skype tonight - it helps me keep track of messages moreso than notes (also DA has a habit of eating notes >n>) and we can get started c:
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I'll look forward to it! ---- [ Hates notes alot of the times ]
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Sora-Kingdom3Student Digital Artist
A NEW CUTE FOXY! What an adorable one! (Well that was to be expected, it was designed by Andi) but she does seems like a really nice character in any case!
There are so much RPs I want to do with ya lol! Oh well, I guess we will see in times! Welcome to Kohaku anyway!
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D'aww, shanks Sora! >u<
Yeah, Andi does seem to have a particular knack for making serious cuties. Luckily, she doesn't just keep them for herself! 

Really? Oh gosh haha well I hope we can get some of them going at least sometime! Thank you for the welcome! ouo
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You're welcome ^^.
Yeah! I will have one myself soon enough! I can't wait! Even though I'm not sure I will be able to make her join FoH since I might not have the time to get enough rupees for that ^^'.

Well we did start one with Jerial, but I guess you were busy and didn't have the time to answer (or forget/lost interest, don't worry I don't blame you for those lol). So yeah, I hope we will be able to RP again!
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//furiously throws all my babs at this new cutie patootie even though i really should be getting to replying to our current one i keep forgetting gomeeen
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Pfft yes, we have to finish our evil babes roleplay!
...and then do a Daichi/Jerial reunion
...but I also wanna RP with Haku too
ugh this is a struggle, we need like a triple RP going
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oh golly look at that o3o
quite a cutie i say <3 and seemes to be an interesting personality too :D
awsome new Bab, congrats ^^
an adventurer type, huh? -3- i think Tama and Haku would get along in that aspect :la: 
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D'aww thank you so much >u<
I can't take any credit for the art - that was all Andi - but I'm glad you like the personality I designed! Oh yes, she's quite the handful, that's for sure XD

Well then maybe we should have them meet, hmm? >u>
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Franken-FishStudent Traditional Artist
yeah i know that (beek keeping an eye for then adoptables too...too bad im a broke-ass Fish and could not affort ony ;3; maybe one day...) but still, the personality is just as charming <3 great job ^^

ahuhuhu that's exactly what i had in mind ;) i'll note you soon, if you're interested of course -3-
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I feel you. The only reason I could afford it is because my rents got it for me as a Christmas present lol

yes please! -u-
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I'm so glad this design worked out for you though!
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