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[FoH] Application (Jerial the Gypsy)

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{ General Information }

Name: Jerial
Nickname: Jeri
Pronunciation: Jer-eye-ill
Name Meaning: "Fear; Vision of God"

: 20
Date of Birth: October 11 
Zodiac: Libra
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Gender: Male
Race: Gerudo
Class: Dancer
Pro Class: Prima
Occupation: Street Performer
Weapon: Scimitar
Sub-Weapon: Twin Knives
Alliance: True Neutral
Sexuality: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Religion: Monotheism (Goddess of the Sands)

{ Battle Information }

Known Dances ]
Red Rupee Icon Rain Dance: Allows the dancer to change the weather either to sunny or to stormy.
Red Rupee Icon Heaven's Praise: Temporarily stops the movement of undead in the surrounding vicinity for one turn.

Class Skills ]
Red Rupee Icon Fancy Feet (Lvl. 1): The user gains a speed boost for an easier getaway when running away from an enemy.
Red Rupee Icon Tambourine (Lvl. 2): The owner of this skill gains a bit of extra spark to their dance, earning them more Rupees per enemy that they help defeat.
Red Rupee Icon Follow Me (Lvl. 3): The dancer entices an enemy to follow their dance for a turn. During this time, it allows for allies to attack without fear of instant retribution. (Limit: 2 Uses/RP; Only works on bosses if the opposite gender; Dancing bosses are immune to other skills while dancing)
Red Rupee Icon Dancing Queen (Lvl. 4): When paired with a Bard, both the Dancer and Bard get double attack stats.
Red Rupee Icon Shady Lady (Lvl. 5): Luring the enemy in with a false sense of security, the Dancer then barrages the creature in a slue of slaps. (Limit: 1 Use/RP; Chance for up to x4 critical hits)

Red Rupee Icon Angelic Offering (Pro Lvl. 1) - This art is one of healing, allowing the Prima to magically heal one injury per use, be that for themselves or to help an ally. (Limit: 2 Uses/RP)

Race Skills ]
Red Rupee Icon Girl Power (Lvl. 1): Increases defense of Gerudo when fighting alongside of a female.
Red Rupee Icon Charmer (Lvl. 2): Gains the ability to calm and/or tame rideable animals. However, they cannot keep more than one.
Red Rupee Icon Duel Scimitars (Lvl. 3): The owner of this skill can learn how to use and is gifted with two scimitars.

{ Character Information }

Personality ]
Red Rupee Icon Charming : Jerial has an inherent charm to him that magnetically attracts the attention and interest of those around him. Over the years, he has honed his this skill so as to obtain whatever his heart desires. The manner in which he dresses and his dancing technique both reflect the time spent crafting and mastering the art of impressing and enchanting others. However, he is not maliciously manipulative, and would not seek to harm another to get what he desire.

Red Rupee Icon Intuitive : Jerial is often the first person to pick up on what others do not notice or recognize. Upon entering a room, he will immediately scan it to evaluate on the atmosphere, gauge the people within it, etc. He is a quick learner, and often finds the heart of a problem while the others remain on the surface level.

Red Rupee Icon Protective : Within Jerial, there exists an inherent need to protect and defend the ones he holds closest to him. Should someone speak poorly of one of his loved ones, he will remind them of the good that exists in them, if the statement was not meant in jest. However, the ferocity of his protective instincts manifests when one he holds dear is threatened or endangerered. He enters a state of being where he will do anything to ensure their safety, which too often includes putting his own on the line. However, there is another side to this coin. Although he guards those he loves, Jerial is, above all, protective of himself first and foremost. Betrayal and heartbreak has left him wary of allowing others into the deep places of his heart. As such, he has a hard time becoming intimate with even his closest friends and loyal allies.

Red Rupee Icon Flirtatious : Because he is aware of his unique sense of charm, Jerial often resorts to being flirtatious - mainly when it comes to men. He is quite aware of the effect he has on them - especially when they mistake him for a woman - and will use that to his advantage. In all honestly, however, he only interacts this way with men because he does not know how to hold an actual conversation with them. (Note: Generally speaking, Jerial will only flirt with humanoid races - Human, Hylian, Zora, Goron, Rito, Keaton, etc. Monstrous races, or races such as Koroks, Skull Kids and Deku Scrubs, will not be flirted with.)

Red Rupee Icon Outdoorsman : Jerial has a hidden love for the outdoors. As much as he may complain about the muck and mire of a muddy plain after a night of rain, he would rather sleep under the covering of the stars above than kept within the confinement of four wooden walls. His upbringing in the Gerudo tribe, and even the period of time he spent traveling alongside of his mother, has given him an appreciation for nature. Well, any nature that does not wedge itself between his toes and dirty his precious clothing.

Red Rupee Icon Impulsive : When it comes right down to it, Jerial will likely make a decision based upon the emotion he is feeling in the moment rather than the logical conclusion he has reached in his head. His head and his heart are in a constant battle for dominance concerning his actions. Even when he knows better, Jerial will often do what he wants to do or what he feels is best (or, admittedly, easiest) so as to prevent the pain or keep from expending the energy necessary in making the righteous decision.

Red Rupee Icon Androphobic : Despite his flirtatious nature, Jerial is actually scared of men. Because he was raised in a tribe of women, some of whom were misandristic, he has absolutely no idea how to communicate with other men. In all honesty, he truly desires to have a close male friend, but his fear keeps him from ever truly establishing any sort of real relationship. His fear, however, does not manifest itself in the form of avoiding men altogether. Quite the contary. In fact, he often forces himself upon other men so as to earn their attention and approval. However, his fear plays a role in the need to constantly glean that affection from them and the inability to achieve true intimacy with any of them out of fear of rejection from them.

Red Rupee Icon Two-Faced : Oh, how Jerial loves to perform. Any true performer knows that performances do not end when the actor bows before his audience. For Jerial, this fact is life. The dancer hides his true emotions behind a persona of eternal bliss. But in truth, he is far more melancholy and empty than he would care to admit. His jovial, easygoing nature is, in essence, an act to keep others from asking about the pain that hides behind his mask.

Likes ]
✔ Heat
✔ Sand
✔ Jewelry
✔ Fashion
✔ Dancing
✔ Gambling
✔ Accessories
✔ Walking Barefoot (or in Sandals)
✔ Warm Colors (Red, Orange, Golden)

Dislikes ]
✘ Maps
✘ Mud and Snow
✘ Lump the Bullbo
✘ Intimacy with Men
✘ Closed-Toed Shoes
✘ Not Getting His Way
✘ Being Alone with Men
✘ Extreme Winter Climates
✘ Heavy Objects (Armor, Bags, etc.)

{ Historical Information }

Biography ]
Jerial’s birth was a complete and utter mystery to his tribespeople. They had been patiently awaiting the birth of their future king, but this new baby was most certainly not he, for their current king still lived and reigned in Hyrule. In their vexation, they sought to sacrifice the child to the Goddess of the Sands, but the tribe’s oracle stopped them. The boy was not their king, but the Goddess makes no mistakes - the boy was born for a purpose. Trusting the oracle, they decided to embrace the child and raise it despite the oddity of their current circumstances.

The women, however, were quite clueless on how to correctly raise a male child. Therefore, they taught him only what they knew and prayed to the Goddess that he’d be able to figure out the rest on his own. Jerial quickly picked up on the native dances of the tribe and spent endless hours under the burning sun practicing his routines. Seeing how the women fought so gracefully with their dual scimitars and spears and axes, he attempted to learn to fight as well. However, his frail body at such a young age was unable to handle the rigorous physical activity needed to fight. And so, he found a loophole. Instead of fighting, he learned to treat each fight as a dance. Daggers in hand, Jerial designed dances suited to battle instead of for performance purposes. His tribe was in awe, and allowed him to both participate in skirmishes against enemy tribes and the strategy meetings needed to win said skirmishes.

Whilst in his fifteenth year, Jerial experienced an encounter he would never forget. In the midst of dancing, he discovered an onlooker - Dezeer of the Desert. Jerial was drawn to Dezeer as metal is to a magnet, a moth to a flame, and the two quickly formed a bond. Throughout the following months, the two kept in contact and developed their friendship further until their tribes surprised them with an astonishing announcement - both of their tribes would be merging into one. Once their tribes united, the two were officially family. Jerial had never been happier.

Soon after their union, Jerial's mother, Esmera left her baby boy in the care of Dezeer while she left to restock her wares. Although their time together was tame at first, it soon escalated into a rush of feelings and confessions and more than the performer would ever care to admit. Unfortunately, their night together revealed Dezeer's true intentions. His one-night lover left by morning light. Over the next year, Dezeer worked to turn the remainder of the tribe against Jerial and his mother, insinuating Jerial seduced and manipulated him, when only the opposite was true. Jerial's own kinsmen turned against him, branding he and Esmera as outcasts and traitors. Esmera deemed it necessary to retreat from their tribe for the time being, only returning a year later. Until the, she and her child would travel together, exposing untreated emotional wounds and wandering the desert until they discovered the answers both were searching for.

Shortly after his nineteenth birthday, news of Ganondorf’s ascension to power had reached his tribespeople. While his people were filled with either triumph or terror, Jerial was obsessed with the idea of another male Gerudo. For years, he had believed himself to be the only one, but now, his people extolled this stranger as their king. Determined to discover the mysteries of this man, his tribe, and his own birth, he set out in the hopes of finding the truth. 

Progress Report ]
Jerial began his adventures in the same manner he would continue to do so for as long as he lived - completely, utterly and hopelessly lost. His original intent was to head to Hyrule Castle Town, however, upon arriving, he found that it had fallen to Ganondorf's forces. From there, he wandered aimlessly, traveling from town to town in hopes of finding a clue or two that would help him discover the answers he was searching for. It was in this very first town that he met Jung, a man who would play an integral role in his life. Immediately, he became intrigued by this mysterious man and vowed to meet him again. In the meantime, however, he encountered another Keaton, this one by the name of Daichi, who would become his temporary traveling partner. Later, he recruited Kiia, a forest-dwelling Sheikah Healer with an oddly charming speech pattern, into their band of travelers.

Their travels together lasted until Jerial reunited with Jung, having been contracted alongisde of a group of other adventurers and fellow friends of his - Vanda the Wise, Karan the Clumsy, and Fiyero the Gentle Giant - to discover a cure for the illnesses that had plagued a particular tribe of Gerudo that was rumored to be hidden deep within the Castle Town Library. Though their quest ended in failure, the group banded together, having contracted two additional allies - Alei the Herbalist and Somniaya the Priestess - to aid them in their adventures amidst their stay in The Healers' Arms Inn.

Their bonds stayed strong until the group aided the Resistance in discovering the identity of the Forest Sage. Throughout the quest, the Keaton Eden was revealed to be Kit, who held strong ties to Jung before he and Jerial had ever met. In the wake of her betrayal, Jung went missing, and their group fell to shambles. In the aftermath of the quest, Vanda and Jerial decided to stay together and hunt for Kahili, the Rito Princess who had vanished soon before their prior quest had ended. One week later, they reunited with Karan and the trio teamed back up together. At the Masquerade Ball, Fiyero rejoined their team, having made his feelings known for Jerial's kinsman. With the four teammates allied together, their rescue team was complete.

Jung's whereabouts were revealed in the most unexpected of circumstances. Whilst rescuing Kakariko Village from a menacing threat of unknown origin, the Keaton came at the most crucial moment to save them all from failure. Forgetting his grievances, Jerial reunited with the one he thought he'd lost for good. Jung accompanied the Gerudo to the Fire Temple, granting him his cloak for protection and warmth, and the Keaton was chosen as the Sage of Fire. Upon their return from the temple, the rescue team's search mission was completed, as Vanda unveiled the Rito she had hid in secrecy inside of her Resistance tent. Amidst the celebration, Jung gifted Jerial a Communication Stone to keep the two close at all times, and Jerial vowed to preserve Jung's sanity until the end of time.

Currently, Jerial continues on the quest of the Resistance, having incidentally become a permanent member. During his down time, he continues to assist in Kahili's recovery process, sort out his romantic endeavors and settle on the accomplishments necessary to complete in the season of life to come.

Personal Goal: To understand the meaning of his birth through communication with Ganondorf, the only other known male Gerudo in existence.

{ Miscellaneous Information }

Red Rupee Icon Sandals
Red Rupee Icon Tambourine
Red Rupee Icon Twin Knives
Red Rupee Icon Zora's Tunic
Red Rupee Icon Jung's Cloak
Red Rupee Icon Llyr's Earrings
Red Rupee Icon Duel Scimitars
Red Rupee Icon Bandage Wraps
Red Rupee Icon Daichi's Bracelet
Red Rupee Icon Jung's Communication Stone

Important Quotes ]
Red Rupee Icon “I’m what your people would call a ‘heathen’.”
Red Rupee Icon “‘Prince of the Gerudo?’ He scoffed at that - what a joke. ‘Please, I'm no prince.’”
Red Rupee Icon “He was a peasant, and a peasant he would always be.”
Red Rupee Icon “I will end up just like my mother - an animated corpse, vibrant and vivacious on the outside, but hollow and lifeless on the inside, awaiting for death in the desert that embraces it so.”
Red Rupee Icon “See, most people say that the greatest pain is losing what was most precious to you - a pet, a friend, a spouse. But it's never been that way for me. I can get over losing people I had - I'm sure at some level it was my fault, or it was simply time to move on. But what hurts most is actually believing that someone would stay by you because they're supposedly yours - you expect them to because you believe you deserve them - and then one day, you find out that they were never yours to begin with.”

Other Information ]
Red Rupee Icon Despite calling himself a wanderer, Jerial has a terrible habit of getting himself lost.
Red Rupee Icon Jerial has intense hatred for strangers that touch his hair. He views letting his hair loose from the rattail or braid that binds it as an extremely intimate act.
Red Rupee Icon Jerial is occasionally mistaken for a girl, especially when his hair is untied from its rattail or braid. On the other hand, he oftentimes uses this to his advantage, disguising himself as a woman intentionally. Whilst the other is under the impression that he is female, Jerial uses the alias "Jezrielle

Completed Memes ]
Red Rupee Icon Kiss Meme
Red Rupee Icon Amie Meme
Red Rupee Icon Normal Meme
Red Rupee Icon Voice Actor Meme
Red Rupee Icon Masquerade Meme
Red Rupee Icon Theme Song Meme
Red Rupee Icon Have a Baby Meme
Red Rupee Icon Wanted Poster Meme
Red Rupee Icon Gender Bender Meme
Red Rupee Icon Outfit Swap Meme: Daichi
Red Rupee Icon The More You Know Meme
Red Rupee Icon Power Faction Swap Meme
Red Rupee Icon Outfit Swap Meme: Broken!Jung
Red Rupee Icon Class Swap Meme (Soldier!Jerial)
Red Rupee Icon Race Swap Meme (Chuchu!Jerial)
Red Rupee Icon Fandom Swap: Magi (Judar!Jerial)
Red Rupee Icon Class Swap Meme (Necromancer!Jerial)
Red Rupee Icon Nintendo Meme: Zelda (Ghirahim!Jerial)
Red Rupee Icon Nintendo Meme: Pokemon (Persian!Jerial)
Red Rupee Icon Fandom Swap Meme: Disney (Aladdin!Jerial)

100 Themes Challenge ]
Red Rupee Icon #3 - Apocalypse
Red Rupee Icon #5 - Breathe Again
Red Rupee Icon #20 - Eyes
Red Rupee Icon #33 - Gone
Red Rupee Icon #58 - Mirror
Red Rupee Icon #62 - Numb
Red Rupee Icon #65 - Pen and Paper
Red Rupee Icon #68 - Pray
Red Rupee Icon #73 - Royalty

Relationships ]
Click here for Jerial's relationship tracker!

RP Method ]
 Skype (Fast Responses)
 Notes (Moderate Responses)

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