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[FoH] Application (Eleazar Lazarus Helel)

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{ General Information }

"The Puppetmaster"
Alias: Lazarus
Full Name: Eleazar "Lazarus" Helel
Pronunciation: Ehl-ee-ay-zahr Hell-el
Name Meaning: "Help of God, court of God" ; "to boast"

Age: 25
Date of Birth: April 30th
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Gender: Male
Race: Sheikah
Class: Psychic
Occupation: Scribe
Weapon: Puppet
Alliance: Lawful Evil
Religion: Imperial Cult

"The Marionette"
Name: Little King
Height: 3' 0" (76 cm.)
Weight: 30 lbs. (14 kg.)
Gender: Male
Form: Puppet
Weapon: Rapier

{ Battle Information }

Class Skills ]
Purple Rupee Icon N/A

Race Skills ]
Purple Rupee Icon Stealth (Lvl. 1) - Allows the Sheikah to retreat into the shadows, not to be detected until they are ready to attack. (Limit: 2 Uses/RP)
Purple Rupee Icon Flash Bomb (Lvl. 2) - Allows the skill owner to use Deku Nuts as a flash bang so that they can blind the enemy for one turn, aiding in escape or attack. (Does not protect against blinding attacks; Ineffective against Bosses; Limit 3 Uses/RP)
Purple Rupee Icon Throwing Needles (Lvl. 3) - The owner of this skill can learn how to use throwing needles. Along with gaining this skill, the owner is gifted a supply of throwing needles.
Purple Rupee Icon Deception (Lvl. 4) - Allows the owner to disguise them self as another character and use their (non-magical) fighting style for 2 turns. However, they also take on the character's weaknesses by doing this. (Limit: 2 Uses/RP)

{ Character Information }

Personality ]

Purple Rupee Icon Diplomatic : Lazarus' greatest asset is his tongue and the power of the words that it speaks. He knows that he could not achieve the level of success that he has had with his clientele with anything less than the utmost of seemingly sincere words, be they in song or in speech. His skills in making deals that appear to benefit both parties while actually favoring himself are second-to-none. Lazarus can wear a perfectly respectable and affable face in front of others, while concealing the truth of his emotions beneath the surface.

Purple Rupee Icon Mastermind : Even from a young age, Lazarus has possessed a superior intellect to his peers. He views each and every situation like a game of chess, dissecting and analyzing everything necessary to achieve victory. When presented with circumstances that require strategy to succeed, he can visualize each step that every player can and will take, and thus turn the tides in whatever way he wishes to. For as much as he craves maintaining control, he has an equal amount of skill to do so.

Purple Rupee Icon Composed : Rarely, if ever, does the calm exterior of Lord Lazarus crack. He has the potential to keep a straight face even in the midst of danger, despair or disgruntlement. On the other hand, his words do not always reflect the composed nature of his physical appearance. What he speaks can cut deeply or intimidate one far worse than his face would.

Purple Rupee Icon Law-Abiding : Despite aligning himself with the Emperor of Evil, Lazarus is not above abiding by the law of the land. His father's treacherous actions taught him the penalty one pays for disregarding the law. Playing by the rules allows Lazarus under to fly under the radar far more than a wanted criminal could ever hope to. It's so much easier to get what one wants when no one suspects them of doing evil.

Purple Rupee Icon Perfectionist : What's the point in poor performance? Lazarus sees no reasoning in delivering anything less than that which is superior in quality. He takes time to craft the perfect plans, perform flawlessly, cross every "t" and dot every "i". On one hand, this allows for an advantage over those of whom care little for details or skip the work while wishing for immediate results. On the other hand, perfectionism has practically become a disorder for Lazarus, a requirement for each and every detail to be exactly as it should be.

Purple Rupee Icon Loner : Lazarus prefers to stay by himself whenever possible. His upbringing provided him little chance to have exposure to other children his age, and thus, he has trouble relating to his peers on a personal level. Business dealings he can do. Small talk he cannot. Luckily, his line of work does not require him to be surrounded by multitudes often. However, when caught in larger groups, he tends to suffer from an internal feeling of uneasiness.

Purple Rupee Icon Manipulative : Lazarus is a master of control, putting every pawn perfectly into place at the time of his choosing. Each knight is under his command, and every king and queen shall rise and fall at his beck and call. His natural intellect allows him to remain perfectly in control at all times - and that's exactly how he likes it. He's as obsessed with control as he is with perfection. He sees the power in manipulating people, but he does so in a way that appears to benefit both parties while he, in reality, is the one who gets that which he wants.

Purple Rupee Icon Vain : Being born an aristocrat has its downfalls as much as it has its advantages. One such downfall is the inherent need to look down upon others one would deem lower than oneself. This is one weakness that Lazarus has in spades. He views himself highly, as he is able to acknowledge, understand and admire his own strengths, and as such, casts his judgment down upon those he views as inferior to himself.

Purple Rupee Icon Greedy : Almost is never enough. Regardless of whether it concerns his finances, his connections, or his power, Lazarus constantly craves more than he already has. This ties in with his need for perfectionism, which in turn fuels his greed. 

Likes ]
✔ Chess
✔ Gossip
✔ Horses
✔ Theatre
✔ Snowfall
✔ Diamonds
✔ Woodlands
✔ Candlelight
✔ Sacred Music
✔ Thunderstorms
✔ Mystery and Horror Literature

Dislikes ]
✘ Chaos
✘ Beaches
✘ Lawbreakers
✘ Fattening food
✘ Lack of control
✘ Insubordination
✘ Excessive activity

{ Historical Information }

Biography ]
Eleazar was born into nobility, immediately elevating his social status - as well as the quality of his life - to above the accepted social norm of mediocrity. His father, Golyat, was a knight captain of the Royal Hyrulean Guard, while his mother, Musidora, acted as heiress of her father's fortune by birthright. It should have been decided by birth that his life was to be a lavish one. However, all was not well. Eleazar remained rather sickly throughout the entirety of his childhood. He was prone to violent shaking at any given moment, accompanied by dizziness and a drastic reduction in body temperature. Because of his condition, he was forced to remain within the confines of his manor for a majority of his early life. Due to this, he buried himself in books and listened excitedly to the gossip that spilled from his mother's lips when she returned home from an outing into the world beyond those four walls.

To counter this, his family hired tutors - the same as those that educated the royalty of the castle itself - to educate their child and teach him of the finer things in life. It was instantly discovered that he had a natural inclination towards academic studies, outclassing any other child of his age without even trying. As academic materials lessened over time, his tutors turned to teaching him the arts and other additional subjects, while his father ordered his son to be instructed in the ways of war. Though he worked relentlessly to improve, he could only manage to wield the lightest of weapons, such as a fencing rapier or throwing knives. However, they found that what he lacked in survival and combat-oriented skills, he much more than made up for in musicality. The moment he lay his fingers upon an instrument, the whole world seemed to stop and listen in on his latest concierto. His father, formerly disinterested with his son due to a lack of viability in battle, became oddly intrigued by this talent.

By the time that Eleazar was seventeen, he had grown into a well-learned and good-looking young man. His condition had lessened considerably over the years, although it did act up on rare occasions. It was then that his father requested that he accompany him to the castle, for an audience with the King. His father was being honored for an act of service, and he found it only fitting that his son should be there to witness it. Once the ceremony had ended, his father urged him to play for the king and his knights. As he plucked the first string on his harp, his audience was held captive. It was then that the assassins struck. They had awaited their signal - the luring of the knights into a false sense of security through the song of a young man - and, with their audience under his spell, attempted to wipe out the Royal Guard. Unfortunately, their plan was thwarted, and so Golyat took hold of his son and escaped with him.

Golyat took his family and fled to Kakariko Village on horseback, claiming to be keeping them hidden from whoever ordered the attack on the kingdom's knights. However, as a battalion of knights began to charge after them, their family soon realized what had happened. It was no external force that had infiltrated the castle. This was an inside job. This was the work of Knight Captain Golyat Helel, Sheikah and sworn protector of the Royal Family. Though they attempted to escape, each and every one of them were shot down and left for dead. Miraculously, Eleazar survived, having been pierced in a non-lethal area of his shoulder, and crawled his way to Kakariko.

Upon his recovery, he learned what was being said of the events that transpired. His father had conspired with a league of usurpers under the influence of Ganondorf, the mad king of the Gerudo. His family was framed as traitors to the Kingdom of Hyrule, and any and all association with them resulted in extensive interrogation and the possibilty of execution. With this knowledge, Eleazar realized the need for an alternative identity, and so adopted the alias "Lazarus". But that was not all, for amongst the most secretive sects of gossips across the region, there existed a rumor that the bodies of the head of the Helel family and that of his eldest daughter, Myrrha, had mysteriously disappeared from the site of their execution.

This knowledge ignited a fire deep beneath his frozen exterior. He knew what he must do. The years spent in recovery and secrecy served to allow him time to rekindle connections he had made with family friends and frequent clients, a collection of people who could not believe the supposed lies spread by the Royal Family. With these connections in tact, he spent those bedridden days describing, in detail, the events that led up to that traumatizing day, the information pertaining to the day itself that he had not yet known, and the aftermath of the madness. Who sided with the Royal Family and who sided with the Helel family? Who was allied with the traitors, be it publicly or secretively? And just who, perchance, would happen to be so interested in a pair of corpses?

When Ganondorf infiltrated the castle and slayed the king and his beloved hero, Lazarus saw an opportunity to be had. He presented himself before the King of Evil, claiming to be an ally of whoever claims the throne of Hyrule, and thus, royalty in the eyes of the kingdom. His years in recovery taught him an important skill that was crucial to every kingdom - writing. After all, every king and court needs it scribe. If not, who would detail the executions? Who would request the aid or demand the surrender of neighboring kingdoms and counties? Who would write the history made in the moment that generations after them would never know had it not been recorded as it happened? In a position of power, his influence now reached into the deepest depths of Hyrule, but still no information surfaced that would aid him in his own endeavors. As his emperor fell, he disguised himself as a simple minstrel traveling the land before Lazarus could rise again.

Progress Report ]
Now that Kravok has declared himself as the Emperor of Hyrule, Lazarus has chosen to submit himself to the will of the king, as he did with Ganondorf before him. Perhaps this one could be of even more use to him than the one that came before him...

With the decision to side with the newly-crowned King of Evil, Lazaus realized that masquerading as a musician no longer existed as a viable option. He needed power, and he needed it now. Initially, he had decided to drift into the dark arts he'd researched since he was a young one whilst searching through his family's library. However, whilst perusing a peddler's tent one day, a feisty Keaton convinced him to take a mysterious puppet she'd found. Infusing the toy with his magic, Lazarus discovered an avenue for his dark arts he'd never imagined possible. World, beware.

Personal Goal: To exact vengeance upon the knights that killed his family and to uncover the mystery of his father and sister's missing corpses.

{ Miscellaneous Information }

Purple Rupee Icon Puppet
Purple Rupee Icon Signet Ring
Purple Rupee Icon Puppet Rapier
Purple Rupee Icon Demon Pendant
Purple Rupee Icon Throwing Needles
Purple Rupee Icon Purple Hero's Tunic
Purple Rupee Icon Communication Stone

Important Quotes ]
Purple Rupee Icon TBD

Other Information ]
Purple Rupee Icon The family crest on Lazarus' ring can be seen here.
Purple Rupee Icon The design of Lazarus' puppet, the "Little King", can be seen here.
Purple Rupee Icon Lazarus, although predominantly left-handed, is actually ambidextrous. 
Purple Rupee Icon Lazarus has a secret soft spot for horses. The only time he was allowed out of the house during his childhood was to go horseback riding, and he has always had a fascination with how majestic of creatures they are.
Purple Rupee Icon Helel is a Hebrew word used for worship in the Old Testament, linking his name to his affinity for music. It is the direct root of the English word "hallelujah".
Purple Rupee Icon The name "Lazarus" is a direct reference to the story of the character of the same name in the New Testament who died and rose again.
Purple Rupee Icon Although Lazarus' religion is officially listed as Imperial Cult, otherwise known as emperor worship, he actually believes strongly in the existence and sovereignty of the Sacred Goddesses. Ascribing to the Imperial Cult is simply a way to further his plans and earn the attention of the ruler.
Purple Rupee Icon Lazarus' birthday - April 30th - falls on the Global Day of Prayer for Western Christianity. In addition, his month's birthstone is the Diamond, a gem that holds significance to him and is his personal favorite gemstone.

Completed Memes ]
Purple Rupee Icon Voice Actor Meme (Alex Fernandez)
Purple Rupee Icon The More You Know Meme

100 Themes Challenge ]
Purple Rupee Icon TBD

Relationships ]
Click here for Lazarus' relationship tracker!

RP Method ]
Purple Rupee Icon Skype (Fast Responses)
Purple Rupee Icon Notes (Moderate Responses)

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Bit of a story for you! I've been playing a //LOT// of Stardew valley lately.  As I was reading Lazarus' bio I saw "Diamonds" in his likes, my first instinct was "Welp time to go to the mines so I can get some diamonds to woo this man-" 
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Gurl, I was straight up addicted to that game for a looooong time. Such a phenomenal experience. Oh my gosh. Lazarus? As a bachelor? He would dread every single second of that XD your poor farmer would be manipulated beyond belief. Now you have me wanting to make Heart Events for all of my babes! ...actually, that's kind of a cool idea. Dagnabit, Artsy, you've got the creative gears going and I don't have the time to do this! >.<

Lazarus: Diamonds, you say? ....I suppose I could be courted. Or bribed.
Artistic-Twist's avatar
Haha I've been playing it almost everyday since I got it in October so I totally know what you mean by addiction. It's a lovely game and I'm super excited for future updates for it. Especially multiplayer ;A; There's going to be a WHOLE new level of addiction when I can play with my friends. :iconcryforeverplz:

Hey I'd LOVE a FoH version of Stardew Valley and I'd 100% woo Lazarus to and give him ALL the Diamonds ;w;/ But the uniqueness of a potential relationship with him compared to other "bachelors" would be REALLY fascinating. Like it definitely wouldn't be your typical romance, or even a romance at all? So it'd make for an interesting play-through in a hypothetical FoH Stardew Valley ewe

Ooooo I'd love to see some heart events for your babies, Folly! At least whenever you have time!:heart: 
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
It is everything I've ever wanted from a Harvest Moon game, although I'm hoping they take some nods from Rune Factory with the combat systems in the future. I just hope it turns into a series, and not simply a standalone game. If the multiplayer mods are any proof, multiplayer is already viable! I didn't think it would work, but hey, that's definitely an incredible inclusion! 

Oh HECK yes! I can't even imagine what that would be like, but holy wow, I would buy that in a heartbeat. Romancing Lazarus would definitely be quite the feat. He's not actually aromantic, believe it or not, he's just veeeeeery difficult to woo...platonically or romantically. All the Diamonds in the world would be necessary. But hey! Still not as annoying to woo as the Harvest Goddess! //shot

Hmm, maybe I will write some. For funsies. You should, too! We could all do it. I could talk to the mods and make sure they're cool with it.
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Franken-FishStudent Traditional Artist
Lazarus is looking sharp *3*
i like his little puppet and he sure gives the vibe of a controlling pupeteer o3o
awsome new look there, good job owob
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Thank you so much, Franken! OuO
I'm so glad you liked it! The lil' guy isn't necessarily the one he's controlling in battle, but hey, I figured I oughta include something in the main image to show off how he fights. Could you imagine that little puppet just trying to attack someone? XD I would've somehow made him even weaker than he was as a Bard.
Franken-Fish's avatar
Franken-FishStudent Traditional Artist
you're most welcome <3
hehe that would be so funny tho! Like, if he had this little marionette that could flip a goron despite it's size XD would be pretty great <3
but yeah getting at least a meter of height for that puppet sure would be useful >u<
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Sora-Kingdom3Student Digital Artist
Hey he looks pretty good I like this! I'm not sure he would go along with any of my fishes though lol! But hey he still look awesome!
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
OOh! He turned out great!! I like his new outfit!! He be all snazzy lookin now!!
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
D'aww thanks, Kitkat! OuO
I'm glad you liked him! Surprisingly, I didn't like how it came out at all, so I'm pleased to hear all the positive reception to his change. He definitely looks more sinister now, that's for sure lol
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Ohoho Look at this babe and his snazzy new outfit!
//Casually steals Lazarus away to the bishie collection//
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
If this were Pokemon, I'm pretty sure the Bishie Box would be full //shot
AnatomicAndi's avatar
LOL it totally would
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LeafeonFan0001Student Artist
Folly, how can you come up with such good character designs?! OnO He's too much for me >u< Beautiful redesign and I love "Little King", absolutist adorable and yet it has a rapier. 
  Folly, you never cease to amaze me XD
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Wow, Leafeon! That's such a sweet response! OwO
I don't even know what to say. Thank you so, so much for the compliments! I'm happy to hear that the designs are to your liking. I'm a sucker for rapiers >u> I totally want one IRL, and they just seem so...noble?
LeafeonFan0001's avatar
LeafeonFan0001Student Artist
Haha >u< It's what i'm here for <3
 And I must agree with you! Rapiers just seem... so elegant? XD I dunno but there is just something about them i love >w<
DamianMyutsuu's avatar
DamianMyutsuuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Shut up and take my bab ewe //pushes new Twili towards Sheikah puppeteer
pineapplepippy's avatar
pineapplepippy General Artist
Hmmm I wonder if that means he doesn't like waffles....that rp would be interesting. >U<
Nebeaula's avatar
NebeaulaHobbyist General Artist
-pushes all the baes forward-
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Oh ho ho, I see quite the crowd has gathered~

Lazarus: Two pawns, a rook that a King, I see? Interesting. Interesting, indeed.
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NebeaulaHobbyist General Artist
Who's the king? o.o
follyoftheforbidden's avatar
follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Lazarus: -takes another look at Slate- "Ah, my apologies. I mistook him for a king-to-be. And here I thought we had royalty in our midst. Perhaps he is merely a knight - for now." -le evil grin-
Nebeaula's avatar
NebeaulaHobbyist General Artist
lol xD
More like a jester //punted
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist
His colour scheme kinda reminds me of an Empoleon xDD
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