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[FoH] Application: Cyril Kai Haluka

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{ General Information }

Name: Cyril Kai Haluka
PronunciationSye-rihl Kye Hah-loo-kuh
Name Meaning: “Lordly, masterful"; "sea", "willow tree"; "tribesmen"

Age: 16
Date of Birth: January 9
Height: 5’ 6”
Weight: 101 lbs.
Gender: Male
Race: Rito
Class: Hunter
Occupation: Freelance Hunter/Artist/Messenger
Weapon: Bow and Arrow
Alliance: Lawful Good
Religion: Monotheism (Valoo)

{ Battle Information }

Class Skills ]
:bulletgreen:N/A (Lvl. ?): N/A

Race Skills ]
:bulletyellow:Galeforce (Lvl. 1) : Allows the owner of this skill to create a whirlwind that pushes away even the heaviest of enemies, leaving them winded and open for attack.. (Limit: 2 Uses/RP)

{ Character Information }

Personality ]

:bulletgreen: Well-Mannered : Cyril has a naturally polite pattern of speech, regardless of one's social status or moral alignment. He has the ability to greet the king of evil with as much respect as he would his own chieftain. His training as a servant has led him to disregard bias when it comes to addressing others, as he always sees the other person as higher than himself, and thus, worthy of his honor. However, this is a double-edged sword, as his kindness can oftentimes be mistaken for the approval of the other person. This is often not the case at all. It is merely an indication of his inability to voice his true opinions of another person. In addition, this often leads to him address others using a variety of titles - Ma'am, Miss, Madame; Sir, Mister, Master - that can flatter or fluster others. Should he be asked not to address another as such, he has difficulty doing so, but will succede to their request.

:bulletyellow: Hard-Working : Cyril has been working hard since his birth. Due to his upbringing, he knew what it was like to scrape by with whatever he could manage to find or earn in order for he and his mother to survive. Instead of others who turned to lives of thievery, he turned to a life of servitude. This allowed him to learn how to not only have a good work ethic, but how to finish tasks effectively and efficiently. Because his years of service were extensive, he will often instinctively switch back into his servant mindset, cleaning or caring for others without even recognizing or realizing that he's doing so. Please excuse him, he's only doing his job.

:bulletgreen: Artistic : Cyril has a natural knack for artistry. Give him a set of artistic utensils and he can create a miniature masterpiece on whatever canvas he so chooses. Unfortunately, this causes him to have a bit of an abstract way of speaking when truly opening up to another, often speaking in metaphors or images. Due to his poetic nature, he can tend to be misunderstood by logical and/or shallow-minded thinkers, and thus, hides his true thoughts from others so as not to be misunderstood or looked down upon by them. However, should he find one who can understand his abstract patterns of thought, he would gladly reveal all the mysteries that lay hidden within his little sketchbook.

:bulletgreen: Squeamish : Despite his prowess with a bow, Cyril is still not used to the sight of blood and death. He can become quite sickly upon seeing large quantities of blood, or being in the presence of overly violent or gory battles. Throughout his prolonged exposure to such actions upon coming to Hyrule, he no longer feels the urge to become physically ill at the sight of death or blood, though gore still disgusts him. Nowadays, he suffers only from a mild case of light-headedness once the adrenaline of war has all but faded away.

:bulletyellow: Stubborn : Although he is sweet, Cyril is also extremely set in his ways. Should someone attempt to argue a viewpoint that is opposite to his own, he will generally refuse to believe or accept it. For example, he does not understand how one could get away with laziness, as he is so hard-working and has always had to be as such. Due to his mild timidity, and his lack of ability to deal with confrontation when it is presented to him, he generally denies the opportunity to present a counter point or argue from the other side, only voicing his own opinions amidst company he trusts supremely or when the situation at hand is dire. However, he does respect people that have positive qualities that he lacks and desires, and thus, he attempts to learn from or emulate them at times or in areas he feels he is lacking.

:bulletgreen: Self-Deprecating : Life as a servant is never easy on one's self-esteem. Being the bottom of the food chain means that one is looked down upon even by those on the lowest rungs on the social ladder. To most, you do not even deserve a name, let alone their respect or acknowledgement. You might as well be furniture - mute, meant for the convenience and pleasure of others, made only to be stepped on and used at the whim and fancy of those above you. These beliefs are rooted deep within the Rito's mind, having become the essence of his identity. He is nothing, so why should others waste their time on him? However, when he vocalizes such notions, he does not do so out of pain or angst or attention-seeking. He states it as a fact. Because for him, that is what is - cold, hard, unyielding, unchanging fact.

:bulletyellow: Peacekeeping : Cyril struggles amidst confrontation, be it in the heat of battle or in the company of others. He hates fighting, verbal or physical, and cannot stand to see those he admires and respects creating tension, especially on nights or at times when things are supposed to be at peace. As such, the Rito oftentimes finds himself acting as the mediator, easing tension and creating solutions to the various conflicts that arise, all to ease his own ever-growing anxiety. Although this seems as though it should be entirely positive, it is, in fact, flawed. The problem is that Cyril does not have the moral or emotional strength to be a peacemaker, and thus, only makes others happy instead of introducing health into the situation or setting correct culture to prevent further problems. He does not have the courage to address the real, deep problems and only addresses the surface issues within a given moment.

Likes ]

✔ Family
✔ Poetry
✔ Nature
✔ Animals
✔ Artwork
✔ Literature
✔ Storybooks
✔ Quality Time
✔ Mountaintop Summits

Dislikes ]
✘ Gore
✘ Laziness
✘ Illnesses
✘ Swimming
✘ Corruption
✘ Sloppiness
✘ Large Groups
✘ Thunderstorms
✘ Excessive Violence
✘ Non-Fiction Novels

{ Historical Information }

Biography ]

Cyril was born to the newly widowed Willow Kaya Haluka, a woman without social status or financial support of any kind. She had no family of her own to turn to, and her husband's family had turned her away at every opportunity following their son's death. Finding no other option, she surrendered her own freedom as well as that of her infant child to become servants of a local tribe of Rito. Cyril grew up without any true sense of purpose beyond supporting and empowering the futures of those he served. He lived each day to make another's day better than the last. He cared little for himself, and instead focused on working hard to serve others and support his strong-willed but weak-bodied woman who worked to the best that her brittle bones would allow. 

In the little spare time that he had, Cyril asked his mother to read him stories of knights and heroes, of good and evil that warred against one another. Tired as she was, she indulged her son night after night until he was old enough to read and to write on his own. He became enraptured with the world of literature and with the art that accompanied it. Soon, the stories birthed in his own mind outweighed the need to read any story already written.

One day, fortune favored these poor unfortunate souls. The head chieftain's personal servant had fallen deathly ill of a sudden and untreatable disease that left her bedridden. In the chaos that ensued, Willow was chosen to replace the chief's servant. Though she spoke little to the man, she swiftly found favor in his eyes due to the attention she paid to each and every detail, often going out of her way to improve his day in the tiniest of ways. Even though the original servant recovered, Chieftain Aegis asked Willow to continue as his personal handmaiden. Rumors spread rapidly about their apparent love for one another, to which Willow vehemently denied and refuted. Eventually, however, she accepted his marriage proposal - the fifth, to be exact - and the two were wed within the year.

In the blink of an eye, Cyril found himself in the midst of the rags-to-riches stories he had always dreamt about. As soon as his mother became the chieftain's bride, he was dismissed from his duties as a servant. The boy had little to no idea what to do with his time. To offset this, Aegis assigned him a personal tutor to teach him anything and everything his heart could dream of. With his tutor, Cyril learned the basics - mathematics, history, etc. - in addition to furthering his studies in what he was passionate about - artistry and literature. His teacher honed in on his natural inclination towards the arts, teaching him techniques that would aid him to forge masterpieces with a pen or a paintbrush.

The chieftain, however, wanted to ensure not only the academic advancement of the boy, but his survival should he ever find himself amidst a battlefield. Thus, he decided it best to bond with the boy through private training sessions. Together, the two discovered Cyril's latent potential with archery. It appeared as though his eye for detail in the arts worked just as well for archery. Through their training, Aegis managed to teach Cyril to see battle as an art form of its own, a dance of swords, a brush stroke of blood.

Unfortunately, their father's favoritism bred envy in the hearts of the chieftain's biological children. Cyril was intimidated by them, seven especially talented children each gifted in an entirely different way from one another, and attempted to befriend them to no avail. Only Remedi, the chief's eldest daughter and second-oldest child, chose to accept her newfound stepbrother into their dysfunctional family. Unfortunately, it was not so for the others. Instead, the others spread spiteful rumors that insinuated the seduction of the chieftain by Cyril's mother. The chief, however, was no fool. He anticipated his children's move and played his hand carefully so as to turn the tables on them. Through these rumors, he in turn insinuated that this seduction made Cyril his biological child, and thus, a viable heir to the throne of their tribe.

Upon learning this, the chieftain's children devised a plan to rid themselves of their adoptive sibling for good. They had already fought for the title of future chief among themselves - they did not need any more competition, and especially not with one who they could not conceive as deserving of such a title or honor. The eldest boys invited their stepbrother out onto a mission to scope out Death Mountain in anticipation for future exploration and possible settlement, masking their bitterness with sweet words that promised a new start to their relationship with their stepsibling if he only accompanied them. Once the scouting party arrived at the rendezvous point, however, the brothers turned on Cyril. The acting head of the scouting party and stepbrother of Cyril, Saaki, lunged at him with spear outstretched in an effort to plunge it through his skull. Unfortunately, he managed only to slash his right eye, impairing Cyril's vision and leaving a bloodied mess of feathers behind him as he ran. Though Saaki attempted to chase him down, the eldest brother, Cairo, ordered him to stand down, taking a handful of his feathers and dabbing them in the blood he had spilt. Returning to their father and stepmother, they filed a false report that he had been crushed beneath the weight of a boulder and perished. Both went into a prolonged period of mourning, along with Remedi, and prayed to Valoo that his soul would be saved.

Since that day, Cyril has remained on the run, using the survival skills he learned from the chieftain in order to stay alive. While remaining in anonymity, he searches for a way to reunite with his mother and to make amends with his siblings. One day, he will return home and right the wrongs he has been dealt.

Progress Report ]
Cyril's journey has been a rather unremarkable one as of yet. In fact, hectic might be the best word to describe it, being tossed about here and there, to and fro, wherever the wind takes him - quite literally, too. After escaping from his silbings, he assumed a position as a freelance hunter and artist. Whenever the opportunity arose to take a job, he did, and he completed it to the best of his abilities. Throughout his travels, he met a plethora of people - Lady Kahili, Madame Karan, among others - who left quite an impression on him. His time spent with Lady Kahili and Phoenix allowed him to feel accepted amongst other Ritos, in comparison to the scorn he received from his own family. Phoenix even went as far as to influence his decision to become a pseudo-messenger throughout the country for those in need. His encounter with Sir Rheyner further cemented his decision to become established as a messenger, as he felt as though fighting was not necessarily what he was meant to do - not if it meant claiming the blood of others, innocent or otherwise. Perhaps support would be best, in any way possible, if it meant sparing innocent lives. Too many were lost already in this senseless war.

And yet, despite his best efforts, nothing brought him any closer to home, any closer to reconciling with his lost loved ones. He had a deicsion to make - what would he do with whatever time he was given in this land to make a difference, with or without the approval of his family? When it came time to decide, Cyril came to the conclusion that, if he were able to help others in need, he would do so. He would save this land, alongside of the heroes he so believed in, the ones so similar to those he'd read in his fairytales and fiction novels. He may be no hero on his own, but together, he and the Resistance just might save Hyrule. 

"I hope you're watching, Mother. Would you proud of me now?"

Personal Goal: Discover a way to make amends with his adoptive family and reunite with his mother.

{ Miscellaneous Information }

:bulletgreen:Small Quiver
:bulletyellow:Messenger Bag

Important Quotes ]
:bulletgreen:“Why won't they accept me, Mother?
:bulletyellow:“ it really that bad, to have a different mother?”
:bulletgreen:“You remind me of wildfire...but purifying, as a refiner's fire.”
:bulletyellow: "I'm sure you're strong enough on your own. But it's better to be together, right?"
:bulletgreen:"I think I have much to learn on how to make amends with my family and be the brother they deserve.”
:bulletyellow:“The syllables sent a flash of red across his mind - pain, rage, suffering - and a splash of blue that followed - bitterness, grief, regret. Emotions that did not belong in this place, not at this time, emotions he had not shared with another. Not entirely.”

Other Information ]
:bulletgreen:Cyril has a condition called synesthesia, which correlates his senses with different colors. He ties this into his artwork.
:bulletyellow:The entirety of his clothing was paid for, designed and sewn by the chieftain as a gift to his adoptive son. 
:bulletgreen:Because of his upbringing, he possesses a variety of basic housekeeping skills, such as cleaning, cooking, sewing, etc.
:bulletyellow:Despite his abilities as a hunter, he hates having to kill animals to survive. Whenever he makes a kill, he apologizes to the animal.
:bulletgreen: Although he has not been formally diagnosed as such, it is likely that Cyril suffers from obsessive compulsive dissorder, more commonly known as OCD, as well as a mild case of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

Completed Memes ]
:bulletgreen:Voice Actor Meme
:bulletyellow:Masquerade Meme
:bulletgreen:Theme Song Meme
:bulletyellow:Nintendo Meme: Kirby (Adeleine!Cyril)
:bulletgreen:Nintendo Meme: Animal Crossing (Cyril)
:bulletyellow:Fandom Swap: Fire Emblem (Butler!Cyril)

100 Themes Challenge ]
:bulletgreen:#55 - Innocence
:bulletyellow:#57 - Jewelry

Relationships ]
Click here for Cyril's relationship tracker!

RP Method ]
:bulletgreen:Skype (Fast Responses)
:bulletyellow:Notes (Moderate Responses)

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