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[FoH] Amie Meme (Jerial)

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I've had these lines written out for ages now, so I figured it was about time I indulged my inner Fire Emblem / Pokemon fan and complete Jerial's Amie Meme. Cyril's will be done within the coming week, as well! 

[ C Support ]
  • [ Low Chuckle ]
  • Nice to see you, too~
  • Someone sure is handsy.
  • You know, most people stick with handshakes.
  • So much touching. Such is my favorite pasttime, you know~
  • Calling me to your room all alone? My, what do you have planned for me?
[ B Support ]
  • Heehee~ [Wink]
  • Do I make you blush?
  • I suppose I should thank you.
  • You're so cute when you touch me like this.
  • Mind if I return the favor? ...No? Such a shame.
[ A Support ]
  • [ Girlish Giggle ]
  • Like what you see?
  • Goddess, you make me blush.
  • You sure enjoy having me alone.
  • I could use a massage. Whaddaya say?
  • Mind braiding my hair for me? Go on, I won't bite~
  • You're the only one I'll allow to touch my hair. Go ahead - it's soft, I promise.
[ S Support ]
  • My body is yours.
  • Please don't leave me...
  • Let me embrace this sin.
  • What do you fantasize about, hmm?
  • I have a special dance planned for you~
  • Can we stay like this, just the two of us? ...Forever?
  • I do hope there's enough room in your bed for the two of us.
  • To think that I could fall in love and have my feelings be requited...
  • I want to know all of you. Every demon, every secret, every inch of skin.
Kiss: Close your eyes. [Giggle] Heehee, are you scared? Don't be. [Kiss] 
Confession: I promise, no matter where my feet tread, my heart will never wander far from you - I will always stay lusting after you.

All EXP and Rupees to Jerial, please!
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Blank Amie Meme belongs to FallOfHyrule 
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SgathanProfessional Digital Artist
Gently touches.............. ohhhmygoodness 10/10 would s support
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Mochizuki-RinHobbyist General Artist
The wooooooords doe
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Thought you might like them ;P
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Mochizuki-RinHobbyist General Artist
kiss is cute omg x3
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skyquilHobbyist Digital Artist
folly please i can't handle this
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Glad you like it ;)
also when the heck are you doing yours, missy? I have been waiting patiently
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