[FoH] #62 - Numb (Jerial)

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Day turns to night turns to week turns to month.

Still no Jung.
Still no hope.
Still no purpose.

He hasn't moved. How can he? Why should he? What is there to do, where is there to go? He had wrapped up his life in that man, that magnificent, malevolent man and now he was nowhere to be found. He lost any and all reasons to even bother waking up in the morning when it meant that yet another thread of his ever-thinning hope would be crushed by the weight of day after day without him by his side.

The others want him to get up, to move on, to believe that there's something else to do except cling to false hope. At first, they encourage him. Then, they beg him. And by - how long has it been now, anyways? A day, a week? - they have attempted to command him, but their orders fall on deaf ears. He no longer has ears to hear or a heart to care.

He merely sits and stares at the world outside, wondering where he could be, where he could have gone that was so important, so secretive, that he couldn't take them with him. Out there, Jung searched for his hope in the form of the fox who held his heart. In here, Jerial searched for some semblance of shattered hope that remained within the hollow shell he had become.

They have left him alone. Hopeless, he assumed, is what they called him. It was alright - he knew he was. He had always known he was. Hopeless to become strong, hopeless to keep them by his side, hopeless to make the one he loved his own. It had always been this way. It was simply meant to be. Besides, he preferred it this way. This way, he had no fear of losing them, for there was no one to lose. In the world he had woven for himself within these four walls, he could control all, for there was nothing but himself and the fantasy formed from the apathetic rejection of reality. He had become comfortably acclimated to the lifeless lethargy that had consumed him.

And so, day turned to night turned to week turned to month.
And little lost Jerial stayed locked in his numb nirvana, watching the world he once wandered turn to dust beneath his negligence. 
If you know not how to deal with pain, you will refuse to altogether.
Inspired, surprisingly, by a scene in the New Moon movie from the Twilight saga, along with the song "Numb" by H320 (opb. Linkin Park).

Theme #62 (Numb) in the 100 Themes Challenge
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DANG this is such a cool read. awesome job! I could feel for jerial in this one so much. Poor baby ;-;