[FoH] #5 - Breathe Again (Jerial)

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It's said that the longest that a mortal has ever held their breath was a breath-taking twenty-two minutes.

Astonishing, truly, considering the fact that most had trouble holding their breath to halt their hiccups. It appears completely unthinkable to the average human to have such discipline as to withhold their breath for such an extended period of time. But not to Jerial, oh no. He has held his breath for far longer.

As others danced through their lives with their heads held high and their cares lost somewhere in the midst of their mirth, this dancer scuffed his heels on every rock and obstacle that cluttered the road he had embarked upon in life. To the outside world, he displayed an exterior of sunshine and smiles, smoke and mirrors to deceive them into believing that he was breathing. But on the inside, he was breathless, hollow. Just like his mother.

That's not to say that there were not moments of respite scattered throughout his travels. He truly treasured the days spent alongside of his companions, passing time side-by-side inside of inns and adventuring together towards a common goal. Those were the times which he felt himself exhale, if only temporarily. For a moment, he felt at home enough to be at peace within himself, for his body to unwind and untwist the knots of his soul so that his lungs could fill themselves once more.

But those seasons of celebration last only for a fleeting moment, an ethereal, unstoppable snapshot of a life of suffering. In an instant, the sunshine hides itself behind the storm clouds once more. In the end, the winter always comes. The leaves change their hues, the blizzards bury Wonderland, and those so tightly held within your grasp go their separate ways. The harbinger of death claims its victims once more.

Winter has overstayed its welcome. "This winter...has been a little too harsh for me". Those were his words, weren't they? They seemed so ancient in his memory. How ironic that the tables had turned so swiftly on them both. Fate enjoyed her cruel jokes. He has long ago abandoned false hope - Jung did not want to be found and even the prospect of locating Kahili seemed impossible to even imagine by now. Still, they journeyed on and on and on, step after step after step. No words between them, too frightened to voice their unspoken but understood fears. Fear had frozen his heart, and the silence threatens to smother him.

It is either ill-fitting or appropriate that the snow starts its melting process upon the mountain of death, a refreshing fire that warms their chilled hearts, but he knows not which. It is there that his kinsman speaks sweet words that promise that which she cannot possibly fulfill. He cannot hold onto that hope, not anymore. Still, the possibility of a surprise at least lifts his spirits enough to listen to her at all.

The tent flap is pulled back, as is the wool over his eyes. This was no broken promise, no sadistic dream he would awaken from at any moment. This was happening, this was real. He does not tell his feet to fly to her side, nor does he tell his eyes to spill the tears that swarm their sides, but he cannot bring himself to care or to stop. His arms wrap themselves around her, winding their way round her waist until he is pressed against her enough to feel the beat of her heart and the breath that falls from her lips. She's home, she's home, thank the Goddess, she's home.

She is here and he can breathe again and, in this moment, nothing else matters. His princess has returned.
Too much tea and creativity makes for late nights and bittersweet tales from yours truly.
A short piece to accompany the recently-submitted artwork, Welcome Back, Princess, and to commemorate Kahili's return. I think I have a soft spot for her more than even Jerial does, which is saying something.

Theme #5 (Breathe Again) in the 100 Themes Challenge
Quick reference to the RP from which Jung's quote is taken: [FoH] Jung and Jerial - Of Taverns and Trickery

Jerial belongs to follyoftheforbidden
Cameos by Kahili (KittyKyomi), Jung (KittyKyomi), and Vanda (FTLOOK)
EXP and Rupees to Jerial, please!
© 2015 - 2020 follyoftheforbidden
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THis was so amazing~
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eeeeeeeeee ;w; so beautiful! I always look forward to your writings <333
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D'awwww Kitkat! You're too kind >//w//<
Thanks for always being so supportive! It means a lot :heart: