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Fall of Hyrule: Jerial

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This is my application for FallOfHyrule, a Zelda RP that I may or may not have been stalking for, oh, three months or so now. Also, I have to give a HUGE shoutout to Guardian-Samurai for helping me with this application so that I could get started. You are the (wo)man.

Name: Jerial (Nickname: Rial) (Pronunciation: Jer-eye-ill)
Age: 19
Date of Birth: October 11
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Gender: Male
Race: Gerudo
Class: Dancer
Occupation: Street Performer
Weapon: Twin Knives
Alliance: Neutral

:bulletorange:Warm colors (Red, Orange, Golden)
:bulletorange:Walking barefoot (or in sandals)

:bulletorange:Anything Heavy (Armor, Bags, etc.)
:bulletorange:Closed-toed shoes
:bulletorange:Not getting his way
:bulletorange:Being alone with men
:bulletorange:Mud and snow

Known Dances:
:bulletorange:Rain Dance
:bulletorange:Heaven's Praise

Class Skills:
:bulletorange:Fancy Feet (Lvl. 1): The user gains a speed boost for an easier getaway when running away from an enemy.
:bulletorange:Tambourine (Lvl. 2): The owner of this skill gains a bit of extra spark to their dance, earning them more Rupees per enemy that they help defeat.

Race Skills: :new:
:bulletorange:Girl Power (Lvl. 1) : Increases defense of Gerudo when fighting alongside of a female.
:bulletorange:Charmer (Lvl. 2): Gains the ability to calm and/or tame rideable animals. However, they cannot keep more than one.
:bulletorange:Dual Scimitars (Lvl. 3): The owner of this skill can learn how to and is gifted with two scimitars.


:bulletorange:+ Charming + : Jerial has an inherent charm to him that magnetically attracts the attention and interest of those around him. Over the years, he has honed his this skill so as to obtain whatever he likes. The manner in which he dresses and his dancing technique both reflect the time spent crafting and mastering the art of impressing and enchanting others. However, he is not maliciously manipulative, and would not seek to harm another to get what he desire.

:bulletorange:+ Intuitive + : Jerial is often the first person to pick up on what others do not notice or recognize. Upon entering a room, he will immediately scan it to evaluate on the atmosphere, gauge the people within it, etc. He is a quick learner, and often finds the heart of a problem while the others remain on the surface level.

:bulletorange:= Flirtatious = : Because he is aware of his unique sense of charm, Jerial often resorts to being flirtatious - mainly when it comes to men. He is quite aware of the effect he has on them - especially when they mistake him for a woman - and will use that to his advantage. In all honestly, however, he only interacts this way with men because he does not know how to hold an actual conversation with them. (Note: he generally will only flirt with humanoid races - Human, Hylian, Zora, Goron, Rito, Keaton, etc. Monstrous or races such as Koroks, Skull Kids and Deku Scrubs will not be flirted with.)

:bulletorange:- Impulsive - : Although he has a genuinely good heart, Jerial tends to act more with his heart than with his head. This is mainly due to an inherently strong sense of justice placed within him. Whether his morals are lined up with the rest of the world’s, however, is yet to be seen. Oftentimes, others must restrain him from acting too quickly. 

:bulletorange:- Androphobic - : Despite his flirtatious nature, Jerial is actually scared of men. Because he was raised in a tribe of women, some of whom were misandristic, he has absolutely no idea how to communicate with other men. In all honesty, he truly desires to have a close male friend, but his fear keeps him from ever truly establishing any sort of real relationship.


Jerial’s birth was a complete and utter mystery to his tribespeople. They had been patiently awaiting the birth of their future king, but this new baby was most certainly not their king for their current king still lived and reigned in Hyrule. In their vexation, they sought to sacrifice the child to the Goddess of the Sands, but the tribe’s oracle stopped them. The boy was not their king, but the Goddess makes no mistakes - the boy was born for a purpose. Trusting the oracle, they decided to embrace the child and raise it despite the oddity of their current circumstances.

The women, however, were quite clueless on how to correctly raise a male child. Therefore, they taught him only what they knew and prayed to the Goddess that he’d be able to figure out the rest on his own. Jerial quickly picked up on the native dances of the tribe and spent endless hours under the burning sun practicing his routines. Seeing how the women fought so gracefully with their dual scimitars and spears, he attempted to learn to fight as well. However, his frail body at such a young age was unable to handle the rigorous physical activity needed to fight. And so, he found a loophole. Instead of fighting, he learned to treat each fight as a dance. Daggers in hand, Jai designed dances suited to battle instead of performances. His tribe was in awe, and allowed him to both participate in skirmishes against enemy tribes and the strategy meetings needed to win said skirmishes.

Shortly after his nineteenth birthday, news of Ganondorf’s ascension to power had reached his tribespeople. While his people were filled with either triumph or terror, Jerial was obsessed with the idea of another male Gerudo. For years, he had believed himself to be the only one, but now, his people extolled this stranger as their king. Determined to discover the mysteries of this man, his tribe, and his own birth, he set out in the hopes of finding the truth. 

Personal Goal: To understand the meaning of his birth through communication with Ganondorf, the only other known male Gerudo in existence

:bulletorange:Twin Knives
:bulletorange:Zora's Tunic
:bulletorange:Dual Scimitars
:bulletorange:Bandage Wraps
:bulletorange:Daichi's Bracelet

Other Information:

:bulletorange:Occasionally mistaken as a girl, especially when hair is untied from its rattail. Also occasionally disguises himself as a girl on purpose. When mistaken for or disguised as a girl, he goes by the alias "Jezrielle".
:bulletorange:Dislikes when people touch his hair. He views letting his hair loose from the rattail as an extremely intimate act.
:bulletorange:Has a bad habit of getting himself lost, despite calling himself a wanderer.

Click here for Jerial's relationship tracker!

RP Method:
:bulletorange:Skype (Fast Responses)
:bulletorange:Notes (Moderate Responses)

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DarkHeroDudeHobbyist General Artist
Let's do an rp, I'm up for either notes or Skype.
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WheelzzzHobbyist Writer
One of these days, I need to get my own Gerudo OC into the group.

:iconftlook: and I were talking, and I said I was going to try my own Gerudo Dancer, so now I need to make her be different from Jerial. xD
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Do it, that'd be awesome! The more Gerudo the merrier, seriously. We've been getting a lot of them, so that'd be great!
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WheelzzzHobbyist Writer
I know of only Jerial, Vanda, and...two others, maybe?  Have there been more really recently?  Because that's awesome.  Maybe there can be a whole Gerudo party exploring a dungeon or something.

Also, I think my Gerudo's probably gonna take the two dances Jerial does NOT have, since I can see her as more of an animal tamer/nature manipulator of sorts.
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
...okay maybe I was exaggerating when I said a lot more XD I think Looker and I was just excited to see two more, and the fact that they both joined so close to one another was a big deal, too. Oh my gosh yesssss! That'd be awesome! Though two of them are evil soooo that might be fun XP

That'd definitely work, and she'd be a lot different from any of ours, if that's the case. Well, Vanda has Lump, but not really the same.
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WheelzzzHobbyist Writer
Oh dear, I forgot that two of them were evil. xD

Well, yes.  Vanda has Lump, and Lump is ADORABLE.  With luck, my lady is going to hopefully find a Wolfos to tame.
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This is so late, but Yo welcome to the group DOOD :D Can I RP with you?
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Haha it's all good! And absolutely, I'd love to! Send a note whenever you're free and I'll respond as soon as possible (I do have classes for college, so if I don't respond right away, I promise I'm not ignoring you lol)
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KDCMArtsProfessional Digital Artist
Welcome to the group, Folly! I hope we and our characters get along well, haha! ^_^
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! :meow:
The feeling is mutual! If you'd ever be interested in RPing, I'd be more than happy to!
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KDCMArtsProfessional Digital Artist
Of course! I'll note you when able :D
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skyquilHobbyist Digital Artist
AhhHHH We totally need to RP! : D
Welcome to the group! Drop me a note, I'm always open to RP's ;v; Daichi and Jerial can be dancer bro's :0
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Oh my gosh yesssss! This is happening, right now.
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skyquilHobbyist Digital Artist
-rolls off to send le note- Lets hope these two aren't super awkward around each other :,D
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morgieeHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness! Is this what I think it is!! Has my buddy jake created digital art!!!!!!! AWESOME-NESS METER HAS BEEN OVERLOADED
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Hahaha yes ma'am! I can't take credit for the colors (stupid app restrictions >.>) but I did the black outlining and stuff. Also, I apologize for how horribly disproportionate it is lol it's me failing at using an iPad drawing app
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morgieeHobbyist Digital Artist
>w< hahaahahah why must you apologies! Practice and experimentation with art makes an artist better! my goodness if you ever need any advice please feel free to ask me
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pineapplepippy General Artist
This is amazing! I would love to rp sometime! :D
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Thank youuuu! :)
Let's do it! Are notes okay with you?
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pineapplepippy General Artist
how about chat room?
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
I can try that! I have off from class for a few hours so I'll drop on by if you're ready!
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pineapplepippy General Artist
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RADl0Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well then. 
Hes an interesting character.
care to rp sometime
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