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Daz Iray Emission Temperatures

This chart shows the differences in Emission Temperatures in Daz Iray. All spheres have an Emission Color of simple white 255,255,255. 
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I always come back to this for references and now I will favorite it.  Thank you for these awesome helpers.  Saves so much time! :-)
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Thanks so much for this! Very helpful.
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really usefull thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you very much.
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Do you have bloom enabled in this image?
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Very cool and it helped a bunch with my first render using a plane emissive light, I will PM you the result
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thanks a lot! very helpful!!
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This was very helpful. Thanks.
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Gah! This is so helpful! I'm always spending half my time fussing around trying to find the right values!!
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Thanks for sharing the time it took you to work out and then render this......................
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Very usefull. Thanks for sharing!
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Well, this is the most useful thing in the history of Earth, ever!
Thanks so much for this :-)
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Nice reference....
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Thank you! very useful
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