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Jeremy Lehn, aka Mr. 86
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello! My name is Jeremy Lehn, otherwise known as Mr. 86. This account has been sitting here for a while without anything in it, but I've decided to use it to house all of my new drawings so that I can "start over", so to speak. I'm currently powering through a chronic procrastination problem in order to bring the hundreds of ideas in my head to life.

My work includes (or will include) the comic books Five Wild Aces, Sylville Academy (which takes place in the same city and has many of the same characters), and Princess Random, in-progress sci-fi novels such as the Life Unlimited saga and Muted Colors, the children's book Nti and the Spring of Life, the retro RPGs Timefall, Titan Heart and Prince of Earthland, the video games Wonderground, Acid House and Circus Sadisticus, and a collection of speculative flash fiction I call The Carnival of the Bizarre.

It's been a long and hard road to go from terrible doodles to coherent comics (cartoony as they are) and I'm still not done, so stick around, give me a watch, and prepare to witness some firewerkz! =D Oh yeah, and even though I haven't announced it publicly, I'm taking commissions!
Hello everyone. It's been months since I even bothered to check my dA account, since, as I said, I had to focus on school. But guess what? I've now graduated, and with that, it's come time to clear the clutter from my life and get on with things, including art!

Now, I still haven't gotten the data off of my corrupted hard drive (which apparently is going to ring up a bill of closer to $500 than the $150 I thought it would be), so the actual script to the first issue of Five Wild Aces is still unrecovered, meaning I can't start on it yet. Luckily, I have a job and will be attempting to save up money to get that accomplished. In the meantime, I have a gigantic stack of papers which need to be scanned and sifted through, and a number of new ideas have been on my mind, which have received plenty of attention, so you'll be witnessing a lot of fun stuff over the next few days. As long as my time doesn't end up getting monopolized by my dad, my brother and my boss. I'll try to release them gradually so you don't end up overwhelmed and just ignore them all like I sometimes have to do. Like now, for instance. Those 4000 drawings on my dash aren't going to look at themselves.

Anyway, keep an eye out, because it was getting pretty boring having only one thing here.
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Princess Hekatya (flat colors)
After years of inactivity, I finally decided to post something. Aaaand... it's not quite finished. But its finished enough for me to upload it and prove that I'm alive. The full version will be uploaded later.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new, greatly improved Princess Hekatya, heiress to the throne of Shadowvale, lazy freeloader, and general all-around pain in Stardust's rear. After her mother, Queen Achlys, threatened to cut her off if she didn't get off of her purple backside and do something with her life, she set her sights on a certain green rabbity thing and goaded him into a long and ridiculous adventure across a dozen different sub-worlds. Even after it was over and he went to the real world to go get a formal education, she hasn't let up on her hedonistic ways and will stop at nothing to make Stardust marry her... whether he wants to or not.

Five Wild Aces, as well as its characters and their likenesses, are all owned by me.


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megagirlZX01 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2018
Noot :3
FollowMyGraphite Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
megagirlZX01 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018
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Luigicat11 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018
Wow, that's a lot of no-activity.  Are you even on this website anymore?

It's nothing against you, I'm genuinely curious.
FollowMyGraphite Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't used my account for a significant period of time. I still draw occasionally and I still check my messages here, but between two jobs, house renovations, learning GML, and fulfilling my resolution to finish my horrendously huge backlog of Steam games, I've been too lazy to upload anything in what free time I have. I suppose the issue is that I have a lot of other things in my life to do besides art. I don't talk to a lot of people on this site anymore either, so I feel less of a connection to this place than I did back when I was in high school. Still, I suppose I should gather my papers together and do a mass upload at some point, but that involves coloring everything in Photoshop first, since I'd prefer not to upload just sketches anymore.

Thanks for being the one to speak up, by the way. I'm more inspired to put something up now that I feel like someone's actually watching.
Luigicat11 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018
Okay.  I'm glad you feel like it won't be in vain.
Gira-tan Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the fav :)
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Thank you for watching me.
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Thanks for the watch !
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Your art can be crazy and lewd, but that's not going to stop me from watching it. =P
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