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Pillar outside an abandoned Chinese Buffet



There's a lesson to be learned here. Three years ago a new Chinese buffet style restaurant opened. It was a nice place and got a lot of costumers. There was a beautiful place closer to where I live just a few miles away and I loved going there but it had been for some time going down hill. The costumers complained about the staff. The staff complained about the costumers and the owners complained about everyone. When the new place moved in they told people not to go there because the food was bad, the place had bugs, the staff spit in the food the sushi was rancid. All the while more and more people were telling everyone what a great place the new establishment was and the old place lost more and more costumers finally the last straw was when the owners of the old place told people that the staff at the new place were taking food from people's plates that had not been eaten and putting it back on the line. That made the news it was found out not to be true and the old place soon closed down. The new buffet just celebrated their third anniversary the other day and even though I'm trying to lose weight I went don to have a meal and show my support for some really nice people and on my way home I took pics of all that remains of the original, I'll be adding more over the next few days.

This stock like all my stock is completely free and unrestricted. Have fun with it.
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Thanks for the beautiful stock!
I used it here for a contest

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