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Another day with nothing to say, blue grass green sky moving
Clouds falling into bodies of water, dissolving into smoke
The beholder is at an airport, maybe O’Hare, lost as I am
Idling, waiting to see what happens now, speaker-voices instruct
What to do in case of emergency, if the stars all fall, if, if
If all of our minds go south at once, and we can’t reach home
Who will comfort us, then, if the flights are all cancelled?
A human being sits wasting time, wasting away, cancer-ridden
Dreaming of a day unlike today, when we were strong and tall
Tall as the blue trees which scrape the green sky, puncturing
Letting all the air out, little by little, with a soft hissing whisper
I was in Laurinburg that day, that day I had nothing to say
The airport there was tiny, too small for the silver-ships’ bulk
As I recall it now, no one had anything to say, voices stilled
No one even moved, but their eyes were screaming like mad
Madness moves sideways, multicolored billows of reje
:iconbark:Bark 30 25
Being, Not Being
The bell is not iron, but porcelain
When it rings we will shatter
Into the bright white light
Whose name will you remember?
:iconbark:Bark 45 45
Last Day of August
Pale horses in a field of sun-burnt grass, legs buckling
Falling, grace, succumbing; un-becoming
We stood in the harsh August sun, naked and maddened
Red wet flesh glistening, thirst, baked, dreamless
Hallelujah and amen, in the distance a choir sings
Lightning cracks sky; hope, wait, plunder
Crisp brains search for old dreams of starlit night
When we were young, and not so mad
The first drops fall, and we are redeemed; we live
Drinking rain from cupped hands; delight
When the storm passes it is night; a billion stars twinkle
We remember why we’re here; deliverance
Now we can see the lights of home shining, welcome
Spirit horses fade into darkness; we walk
:iconbark:Bark 46 53
Red Fez
He wore a red fez and made odd gestures with his hands, some secret code I guess that only members of the red fez wearing group would understand. There was no group, though, no one but him, standing beneath a streetlight. I noticed that he was looking skyward as he signed, and mumbling a mantra very quietly. His suit was not cheap; he wasn’t one of the crazy street people who owned the city here at night. I approached him and began making football penalty signs. He stared coldly at me, saying nothing, and returned to his odd task. I left him alone, my curiosity buzzing in my brain. I guess some things are not meant to be understood, or at least not until the time is right. I went home to a bologna sandwich and a beer, and stared at the picture of my dead wife. Yes, some things are not meant to be understood. I didn’t sleep much that night, but when I did I dreamed of the red fez man calling her down from heaven and escorting her to my door. It was not a bad dream.
:iconbark:Bark 24 46
Like moths in warm June air, like husks of corn
Like watermelon, and the big fence they wanted to build
Along the border
Like the first microwaves and TV dinners, like sand
But you live too far from the ocean to understand loss
And colored shells
Like running out of words but still needing to speak
Like a dripping backyard water hose, a rusted grill
You believe in things
Bright things, like intimacy, like play-swordfights
Close your book, clean your glasses and look again
It’s been gone for years
Flounder, fail, fall; dust beneath your bed accumulates
Warm rain pounds your windows, things fall apart
But you don’t remember
:iconbark:Bark 56 57
2:30 AM coffee and cigarettes, rain dripping from the ledge outside
Exhausted, but hopeful; a universe in my cup waiting to spill out
I look inside; this is no new world of wonder, only the one I know
A terrain of coiled barbed wire that engraved my battle scars
Stumble once more down the dark scrubby embankment, naked
Thin-ribbed dogs of waste howl my name; they know me here
The dreamcatcher is full, there will be no more allowed inside
Knives in my back twist like an old song I’ve heard too often
Is that you, looking down from the highest places of light and love?
Do you know what it’s like to be a graveyard worm in soft soil?
How many fingers am I holding up? That’s right, I have none
Little stumps that can’t hold on to anything, can’t even make a fist
:iconbark:Bark 31 27
Oh, Children
Oh, my poor children, you’re all insane
Naming stars that you’ll never reach
Coming to the crossroads to chant spells
Trying to grip amorphous thoughts
The keys to the kingdom never existed
Children of the junkyard, rusted, broken
The delusion of chance warm in your brains
Your hope rests on myths and fairy tales
Memories of things that never were
Your bellies empty as your eyes of glass
Conjure visions of golden days to come
Believe the wind whispers your names
Empty-handed but mad with dreams
Lost in illusion you walk into the void
Swallowed up greedily by starless night
:iconbark:Bark 45 34
shoelaces beware by CapnDeek373 shoelaces beware :iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 45 19 deek's brain escapes... by CapnDeek373 deek's brain escapes... :iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 21 38 watch your step by CapnDeek373 watch your step :iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 23 14 just passing through by CapnDeek373 just passing through :iconcapndeek373:CapnDeek373 26 9 The Whispering Garden by Yoann-Lossel The Whispering Garden :iconyoann-lossel:Yoann-Lossel 1,141 60 Self II by MADmoiselleMeli Self II :iconmadmoisellemeli:MADmoiselleMeli 115 44 Self by MADmoiselleMeli Self :iconmadmoisellemeli:MADmoiselleMeli 130 44 Vanessa Ives Wip by MADmoiselleMeli Vanessa Ives Wip :iconmadmoisellemeli:MADmoiselleMeli 24 19 Dedication to Penny Dreadful by MADmoiselleMeli Dedication to Penny Dreadful :iconmadmoisellemeli:MADmoiselleMeli 74 28
My heart has joined the thousand for my friend stopped running today.
Richard Adams

Some members here will remember my little Foundling and how I found her on a ledge outside the window of a third floor apartment I'd just moved into. That was in 2004 or around there. I'm no good with numbers so I'm just as no good with dates. She lived with me ever since and I have to admit there have been times I don't know what I would have done without her.

Foundling didn't mind that I would go back and forth between New York and Pa. Only once did I leave her behind but even then it wasn't long before I sent for her. Foundling was a talker and she loved attention. If she didn't get the attention she felt was her due she would let me know about it. She loved to play with her laser pointer and small toys and she loved to be held but only for a little while. I loved to hear her purr when she would lay next to my head I often fell off to sleep listening to her sing her song as my Mom used to call it. I remember more than once when I would wake up confused and half out of it from a nightmare she would be there letting me know everything was ok. After I stopped having the nightmares she kept close and often I would be up all night on my pc she wouldn't be far away. She loved laying in my laundry basket or under my desk.

It was last week she began to show signs that she wasn't well. At first she started sneezing and after a little while she got an eye infection and then she lost her appetite but she still drank water so I wasn't too worried. Then she stopped drinking anything, not her water, not her cat milk my room mate bought for her and she loved. She laid around not wanting to be bothered for several days until it seemed she was getting better. Her eye that had been plastered shut opened again and she was at least drinking water. but that didn't last long. She began to hide from me and the others here. The other cats in the house left her alone and didn't bother her. She was like that for three days until today She tried a couple times to get up but fell back down no longer trying to do anything but breathe so shallowly that I had to watch her carefully to make sure she was breathing at all.

This afternoon I checked on her to see she had finally passed on. She is gone from my life now but I am so much better for having known her. She will be missed but I know her spirit won't be far away.

Until we meet again good bye my dear little friend. I will miss you.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Billyburgh (That's actually Williamsport) Pennsylvania, Home of little league baseball

Favorite genre of music: Just about anything
Favorite photographer: all of them
Favorite style of art: varies
Operating System: windows xp, windows 7. Now windows 10
MP3 player of choice: whatever is playing the piece I happen to be listening to.
Shell of choice: Walnut
Wallpaper of choice: something in a nice plaid
Skin of choice: If I can't have yours then I'll settle for zebra
Favorite cartoon character: Yacko Wacko and Dot
Personal Quote: I fell out of the box so I must be a corn flake

I have unrestricted stock in a folder in my gallery. However I do have a few small restrictions.
You must inform me of use.
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and lastly, absolutely no hate promoting, anti religious (and this means any religion!) or prejudice (against anyone!) encouraging work.
Other than that do as you please.

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The Phoenix :iconbirdsatalcatraz:Birdsatalcatraz 32 53 Custodian by heeeeman Custodian :iconheeeeman:heeeeman 1,713 582 Summer day by takmaj Summer day :icontakmaj:takmaj 4,821 488 My Protector :iconmarcoherrera:MarcoHerrera 1,115 240 The Story of My Hopes by borda The Story of My Hopes :iconborda:borda 863 102 He Gave Me The Brightest Star by borda He Gave Me The Brightest Star :iconborda:borda 6,330 318 brisbane full moon 2.. by glenox66 brisbane full moon 2.. :iconglenox66:glenox66 80 22 Jan13-130210-11r by Solankii Jan13-130210-11r :iconsolankii:Solankii 493 34


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