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The Paragon by FollowingStars The Paragon by FollowingStars

Drawn because life’s too short to not speed sketch Shepard in battle right? Somewhere on the sidelines Kaidan has some serious heart eyes god bless him.

Screencap referenced, it was actually from that nice dinner during the Citadel DLC but after drawing the rough shapes i was like nah battle time. Also what the hell shepard I really liked that sushi place ugh why must you ruin e v e r y t h i n g

Anyway, I'm practicing a few things for comic drawing specifically Bluebird, if it ever gets done it would be in this style cos nice and easy :)

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TreeWyrm Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I'm loving it! Actually, would you be willing to give permission for me to post this to a Facebook fanpage I admin called Mass Effect Female Shepard - - and add it to our albums. It's nice to have a mixture of fanart in different media - sketches are actually fairly rare so it's always good to find ones as good as yours. If we were to add it, we'd include reference to you as artist and a link back to your original here in the photo caption. If you have any other FemShep pieces you wouldn't mind us sharing, we're always looking out for other things to post! But please don't feel you have to say yes - a lot of artists are quite understandably hateful of FB because of how a lot of pages for example don't bother to say where they get a picture from when they upload it. Not everyone is OK with their stuff going on Facebook!

Either way though, fabulous work. Always love non-default femsheps, always love FemSheps with scars! Your FemShep feels very *real*. You did a great job!
FollowingStars Featured By Owner May 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my goodness, thanks! Please feel free, but if you could link to my tumblr page -… then that would be better, I'm barely on here anymore. If you only do dA links then that's fine too, it's just that artistically I'm more active on tumblr cos I do doodle dumps every now and then.

Also I did another full colour shep piece here -… (on dA here -… ) if you want to include that. 

Thanks so much! I love my shep probably too much, I take a lot of screencaps of her simply cos she's such a precious bun :heart:
TreeWyrm Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
OK... How's this?… :) I just put your sketch up this morning. I don't know what it is about tumblr, but I always find it difficult to navigate to get a direct link to a given post without just posting the image's html (which stops the visitor from going anywhere else from there to browse other works)... Perhaps it's because I don't have an account there or it's just unfamiliar? That's what always put me off! The images are also usually smaller, whereas DA I can usually find a variety of sizes, so I pick the one that is just right for the FB album.

Maybe I should get a tumblr account... Hmm... It does frustrate me when on occasion I find something there, then have no way to ask the artist for permission to share. That's why I got a DA account to begin with.

Anyway I digress... That full colour you've done is really something. I'm not sure if you used a screen capture directly, but it's good enough to look like it wasn't. It looks like you used that for reference, but she, her pose, her surroundings... those have the feel of a mind creating. Your piece therefore captures far better what our memories recall of those moments where Shepard's running through those murky woods after [space-god-child]... Where we were wishing it was actually someone we'd lost in previous games that was popping up, someone *relatable* to our Shep more personally instead... LoL

I will definitely add your beautiful full-colour piece too at some point! If you're able to see via the link I've shared how I've posted your sketch, hopefully you'll see that in the caption I've tried to point folks to your tumbr page. Because I took the image from DA, I've also included a link to that. Is that OK? I'll reword or change if you want me to! :)
FollowingStars Featured By Owner May 27, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's ok, if it's alright could I comment with a link to my actual art blog? I made it yesterday so not much hype going on at the moment. For the sketch I had a screencap of just her looking at Joker and smiling and was doodling over it, but then it got out of hand and 90% of it is now original. The only thing left is the rough posture and perspective if that makes sense! The full colour one is taken more directly from the screencap cos of the colours but it does look quite a bit different simply cos it happens when you transfer it from screencap to sketch.

Tbh a lot of artists have moved solely to tumblr now because the format on dA makes it so hard to get noticed. I'm doing the exact same thing at the moment actually, moving all my stuff to my new art sideblog so I can get a bit more attention. Also most of my stuff on here is old and not what I wanna keep doing. 

You're so lovely omg! Thanks for all the comments and input on this one and the other drawing, it seriously makes them worth doing :D 
TreeWyrm Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes please do!

I'm very disappointed in FB actually - as you probably know, it "decides" which posts it's going to tell *all* your fans about and sometimes, it doesn't show a post at all it seems. Regards your sketch, I think it decided that *that* was the post, it wasn't going to bother putting in anyone's newsfeed. I was livid (actually my husband was surprised too - he saw it and thought it awesome!)

Please do post a link to the Tumblr version. I'll add that into the photo caption too!

I think I'll post up your glorious full colour one today. I'll let you know if I do. You already gave me the link for that that takes you straight to it on Tumblr, so I'll make sure that goes in the caption.

LoL it's a shame isn't it? I think about all the artists and musicians etc. whose work I've loved... but realise that they've each moved on from doing whatever it was I loved and someone else in present day is the one to catch my attention. From the reverse perspective, an artist or musician's audience can completely change over the years, as they stop doing one thing, and start doing something new. It's sad in a way, that it's so rare to find audiences and artists etc. that match up for the duration of their lifetimes. But when you think about it, that's actually so rare... we call it "love" and give it a whole other topic area in our social understanding.

But sometimes I think it's a shame that inevitably all things change, and I think it can feel very lonely on both sides. Having old stuff still around, must be painful for a lot of people - on both sides. Finding stuff you love, then finding out the person who made it really doesn't want to do that anymore, is heartbreaking. But it's also heartbreaking to go forth, try new things, try to better yourself at those things, to grow and to learn... only to find in some cases that whatever you've shifted into, just *isn't* anywhere near as appreciated by as large a group of people as anything you've done before.

Do you know Holst's "The Planets" suite? It's a series of 7 pieces, I think, written for orchestras. Beautiful stuff, shaped sci-fi in unimaginable ways before film and TV and radio, then since those things, there's so many pieces of sci-fi soundtracks you can note have taken influence from it, and orchestras still *love* playing his works today. But the terribly sad thing is... that they were actually just practice pieces. He wrote them to exercise his orchestra (and in so doing, orchestras fell in love with them, because *everyone* gets something challenging and interesting to do - even the instruments who don't usually get to play the tune etc.). The things *he* considered his best work, the things he went on to do more and more of... nobody much cares for these days, and I'm not sure they were as popular at the time either! It was very frustrating for him I think.

I just think of that mismatch... and it makes me sad. But as I said before, the person who loves what you do and how you do it throughout your life, is the person who therefore loves who you are throughout your life, and that is so rare... we call it 'love'. So maybe it's not a bad thing in a way, because it makes that parallel course of two people's lives and personal development, incredibly special.

Whatever you move into, I wish you all the best of success! Whether it's a change in medium, a change in format, a change in presentation or a change in style or change in content and purpose for your works... One thing usually stays true: the more you do it, the better you get at it. :)
FollowingStars Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much! I might not have given you the link to where it is on my new art blog, just the tag of my standard one, so here it is again just in case… . I really appreciate that you're sharing my work, it means so much, especially when you send such wonderful replies! Also tell your husband thanks from me :D

I think the great thing about moving on artistically is it makes you appreciate what you did in the past. So you might look at them and think oh man that's awful but there's also the feeling of oh man, look at how different it was. I'd like to do redraws of some of my old work, but they taught me so much it would just feel like taking away from their original value if that makes sense.

Yes, I do know those pieces! I think Jupiter is my favourite it's just so exciting. I don't know if it's an art/creative thing to feel like the composer did, but a while ago I did this massive mural on the wall of a place where I used to work that was going to be knocked down and turned into a Primark. It took me about 6-7 hours and was entirely in sharpie (I think I must have gone through 10 pens or so, it was p wild) and was kind of a space theme (Shepard would be so proud), lots of explosions and movement. And then after I finished, I took a picture, and walked away. My boss was really surprised because she loved it and was so sad it was going to be destroyed, and she didn't understand why I wasn't bothered. I guess it was maybe because I knew going in that it would be destroyed, and that was the whole point. There was destruction in the drawing so it just made sense for it to be destroyed in turn. I went back about a year later and stood in the new shop where the wall used to be and it was an odd experience. I guess because art is so temporary and so permanent for us, so the materials might fade (or vanish completely in this case) but the memory and emotion of doing them lasts forever. It's similar to Holst, it definitely wasn't my best work but it's the one people still remember despite not even existing anymore, probably because of the emotion involved in it.

.... I started to babble I forget the point I was trying to make. Cool story tho!

I suppose that's the thing about love, it's incredibly flexible but doesn't weaken because of how much it bends, it probably just gets stronger.

Thank you! Truer words have never been spoken :)
TreeWyrm Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
That wall... sounds AWESOME! Yeah I know what you mean about it feeling like it should make sense that it be destroyed in turn. But I can't imagine how many people who saw it, were heartbroken that it got pulled down for a Primark! I bet some of the people who had to demolish it felt bad too. LoL
FollowingStars Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope they did! We were a great bookstore and even though primark has good clothes you cannot read what they sell hmph. 
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