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FAVORITING MY GALLERY IMAGES: You know, I do love the attention folks are paying to my submitted images, and I am cool with them being saved as favorites. However, as of this point forward (04/24/09), if you favorite an image, I expect the courtesy of a comment - one which is polite and/or funny, and constructive. If you just favorite any of my images without commenting as requested, I will block you. Period. T'anks.

Current Residence: New Jersey
Favourite genre of music: classic rock
Favourite cartoon character: classic Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes)
Personal Quote: "Quiet, numbskulls, I'm broadcasting!" (Moe Howard, Three Stooges)

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The Fifth Element
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Jethro Tull
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J.R.R. Tolkien
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History (Titanic, 1925 Nome Serum Run, American Revolution and Civil War, Golden Age of Piracy, etc.
Yeeees, I'm actually back from the dead!  I know I haven't submitted any "deviations" to my account in, oooh...hell, I don't even KNOW how long!  Which means it's been too long, really. I probably do have stuff that I can post, but I've already had to go through, every single time I sign on, and block MORONS who have faved my works without first commenting (in an intelligent, positive and respectful way).  And I made it entirely too clear that, if people fave n' run on my works, I don't care whether they like them or are just hoping (through deception) to garner page views OR are looking to steal, I WILL block and delete them!  And I have li
Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In apologies everyone!  I haven't been back to update my previous journal entry concerning Milo, my Australian's been a little crazy around here what with work, and also making sure Milo's been taken care of post-surgery. But he is doing well!  He came through surgery like a champ, with no complications, and they removed TWO masses almost the size of a tangerine (frightening...!), and another much smaller which had developed on his other anal gland.  The first couple of days out of the vet's office were tough.  They had kept him overnight for observation and pain regulation (though the surgical procedure w
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I've received some bad news about my best friend in Australian Shepherd, Milo. An excellent dog I've had since he was a puppy. My companion in life. Milo has developed a "mass" out of one of his anal glands, resulting in a partial blockage there, which is set to be surgically removed within the month. Apparently, according to his vet, they're seeing these more and more as they express anal glands in dogs, and they are USUALLY malignant. A small (very small) percentage end up being benign. But I first noticed something odd when he was having a little trouble defecating. They also did blood tests and several X-rays and, while his c
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Milo and Izzi are done ^^. I hope you´ll like it and if you want the un-watermarked pic send your email to me in a dA-note ^^
I hope you're doing well!
Oh I am.  And I think that's very nice of you to make contact and ask.  I lost my last grandparent (my father's mother) about two weeks ago.  She was only a couple of weeks from turning 101 years of age.  But a stroke and congestive heart failure finally took her.

Of course, it didn't help matters any that Skulblaka Shur'tugal and his devious little cronies on Animation Source managed to thrust the knife in all that much harder and twist, twist, twist.  They've run me out on the rail and convinced that French bastard to permaban me again.  And, from what I hear, are now enjoying themselves by trying to "nyah nyah nyah" at myself and one of my friends from there (who has decided to leave herself), on the BS shoutbox, and have a bunch of cheap laughs about it.

There is no low too low for these bastards.  None.

What?! They perma-banned you again? That's unbelievable. They just don't quit, do they?


P.S.--I know I'm kind of late, but sorry about your grandma.

Well, it was inevitable.  They've been after me for some time.  And because I don't have friends on staff willing to fight this, I was bound to be pushed far enough into a corner that there would be no way around it.

But thank you for the sentiments.  If you wish to stay in touch on Skype or Facebook, let me know.
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I haven't heard from you in awhile so I figured why not drop by and say hello! I'm really sorry about your grandmother, at least she lived a full life at 100 years old!

I'm a bit rusty on who's running what on that website anymore but I'm sorry they perma-banned you (again!). Seems like they've nothing better to do, which is too bad!
It's long since faded from my interests, beyond associating with a few friends there.  Otherwise, it's been overrun by arrogant, self-righteous, hypersensitive and imperious asshats who have some disturbingly-inflated view of themselves.

It's just as well.  Long since lost my love of it.  And they are to blame.  I used to really love and care for the movies, but the selfish and petty nature of these people has stolen it from me.
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