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Might as well make a quick update.
Got snowed in this weekend, and spent the majority of it studying and sleeping. I'm about to dive head first into exams week, but once I finish, I might stream for a few hours before I head home for the holidays. I've also got a commission to scan tomorrow; It'll be up on my furaffinity sometime in the afternoon.
As I've stated before, I won't be able to work much if at all on digital commissions, due to having to leave my cintiq at home. Might take the time to work on some personal projects.
I've also got a new commissions policy. Rather than paying in full or fifty-percent up-front, I'll accept three to five dollars from your full payment, and the rest can be paid later in two parts: One part before I begin sketching, and the other part before I start coloring. This way I'm not holding onto large sums of money while I'm working on other things; It'll greatly decrease my stress, and give me a little more freedom in between commissions.

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