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I'm dressing up as a RED Medic from TF2 for OhayoCon; Should I make a nurse's cap? 

5 deviants said Do it, bro! (ouo)/
3 deviants said Nah. /(ene)
1 deviant said (I'm only asking this because a lot of female designs I've seen for the medic picture her with a nurse's cap. I wasn't trying to make a femMedic costume, I'm just wonderng if it would look better.)

Devious Comments

Loki-Megabyte Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
girls cos playing male characters is okay.(the opposite just seems strange to me)
girls have a bit more cos play liberty to play either side.the nurse cap idea sounds nice you can go for something of a tomboyish girl medic.
whichever sounds best and most fun.
the tf2 medic is my favorite personality form all of them.
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