How do you kill time on the internet?
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Read stories online (Fanfiction, creepypasta, etc)
Go to an image board, blogging site, or forum (4chan, reddit, tumblr, etc)
I watch videos or movies (vimeo, youtube, etc)
I look at... suggestive material - u -
I just kill time on DeviantART!
A mix of the before mentioned.
Are you kidding? I only get on the internet if I need to! I kill time a different way!
Published: June 29, 2013
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fxboxing-fan|Hobbyist Writer
It's all about the games... and DA :XD:
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Loki-Megabyte|Hobbyist General Artist
Tumblr,reading manga comics on online sites,and lots of DeviantArt.I got no more time for mmos which I think is for the better.offline I play stuff on my kindle and cook food or play ds.
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Ashpyr|Hobbyist General Artist
..Suggestive material
||D Totally me-- I read ff <3
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...I play Neopets |D
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